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January 5, 2019
How to find your voice amid so many? from Asianartandquilt's Blog

Abstract art quilt Fireworks are a very common subject for art and photos. With so many images of exploding light in a dark night, how does one find a fresh perspective? In my latest commission of abstract fireworks, I tried to do just that.

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How do you find your voice among many? from Asianartandquilt's Blog

A former client commissioned a new quilt, she chose abstract fireworks as the theme. Fireworks are a common subject in art & photos. There are only so many ways to picture exploding flashes of color in a dark sky, so there is bound to be some similarities. How does one […]

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August 2, 2018
Mary's July Progress from Urban Quilter

July's project from my 2018 Forward Progress list was my vegetable quilt. My goal was to get the quilting finished (which I did) and at least cut the binding (which didn't get done). I am pleased with how the quilting turned out on this project and am not too bothered by not getting as far as I had hoped since I finished 2 other quilts this month: Sam's Teacups and the Comfort Quilt I made with Lisa.  

Veggie quilt ready for binding, July 31, 2018

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July 29, 2018
Sam's Teacups from Urban Quilter

Sam's Teacup Quilt, 2018
Many years ago when my sister got engaged I made her a quilt as a gift. It was 63 teacups from a pattern in Say it With Quilts.  After I made the quilts for my sister and I from our Mom's clothes there was still quite a bit of fabric left so I decided to make my niece Sam a quilt like her mother's from some of the fabrics. The quilt is machine pieced with hand-appliqued cup handles and is hand quilted. 

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July 11, 2018
Mary's July Start from Urban Quilter

Vegetable quilt, July 2018
Project #7 on my 2018 Forward Progress list is my vegetable quilt. I started quilting it, but it has a couple more blocks--beets and peppers--to quilt as well as the borders. My goal is to get the quilting finished and at least cut the binding. I want to finish it this year, but am not sure it will get done in the next couple of weeks. 

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May 30, 2018
Mary's May Progress from Urban Quilter

I made progress this month on my New York Beauty Chunky Mini Wall Quilt. My goal for the month was to make a sample block using the technique. I did this. There were aspects of Linda Hahn's technique that I liked: starching the curved pieces made them easier to work with and the way she did the paper piecing was quick once I got used to it. I didn't like the way she has you sew the curves--very little pinning and you make one or two stitches then lift the presser foot and readjust the pieces to align ...

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May 6, 2018
Mary's May Start from Urban Quilter

NY Beauty Wall Quilt at start of May 2018
Project #11 on my 2018 Forward Progress list is the New York Beauty Chunky Mini Wall Quilt. 
I bought Linda Hahn's NY Beauty Simplified book years ago and then my friend Heidi gave me the chunky mini kit  (templates and paper for foundation piecing) that goes with it. I want to make a NY Beauty Wall Quilt from this. I have the book, the kit, and a print fabric I want to use. Since I made my list earlier this year I read through the instructions for the technique again ...

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April 29, 2018
Custom Order, Small Items and a Treasure Box from Grandma's Red Needle

It's Sunday again and time for an update on what I've been up to lately. 

In my previous post I mention I had a custom order to do.

The customer wanted the name 'Lisa' added to it and more hair on the nurse. 
The hair was not a problem, just some FMQ. I don't have an embroidery machine so had to hand embroider 'Lisa'. It's a long time since I've done this kind of embroidery, some ripping, but I think it turned out OK. 

I made a couple of mug rugs from a panel last ...

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March 19, 2018
Another Red and White Lap Quilt and some Small Items from Grandma's Red Needle

Yesterday was Sunday and 'blog day', but I was too pooped last night to even write a single word. Early Monday morning, cuppa in hand and here we go! :) 

In my previous blog post, I had started working on some mug rugs, finished one as well as a couple of trivets. Monday came and the plan was to hand sew binding on the table runners that have multiplied lately. The goal was to do one each day for one week and they should be done. That never happened, except one small table topper. Progress! Haha!

I got carried away with ...

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March 3, 2018
Mary's February Progress from Urban Quilter

Rainbow strings pieced and basted for quilting
My February project was a rainbow string quilt I had sketched. It is now a finished top which I have begun quilting. I was pleased with how the design turned out. The original sketch integrated the black sashing into the piecing of each string block, but I decided after I made the first block that I didn't like how that would turn out so I just used the colors in the blocks and then a narrow sashing of a single black fabric between the blocks. The same fabric also became a border ...

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February 25, 2018
Custom order done and more thunderstorms from Grandma's Red Needle

Where did this week go?? Someone must have stolen it, as one said....
We got more rain with thunderstorms the past days, which caused severe flooding in an area not far from where we live. The best way to keep dry is to stay inside and keep busy sewing! :) 

The red and white lap quilt (custom order) is done! 

...and the back...

Red and white are also colors I haven't paid much attention to. I have made several items in for this customer and how can I NOT fall in love with red and white?! Striking color combination that ...

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February 3, 2018
Mary's February Start from Urban Quilter

Design sketch for Rainbow String Quilt
Project #8 on my 2018 Forward Progress list is the Rainbow Strings Wall Quilt. At this point it is sketch and the foundation squares for the string piecing. The very next step to move this project forward is to pull out my big bag of fabric strips and start string piecing the blocks.

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January 21, 2018
10 Karat Gems from Dueling Threads

I started the year strong in Quilting.

  1.  I completed custom quilting on a Queen Size Swoon Quilt for my mother.
    (Pictures later.  She gets to show it off first!)
  2. I completed piecing and quilting the King size Star Trek quilt (seen in this post.)
  3. I pieced the backings, and quilted some quilts for a good cause.

Then, after all of that big stuff.  I needed a couple of bite size projects.  I had two small wall hangings pieced that just needed quilting.

I’ll post the first one here.  Let’s call it Sewn Machine.


The is a paper piecing ...

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November 28, 2017
Quilts for SALE from Daphne Greig

Are you looking for gifts for family, friends or even yourself? I have added more quilts and quilted items to the 'Quilts for Sale' section of the Patchworks Studio website.

They include

Placemats (holiday and year-round themes)

Table Runners - SHOP HERE

Christmas Runner - 14" x 42"

Wall Quilts - SHOP HERE
Ariano Shadows - 29" square

Lap and Bed Quilts 
Starstruck - 51" x 67"

Blue Stars - 65" x 78"

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September 27, 2017
Mary's Progress - August and September from Urban Quilter

Light/Bright Stars quilt, center section, 2017
I completed the center section of the quilt that was my September Forward Progress project. That was my goal for the month so I'm pleased. I am quite happy with how it turned out. I think the border may be the dark fabric that was used for the star points with squares set on-point out of the various colors used in the quilt running around the edge. I haven't decided for sure yet though.
My August project, which I neglected to post about at the end of last month, went reasonably ...

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