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December 12, 2019
Sitting at Home and Christmas Stitching from Life in the Scrapatch

I am making progress with my Vintage Christmas Cross Stitching.

I started this project last December and after much thought ... 
I decided to use the blue Aida 11 that had been in my closet for years.

The pattern is 

This year when it came time to stitch the motifs,
I decided to limit my color palette to white, red, green, golden yellow
 and gingerbread brown.

My motifs are a variation of those in the pattern.
Some of the changes are intentional,
some are a "design option" created by a counting miscue,
like the left ...

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December 2, 2019
Slow Stitch Sunday in Texas from Life in the Scrapatch

Row 1 is done!

It was a beautiful sunny day today.
I spent much of the day slow stitching.
Mostly outside or in a sunny window.
This photo was taken at the end of the day
after darkness fell and the soft lights were on inside.

Mr Scrapatch added the tent roof to the tower
and the Little Miss enjoyed the sunshade.
He also added the monkey bars but I forgot to take photos today.

I like the gingerbread house in the Christmas colors I have chosen.
I will add the button details after all the stitching is done.

This ...

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November 28, 2019
Stitching in Texas from Life in the Scrapatch

For hand stitching here in Texas, I packed the
Vintage Christmas Cross Stitch
which I started last December.

I started this project Here
by stitching the white border and grid.
Now I am adding the cute Christmas motifs in the squares.

I have learned to "stitch in hand"
without a frame, this year and it makes my project more portable.

After seeing one of these online on the
that had a limited palate that I really liked,
I have decided to also limit mine.
I am using mostly the aurifloss that I bought last year ...

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November 4, 2019
Trying Something New ~ Stitching In Hand from Life in the Scrapatch

"Stitching in hand"
which means stitching without a hoop or frame.

I learned this method from
Kimberly Jolly @ Fat Quarter Shop Flosstube
which I watch every week
whether I am actively working on a cross stitch project or not.


I last worked on this project, 
and was using this heavy wooden frame.
It worked well, but I want my project to be easier to carry with me
to stitch wherever I happen to be.

Since I am a seasonal stitcher and quilter,
I put this away during the warm weather and growing season.
It is ...

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