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April 1, 2020
a patriotic finish from Making A Lather

This is a project I remember starting in the 90s, when a new quilt shop opened here in Kokomo, Indiana. It didn't last long, but, it was wonderful while it was open. I had taken a "real " quilting class, and loved stopping in the shop to pet the fabric. It has sat in the ufo stage for that many years.
I pulled this project out again here and here in 2019. I finished the top and it fell into the "to be quilted" pile.
It seemed like a quick finish for these trying times. I had it on the ...

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March 31, 2020
To Do Tuesday: Finding a New Groove from Life In Pieces

We are slowly settling into the new normal of working from home.  I wouldn't want to do this long term, but we've figured out how to manage dueling video conferences, dropped networks and other computer glitches.  As all of that dust has settled, my quilty mojo has returned, I actually checked off everything on last week's to do list.  

Weekly To Do List (3/24/2020)
Twinkle Stars:  Print label, attach binding
Mosaic Mystery: Add third border 
Frolic: Make 2 dark blue blocks, start stitching rows 
Butterfly Embroidery: Work on for 15 minutes 

Last week was definitely ...

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March 24, 2020
To Do Tuesday from Life In Pieces

It's been very, very different the last week. I've been working from home since last Wednesday.  The Scientist in Training has been home for spring break.  It's been good to have her hanging out with us, though all of our shopping and family outings were canceled.  I've been AWOL from the blog and the sewing room for the last week.  It's been hard to adjust to the new normal.  After spending all day working on the computer and coping with the news, we've chosen to spend the evenings and last weekend together as a ...

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March 18, 2020
To Do Tuesday, A Day Late from Life In Pieces

As of this morning, My Guy and I are working from home for the next couple of weeks.  It's been a bit of a madhouse at work the last few days just trying to work out details and get people set up to work from home.  I'm very lucky to work someplace where working from home is feasible, not everyone has that option. Fingers crossed that the social distancing and associated sacrifices will slow down the virus and give the US a chance to get caught up on testing and develop more targeted strategies to mitigate the spread ...

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March 10, 2020
To Do Tuesday #10 in 2020 from Life In Pieces

I'm not sure what happened to last week. I guess all those naps in the recliner after work didn't help with making progress on the to do list.  It wasn't a bad week, just not as productive as I would have liked.  

Weekly To Do List (03/03/2020)

1. Twinkle Stars - Make, attach, stitch binding to back - progress
2. Mosaic Mystery - Add first border
3. Frolic - Make 5 dark blue blocks - progress 

Only one check mark, but there was progress on the other two to dos, so not a bad week.  

So what's the plan ...

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March 3, 2020
To Do Tuesday #9 and the March One Monthly Goal from Life In Pieces

It's March!  I was about to ask where did February go, but I know what happened there. A week long business trip and a week with the flu ate up the end of the month.  The business trip for this week was canceled based on the recommendation of my doctor. So I'm home this week. I have one other business trip and maybe some plans for spring break.  But I should be home more this month than the last two. 

I'd been diagnosed with the flu when I laid out last week's list, so I kept ...

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February 26, 2020
To Do Tuesday #8 of 2020 from Life In Pieces

After hitting a fever of over 105 F on Monday night, My Guy decided it was time for a trip to the emergency room.  Turns out I don't have a cold, I have the flu. That's even though I got the flu shot. All I've done today is sleep.  My head hurt so bad, doing anything on the computer was pretty much off limits. But I'm going to try to get this post done before I head back to bed. 

I actually didn't feel too bad on Monday, not well enough to spend time in ...

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February 25, 2020
to do shoofly from Making A Lather

My hubby's heart catheritization went well - no blockages. But, it was a long day. There were 2 emergency hearts that were the high priority, so we did a lot of waiting. The prceedure was 15 minutes, but we were there from 10:30 am to 9:30 pm. Now, we wait to see if the back surgery will be rescheduled. My mind has been a little absent lately. I was grateful for the fun little bits of machine time I have had. It does soothe the soul. I have a few new shoofly blocks.

And the pile is growing ...

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February 18, 2020
snowman finish from Making A Lather

We have a new snowman living with us for my snowman rug. I have been back to my rug hooking guild and I spend a little time each week trying to move my snowman along. I started this nearly a year ago.

I had a chance to lay the whole rug out and check my progress. - so cute.
I am planning to hook the center like a night winter sky.

last week's to do list:
1. quilt woven  done
2. bind woven   done
3. sashings and corners for frolic   done
4. row x row orange   done
5. make shine ...

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To Do Tuesday #7 of 2020 from Life In Pieces

It was a really good week on the "To Do List" front.  Last week's list shows three check marks.  

Weekly To Do List (02/11/2020)
1. Winter Quilt Along: Package and ship out for quilting
2. Frolic:  Make six half blocks - progress
3. Wild and Goosey:  Make an orange block 
4. Mosaic Mystery:  Finish sewing blocks and rows together 

The quarter blocks for Frolic weren't on the to do list for this week, but it just seemed smart to roll those in with the half block construction as they use left over bits from the blocks.  So ...

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February 11, 2020
tiny triangles and wonky stars from Making A Lather

My friend Judy gave me this little pint size bag of triangle cut offs from a project she was making. I saw orange in there, so I dumped the bag. Orange is the color of the month for the rainbow scrap challenge, and I have a few blocks that need orange. I was specifically looking for pieces for a small wonky star block. Well that started me down a rabbit hole, again. Judy has the best scraps.

The triangles were all different sizes, since, she had just cut these with scissors from the back of a flip corner. I picked ...

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To Do Tuesday #6 for 2020 from Life In Pieces

Monday's always seem to drag, so I'm glad that's it's Tuesday and one day closer to Friday.  Looking back over the last week, it was a good one on the stitching front, the To Do List from last week has a few check marks.

Weekly To Do List (02/04/2020)
1. Winter Quilt Along:  prep top and backing for quilting
2.  Frolic: Make six half blocks - progress
3. Wild and Goosey:  Make an orange block 

So two out of three checked off, with progress made on the third one.  Definitely a good week in the ...

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February 4, 2020
triangles from Making A Lather

I have been digging through scraps to find triangles for wonky stars and shoofly. I found this bag of triangles, and, decided to sort through it, and, decide if they were worth keeping. Silly thought, I think every piece of fabric is worth keeping, that is why my sewing room is always a mess. These triangles were left overs from quilt wild and goosey.

I discovered that most of the triangles are at least 4 1/2 inches with some 3 1/3 inch, and a few 2 1/2 inch. I don't recognize the fabric from anything I ...

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To Do Tuesday #5 for 2020 and the February OMG from Life In Pieces

I'm not a fan of cold weather, so I'm ready for spring. But I'm not ready for it to be February already.  Didn't we just celebrate New Years?  Since it is February and a new week, it's time to put some thought into this month's One Monthly Goal,

and come up with week #5's To Do List.  Before lining out a new list I should look at what got checked off last week's list.   

Weekly To Do List (01/28/2020)
1. Twinkle Stars: Finish clean up, press, package and mail
2 ...

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January 28, 2020
frolic 7 from Making A Lather

Where do I even start? yikes, I am not a fan of this year's quiltville mystery. I think instructions are confusing, and I am not in love with the colors, yet.
Cutting pieces in matched pairs slows the process considerably. And I have spent a lot of money on an accuquilt that is meant to speed the cutting up a notch, but, it couldn't help the matchy matchy  thing. Hopefully, I have clue 7 all cut in sets.

and sewed in sets. but, Why did I have all this mismatched stuff left. It will be interesting.

I sewed ...

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January 21, 2020
To Do Tuesday: #3 for 2020 from Life In Pieces

Winter has set in, at least for this week.  It's miserably cold, but at least it was sunny yesterday.  Speaking of cold, My Guy apparently has one. He's been feeling crappy since the weekend, now we know why.  Not the best start to a new week especially since last week wasn't particularly good for the to do list.  

Weekly To Do List (01/14/2020)
1. Twinkle Stars: de-thread Twinkle Stars and backing - progress
2. Frolic - Finish clues 3 and 5, progress on other clues - progress
3. Winter Quilt Along - Measure quilt, find backing

Only one check ...

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January 14, 2020
To Do Tuesday: #2 for 2020 from Life In Pieces

Usually the first month of the year seems to pass by slowly. That's not been the case this year, the month is speeding by, tomorrow is mid month already.  But even with the quickly passing days, the to do list fared pretty well.  

Weekly To Do List (01/07/2020)
1.  Twinkly Stars - Find and piece backing
2. Frolic - Finish Clue 3, progress on Clue 4,5, 6 and 7, Start Clue 8  - progress
3. Mosaic Mystery - Start assembling rows as leaders and enders 

Last week ended with check marks on two of the three items, and good progress ...

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January 7, 2020
To Do Tuesday: The First 2020 To Do List from Life In Pieces

The first Monday in 2020 has come and gone. It wasn't so bad. There will be a lot to get done at work this month, hopefully it can all get done with no overtime.  The first few days of 2020 have been good ones on the stitching front.  Two check marks on the list for last week, with a bit of progress on the third item.  Definitely not a bad week.  

Weekly To Do List (12/31/2019)
1. Twinkle Stars - Add final border
2. Winter Quilt Along - Finish Hour 5 and assemble sections
3.  Frolic - Finish Clue 3 ...

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December 31, 2019
To Do Tuesday: New Year's Eve Edition from Life In Pieces

Happy New Year's Eve!  My plan is to hang out with My Guy and do a bit of stitching while we wait for the new year. The Scientist in Training will be having a few friends over for the evening.  Should be pretty low key, but fun. 

Christmas week was a bit weird. My To Do list didn't get put together till Thursday, but I did put together a list. 

Weekly To Do List 12/24/2019
1. Twinkle Stars - Add borders   progress
2. Frolic - Finish clue 1, continue clues 3 and 4, start clue 5
3.  Mosaic ...

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December 26, 2019
To Do Tuesday - On Thursday from Life In Pieces

Happy Boxing Day!  We don't recognize that holiday in the United States, but several other countries do.  Hope every one had a very happy holiday.  You might guess that as I'm just now drafting my Tuesday To Do list on Thursday that our holiday week was busy.  Actually our holiday was a bit rough. It started off with me waking up with a nasty cold on the 18th. I didn't feel really great again until Saturday.  Then My Guy developed complications from his October surgery, putting him back in the hospital for emergency surgery last Sunday.  So ...

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