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July 3, 2020
Brr, its cold outside from Romany Quilting

Yes, it’s cold, but it is winter, after all.  We've had days of chilly temperatures, the sort of damp cold that seems to get into your bones.  Thanks goodness, as retirees, we don’t have to wait in the cold these dark, dank winter mornings to do the daily commute – those days are over.  Being winter, I changed the covers on our recliner chairs, replacing the lighter summer ones with what I call our “Polar Bear” covers.  Nice and extra snuggly to sit in.


Yes, that’s my knitting on the chair.  Perhaps you noticed that it is ...

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June 29, 2020
Home again from Romany Quilting

Our three week holiday ended with us attending a weekend rally at Masterton.  This was the first caravan club rally since the months of Lockdown, and it was great to meet up with everyone again.  The rain continued most of the weekend, making things rather wet underfoot, but didn’t really dampen our spirits at all.

Mawley Park Motor Camp, Masterton

The days were fairly free, and several took the opportunity to have a nice lunch out downtown, while others did a grocery shop, all helping out the local economy. The usual club Morning Teas and 4zees took place, and ...

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June 26, 2020
Rainy Days Camping from Romany Quilting

Time to move on again on our trip, and we drove along the Desert Road.  No chance of a photo of Mt Ruapehu this time, the mountain was covered in low clouds.  After a brief stop for lunch, off we went again.  Turning off SH1 we took the road over Vinegar Hill.  Vinegar Hill was named after an incident in early colonial times: a bullock cart carrying barrels of vinegar overturned after the bullocks slipped on the muddy track on the hillside, covering the hillside in vinegar from the broken barrels.  Couldn't you just imagine the mess, and the ...

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June 2, 2020
Winter has Arrived from Romany Quilting

The days have ticked over and the 1st of June heralds in Winter in my part of the world.  And just to show us that Mother Nature is boss, yesterday was cold and rather wet.  So wet in fact that there was flooding and road closures further up the country.  Pity the poor holiday makers trying to get home after the long three day holiday weekend – luckily we had stayed home this time and were tucked up safe and warm inside. 

The change of season always  means a change of wall-hangings.  (Forgive me if you have seen them before).  Down ...

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May 20, 2020
Playing with Projects and a Flimsy from Indigo Threads

Well, I finally have a "first finish"!  This quilt top is now a flimsy. This is the Rail Fence pattern from Sujata Shah's book "Cultural Fusion Quilts".

Rail Fence quilt
56 inches square
I started this quilt way back in April of 2016.   You can read about it here.  This project got put on the back burner a few times since 2016, but I finally decided it's time was now and got it put together.  The i-sew-lation is at least good for getting some projects done.  I am very happy to get it to this stage.

one block ...

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May 2, 2020
Springing into Summer from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

Yes, that's my sad attempt at a clever title.

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March 27, 2020
A Finish from Romany Quilting

I'm’ pleased to say that the horse panel quilt is finally finished.  I completed the simple walking foot machine quilting a day or so ago, then applied the binding – always like to have the binding made ahead of time.  Ooops, a case of the edge of the excess backing caught up and folded over, that needed a bit of unpicking and resewing.


Then the  next day I sat and hand stitched the binding to the back of the quilt.  Luckily it was fine although a little breezy for an outside photo, but the Autumn weather is starting to get ...

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March 25, 2020
Curfew UFO Sewing from Grandma's Red Needle

Hello everyone! 
I hope you all are safe and staying at home sewing in this crazy CoVid-19 times. Mauritius has been on lock-down for some days (except grocery stores, supermarkets, bakeries etc), then curfew and from today there's a 7 days complete lock-down (curfew) all over the island. 

I've been stuck at home since last Thursday (when I had to get some groceries). I've been busy with this and that, finished a few items for my shop (no photos yet). 

As most of you know, I love log cabin quilts. Recently I have finished two scrappy log ...

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March 20, 2020
Sunny Saturday from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

Last Saturday morning we headed north to pick up a couple of bulls that don't look well. It's hard to find folks that are as vigilant as DH when it comes to knowing and reading cattle. He's a good steward of the land and the animals under his care:                                                        You can't just drive through a 7,000 acre pasture and drop feed out. It takes time to

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March 13, 2020
Sitting On The Deck from Quilts....etc.

I could start out the blog saying how crazy the world has become – mass panic at the groceries stores, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and bottled water disappearing off the shelves quicker than it can be restocked – but instead we will concentrate on sewing & quilting and how nice it is to sit on […]

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March 12, 2020
Lately from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

I've been chipping away at my Jellystone quilt as time allows, but progress is slow. One of my readers requested I share my progress and not wait until I finish the quilt to share. I know I often post when I begin a project and when I finish one and not much in between. I'll try to be better about that. I've been working on HSTs But sewing time is a little harder to come by lately. Last

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February 28, 2020
Sit n Sew Day from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

So if you have a totally productive day, but you don't work on what you had planned, is that still a productive day?

In the morning, I trimmed two quilts intending to get the bindings on them. I also have a couple of other quilts that need to be bound that I was hoping to deliver to Quilts of Valour today. And I wanted to make the backing for that Dresden Plate quilt.

NONE of that got done. There are no deadlines for any of that stuff, so I'm not worried.

But what did I do? Well - I ...

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February 14, 2020
White Wednesday from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

We had another little winter storm blow through on Tuesday night: And although it was 24°, I bundled up just after 6 and headed out to soak in a little of the crisp air as Wednesday dawned: It was absolutely still and serene - a beautiful way to begin the day Skeet is always game for an early morning adventure                         And the horses were slowly ambling in from the

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Zippers from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

So it's cold outside! This is what the temperature reading was on my car when I arrived at the gym this morning. Oops - now you can see how crazy I am and what time I arrived. Actually, I was late arriving as it took a bit of time to chisel the ice off my windshield.

It's cold outside!

Well, it's been colder and it's colder in other parts of the country. If you dress for it - it's never cold. Technically, I'm not even wearing a winter coat. It's called a down sweater by ...

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February 13, 2020
Valentine's Day from Stitchin' Therapy

  Dropping in to say Happy Valentine's Day!  Sharing a favorite wall hanging from 2013.

   And to let everyone know I am still hanging on.  It has just been a painful month.  Some days I have trouble holding a coffee cup.   When the weather goes thru such drastic changes in 7 days, it plays havoc on my body.  It was 70 degrees on a Tuesday,  On Thursday the rains began and stayed until we had over 6 inches of of runoff forming rivers in the yard and streets...etc.  Winds and tornadoes happened on Friday.  And Saturday we turned cold ...

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February 9, 2020
A Bag and A Blogiversary from Indigo Threads

Having the flu put a crimp in my blog plans!  But it's Day 8 now and I'm pretty sure I'm going to live after all.  So here we go.

I missed my blogiversary because of that darn flu.  It was on Wednesday and it's been 12 years! Hard to believe that I haven't run out of things to say yet!  Thanks for hanging in there with me!

My secret pal finally received her Christmas gift from me, so now I can share it with you!  This was through the Tacoma Modern Quilt Guild.  We have ...

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February 7, 2020
A Block is Done from Quilts....etc.

About time to show some progress – I will show all of the blocks for the RSC20 tomorrow for the link up but here today is the orange block that I finished yesterday morning – so I can put that box away now and work on the Alaska quilt to meet my goal for OMG. […]

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February 4, 2020
Playing Outback Weather Bingo from Clever Chameleon

Arkaroola Australian Outback colours

When life sends you weather…. play BINGO!

Still no sewing for me, only a little frogging…. because we are now rained out and we can’t get home. After three years of severe drought, all the outback roads have closed due to rain, just one day before I wanted to use them! Yup, Arkaroola has had 68.4mm rain in the last two days, which is more than double their last year’s entire rainfall. It’s absolutely fabulous, except that we are on the wrong side of raging creeks, washed out crossings and government road closures. A small price ...

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February 3, 2020
A Little Stitching and Some Time Outside from Quilts....etc.

71 degrees for February 2nd! wasn’t that nice.  It was time for a nice walk out at the trails – Melanie called and wanted to know did I want to take a walk – of course!  Such a nice day.  Not very green at this time of year – but give it another month and […]

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November 7, 2019
Hello Winter from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

We've really enjoyed a beautiful Fall, but I'm always sad to see it come to an end. I think this qualifies as the end of Fall. No doubt we'll still have some beautiful, warm, sunny days, but this pretty much signals the arrival of Winter: The other day it was 11° when I dropped the boys off: I was told (in jest and not by DH) to not take pictures because they didn't look like

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