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February 23, 2021
The Sabalito Top from Dizzy Quilts

I hadn't planned to make this just yet. When I took out my black sandwashed cotton, I meant to make a new Gilbert shirt. And I'm still not sure why I decided to make the Sabalito top instead. It is completely inappropriate for this time of year and now that I've sewn it up, I realize that the fabric was a terrible choice for this pattern.

This definitely isn't a success and the poor choice of fabric isn't the only reason. The proportions are all wrong and I dislike anything that sticks out at my ...

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January 5, 2021
The Seamwork Devon from Dizzy Quilts

I get so much inspiration from bloggers and IG'ers I follow when it comes to garment making. Some of the people I follow have a completely different style and body than me, and I just enjoy the eye-candy. But some of them have a very similar style and body shape so that when something looks really good on them, I'm always tempted to try to make my own version.

Meg from Cookin' and Craftin' posted about her Devon top back in November. Devon is a dress pattern published by Seamwork, but Meg shortened it to a top and ...

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December 25, 2020
La Bella Donna Tunic in Red! from Dizzy Quilts

I think I may have developed an addiction to the La Bella Donna pattern - this red tunic is my third make from this pattern. I made the short sleeved top last Summer (which I'm realizing now I never blogged about), I made a black version of the tunic with the scoop neck and now I've made the tunic with the cowl neck which I love!

There are so many things I like about this pattern and I'm thrilled I made the cowl version. The fabric is an ITY from Fabricville. It's really soft and lovely to ...

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December 18, 2020
The Itch-to-Stitch Busan Top from Dizzy Quilts

In my continuing goal to make myself work appropriate tops - which really means tops that look nice on video calls, I found the Itch to Stitch Busan Top. I immediately fell in love with the beautiful and interesting sleeves and some of the tester versions were so gorgeous, I just had to give it a try.

But as much as I loved those sleeves, I wasn't sure if the design would look good on me so instead of using a more precious fabric, I decided to cut the top out of leftover Ponte - a grey for the body and ...

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December 4, 2020
A New La Bella Donna Tunic from Dizzy Quilts

I was never much a fan of leggings personally - when I wanted to be comfortable, I wore jeans or jogging pants. But with being home so much with minimal activity over the past 9 months or so, my waistline has expanded and I found myself reaching for my leggings more often when getting dressed in the morning. I do need new tops though that will be suitable to wear with leggings and look good on video calls during work days.

And so I made a La Bella Donna tunic from Love Notions in a gorgeous and crazy soft black modal ...

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November 6, 2020
A Helen's Closet Outfit: Gilbert and Arden from Dizzy Quilts

I made a shirt... with a collar... and buttons!! 

Well, I made a whole outfit which I had high hopes for, but the pants are a bit of a failure (not due to the pattern because it's amazing).

All right - let's start with the shirt. I used a gorgeous viscose linen slub from Blackbird Fabrics and it was an absolute dream to sew. It's also really comfortable. It's going to be amazing to wear next summer but over the next few months, I can easily wear it with a cardigan on top.

To say that I ...

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October 23, 2020
The Seamwork Oliver from Dizzy Quilts

At the beginner of this month, Meg, from Cookin' & Craftin', blogged about her new top - the Seamwork Oliver. The sweater looked so good on her, I immediately logged into my Seamwork account to have a closer look at the pattern.

I had a 1.5 meter cut leftover from my latest Blackwood Cardigan and figured that would be the perfect thing to try the Oliver top pattern with.

I made a size 16 with no adjustments. For my next one, I will size down to a 14 - the shoulders are a little wide on me and there is a lot ...

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October 9, 2020
A New Outfit: Ashton and Moji from Dizzy Quilts

About a week ago, because the weather here really turned and it's now officially fall, I decided to take my Fall/Winter clothes out of storage. While I was doing it, I took an inventory of everything I have and everything that would be appropriate for working from home. Like a lot of people, the fact that I've been home all the time for months now means I've been eating more and moving less. As a result, I gained a few pounds and many of the pants I wore last Winter don't fit comfortably anymore.

So ...

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August 7, 2020
A woven Seamwork Clarke from Dizzy Quilts

Ever since I made my first two Seamwork Clarke tank tops, I've been wanting to try one with a woven fabric (you can see my first two here and here). The pattern can be made up in both knits and woven fabrics but to prevent the "tent" look, Seamwork suggests making the top with the woven fabrics cut on the bias.

I had a little over a yard left of a beautiful crinkle rayon after making my Rhapsody blouse a little while ago and decided to try the Clarke using that.

I'd forgotten how shifty this fabric was ...

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July 1, 2020
Happy Canada Day! from Applique 'n Patch Quilting

Different celebrations this year ...... but if you are reading this ..... yeah, you are alive and not a victim to covid.

Seeing all these quilts together has prompted me to look at my other red/white ufo's.  There are a few and it is time to bring them out in the open.

This one, I'm not sure about and it may be open for discarding into the scrap bin (the keep scraps, not toss bin).
This was a project started to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday.  It got shelved not too long after starting.  

A few years ago, I ...

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June 19, 2020
Vivace Dolman from Dizzy Quilts

With the need to work from home for the past 3 months, it feels as though I'm sitting at my computer for 15 hours every day and I move a lot less than I used to. I'm not blaming anything or anyone other than myself for that - I could go for walks or bike rides during the day. I also should have a lot more time to cook healthy meals now that I don't have to commute back and forth to work, but I have found myself feeling lazy at the end of the day so we ...

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May 22, 2020
Rhapsody Blouse in Crinkle Rayon from Dizzy Quilts

The Love Notions Rhapsody blouse has been on my To Do List for about a year now. I even had the pattern printed and traced, but Love Notions re-designed the blouse recently and seeing all the beautiful versions on Instagram just pushed it all the way to the top of the list!

And I couldn't be happier with my new blouse!

I made a size XL based on the finished garment measurements and it fit me without any modifications at all. The pattern is very well written, simple to follow, with lots of step-by-step guidance and pictures. The pattern ...

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March 27, 2020
A New Top! Finished McCall's M7331 Tee from Dizzy Quilts

Now that the weather is about to change and that I won't be wearing thick sweaters and cardigans for much longer (one can hope!), I started looking through my stash of knit fabric for stuff I could use to make some cute tees.

I bought a bunch of McCall's patterns a while ago when they were on sale for $3.99 and included in the stack was M7331 which is basically a really cool module with four different patterns.

I made view B (the top with the elbow length sleeves) with scraps from my Blackwood cardigan.

This was ...

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February 21, 2020
Cielo Dress ... and Top! from Dizzy Quilts

Back in September, I purchased the Rome pattern collection from Closet Case Patterns and then in October, I got to work sewing the Pietra pants from the collection. They were super easy to sew but they had some really interesting details to them so I was anxious to sew another pattern from the collection.

In November, I made a muslin of the Cielo top (view B). Although I really liked the results, I wanted to try making view A with the short sleeves with a flowy fabric. I also wanted to try to dress.

I started with the dress. Based ...

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January 31, 2020
Same Pattern and Fabric, Different Bodies: The Seamwork Clarke from Dizzy Quilts

I love the "Same Pattern, Different Bodies" posts the Curvy Sewing Collective puts out there on a regular basis. I really like to see how a garment looks on different body types and what adjustments were made before I attempt a new pattern.

Today, I thought it would be fun to do something very similar but on two bodies that are vastly different: mine and my daughter's.


I blogged about my ITY Clarke here, but here's a picture and a few details:

  • Size: 14
  • Adjustments: none
  • Measurements: 43 - 36 - 46

My daughter's

I made my daughter ...

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January 3, 2020
A New Grey Seamwork Clarke from Dizzy Quilts

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a new Elliot Tee I had made with a grey jersey I purchased from which unfortunately is no longer available. Well, when I finished cutting that Elliot Tee, I noticed my Seamwork Clarke pattern still on my cutting table (I made my first Clarke back in November). I had more than enough of that grey jersey so I decided to cut myself a new Clarke!

This new version was a definite success! The fabric is much more fluid than my last one so I don't have that tent look. But ...

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December 13, 2019
My Grey Elliot Tee by Helen's Closet from Dizzy Quilts

One of the very first garments I made for myself was a Helen's Closet pattern - the York Pinafore. You can read all about it here. Since that first pinafore, I purchased many of Helen's patterns. They are extremely well drafted, well written and they are classic, basic pieces we all need in our closets.

In addition to the York Pinafore, I also made a Blackwood Cardigan (blogged here) and a practice Elliot Tee.

A couple of weeks ago, I thought it was time to make my "real" Elliot Tee. I've had 3 yards of a stretchy fabric ...

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November 29, 2019
The Seamwork Clarke - Another Finished Top from Dizzy Quilts

I'm back with another garment! The Seamwork Clarke is a tank top you can make with either woven or knit fabric. I chose an ITY print from for mine (no longer available).

The Good:

This is a very easy pattern to put together. There are only a few pieces - 2 front pieces, 2 back pieces and then the facing pieces.

Per my measurements, I should have made a size 16, but because I chose a knit fabric, I went down a size and made a straight size 14. And the fit is pretty good.

The Not so ...

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