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February 23, 2021
To Do Tuesday for 02/23/2021 from Life In Pieces

Hard to believe it's been a week and it's time for a new to do list.  With all the disruption to normal life my sense of time is a bit warped. After four days of working from home, it was getting hard to remember what day of the week it was.  I can't say there was more stitching time last week, but there was enough to check off most of my to do list. 

Weekly To Do List for 02/16/2021

  • Grassy Creek: Assemble rows and pieced borders - progress
  • Morewood Mystery: Continue to assemble Block B ...

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February 17, 2021
to do: assemble florabunda from Making A Lather

Our Friday small group met at the library, and I took the opportunity to use the floor for a design floor.

 I had finished the blocks last year for this Bonnie Hunter free pattern called Florabunda. The color for February  for the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy is yellow. And this is one of the UFOs that I am working on for yellow.  I was very disappointed at it looking at it on the design floor. It looked ugly.  So, I spent time thinking how I could not finish the quilt, and, not let all the work go to ...

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February 16, 2021
To Do Tuesday for 2/16/2021 from Life In Pieces

It snowed more yesterday and stayed really cold. Pretty much the same as the rest of the midwest. We've been lucky so far to avoid the rolling black outs that have affected large areas of Texas. Offices are closed again today, so it will be another virtual office day.  I suspect the rolling black outs have more to do with the office closure then the state of the roads. 

Moving on to the the stitching stuff. It's time review last week's to do list and decide what's on this week's.  Chris of Chris Knits and ...

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February 9, 2021
to do: rug /day from Making A Lather

Sunday I posted about the corn stalk on my Mr. Scarecrow rug. I am slowly making a rug for fall. This rug will have an un hooked background that is overdyed with brown.

Facing the long boring skinny part, I had to play games with myself to keep going. I decided that I would hook one wool strip every day, hoping that once I started, I would get excited and keep going.... no luck, yet

day 1

day 2

day 3

day 4

Day 4 included more than one strip yipee

day 5

more here and here

I am linking ...

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To Do Tuesday for 2/9/2021 from Life In Pieces

The freezing drizzle stopped over night, but it's still very, very slick. Offices are closed again today, probably because the parking lots are pretty much ice skating rinks.  Even though offices are closed, I'm still expected to work from home virtually, so I'm still limited to stitching this evening after work.  I'm OK with that and just thankful I don't have to get out in the cold today.  

The To Do List from last week included only three items. All three are in the block making stage, which for the Bonnie Hunter mystery projects can ...

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February 2, 2021
To Do Tuesday For 2/2/2021 from Life In Pieces

Hard to believe that January is over and it's time to put together the first to do list for February.  The cold and windy weather has made the sewing room an attractive place to hang out the last couple of weeks. So the to do list for last week has a lot of check marks on it.  

Weekly To Do List for 1/26/2021

  • Morewood Mystery: Finish making the A Blocks
  • Grassy Creek: Continue to make blocks and sashing 
  • Unity: Make HSTS for Clue 6 as leader and ender 

Last week's list was short, but that meant ...

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January 26, 2021
to do: grassy creek 5 from Making A Lather

I need to keep going on grassy creek mystery quilt at quiltville. I made the first part of clue #5 at retreat. I just need to make flying geese and the clue will be done.

my grassy creek mystery quilt at quiltville

clue 1 clue 2 clue 3 Clue 4 A Clue 4 B

clue 5 A

clue 6

clue 7

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To Do Tuesday for 01/26/2021 from Life In Pieces

The weather has been mostly dreary and cold the last week, which makes it easy to get into the sewing room. More time in the sewing room usually translates to a lot of check marks on the to do list. 

Weekly To Do List for 01/19/2021
  • Red, White and Blue Stars: Package and mail
  • Grassy Creek: Continue to make blocks and sashing 
  • Morewood Mystery: Continue making Block A 
  • Unity: Make HSTs for clue 6 as leader and ender 
Four for four is definitely a good week. Even better it's easy to see the progress when I look ...

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January 21, 2021
to do: work with tiny pieces from Making A Lather

 I have been working with tiny 1 1/2 inch squares that are sitting next to my sewing machine. I collect them, until, I think I can make either waffle stamp blocks  or postage stamp psp20/21. I am always amazed at how many are in the stack. The stack of squares doesn't look like much, but it moves 2 quilts along. I have the solid pieces already cut and waiting in a drawer nearby.

I am linking to:

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January 19, 2021
To Do Tuesday for 1/19/2021 from Life In Pieces

It's been cold and windy in my part of the world.  Great stay in your sewing room weather. I'd prefer to do that, but I still have to work to support my fabric habit. Even with a few longer work days last week, the to do list didn't get neglected.  

Weekly To Do List for 1/12/2021
  • Red, White & Blue Stars: Clean up and press quilt top
  • Grassy Creek: Continue to make subunits, blocks 
  • Morewood Mystery: Continue making block A 
  • Unity: Continue making HSTs for clue 6 
Four for four, so definitely not a bad week ...

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January 12, 2021
to do: make a little progress from Making A Lather

While I am working on my focus projects, I do a little piecing as leader/enders. It helps break the monotony of millions of hsts, and adding loooong rows to tops I am trying to finish. I am bouncing between rainbow scrap challenge quilts, grassy creek mystery quilt, and country roads top. country roads isn't moving along as quickly as I had hoped. The mystery quilt takes time. I really like the piecing, so, I don't mind.

It has been a cold dreary week here, and we haven't been out and about. We need to get moving ...

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To Do Tuesday for 01/12/2021 from Life In Pieces

What a difference a week can make. Back to work last week was really, really tiring. Consequently, spending time in the sewing room was more than I could do a couple of nights last week. The To Do List didn't suffer too badly thankfully. 

Weekly To Do List for 01/05/2021

  • RWB Stars: Prep back and front for quilting - Progress
  • Grassy Creek:  Start Clue 7, continue to work on other clues
  • Morewood Mystery: Start on the January clue 
  • Unity: Continue to work on clues 6 and 7 
Three out of four, with progress on the fourth is a ...

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January 5, 2021
to do: set a goal for scrap management from Making A Lather

I have tried to set some goals for scrap management. Scraps are everywhere, and, are taking over my quilting life. I enjoy cutting scraps, but, when it comes to putting them away, I realize I have no more room for them. I need to use out of what is already cut and ready to go, so there will be room for more. 

1.That is why a few boxes just need to go to the attic, and wait for a better time.

2. when this basket is full I have to deal with it. It is about 14 inches across ...

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To Do Tuesday for Week of 01/05/2021 from Life In Pieces

The last week was really good on the stitching front.  There was lots of time to hang out in the sewing room and get things done. There was really good progress on last week's To Do List. 

Weekly To Do List For 12/29/2020

  • Daisy Chain: Finish binding 
  • Grassy Creek: Start clue 5 and 6, work on older clues 
  • Unity: Continue to work on clues 6 and 7 
  • Red, White and Blue Stars: Make Backing 

It's a really good week that includes a quilt finish and finishing a backing for another.  A great end to 2020 and ...

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December 29, 2020
To Do Tuesday for the Week of 12/29/2020 from Life In Pieces

Last week was one of holiday preparations and celebrations. We had a very nice and relaxed Christmas. There wasn't much time for sewing, but I reduced last week's to do list to account for that. 

Weekly To Do List (12/22/2020)

  • Daisy Chain: Make binding, trim quilt
  • Grassy Creek: Start clues 4 and 5 - progress
  • Unity: Finish clue 5, start clues 6 and 7 
Two out of three isn't bad for what turned out to be a pretty busy week.  Even though there's not a check mark, there was still progress on Grassy Creek, which ...

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December 22, 2020
To Do Tuesday for the Week of 12/22/2020 from Life In Pieces

It's that time of year where the days just seem to fly by.  I've been on vacation since last Friday, but I still have to check my work email and deal with any problems that come up. I've been trying to keep that to a minimum.  We've been hanging out, going for walks (the weather has been really nice for December) and I've been stitching a bit.  Not as much as I had planned, but I'm getting in a few hours each day.  There was good progress on last week's To Do List ...

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December 15, 2020
to do: clean cutting table from Making A Lather

I had a big milestone yesterday - I added the finished in 2021 tab to the top of the page. I felt hopeful. Not that I can't add one last quilt to 2020.

I think I need to spend the rest of this year cleaning up from all the projects this year, and, try to get a bit more organized for next year. First, I need to reclaim my cutting table. I find, that I will travel around the house to cut, since the cutting table is a mess. It's embarrassing, but, I am sure it will be fun ...

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To Do Tuesday for the Week of 12/15/2020 from Life In Pieces

December is half over.  Already?  That doesn't seem possible.  So rather than dwell on that,  I'm going to concentrate on the last and the next To Do Lists. 

Weekly To Do List for 12/08/2020

  • Frolic: Start hand stitching the binding
  • Morewood Mystery:  Work on the December clue 
  • Grassy Creek: Start Clue 2 
  • Unity: Make flying geese 

Last week's list was all about just keeping projects moving. Since I knew I wouldn't have as much time to stitch as usual, the list was kept pretty easy.  That made it easy to check off all four ...

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December 8, 2020
To Do Tuesday for the Week of December 8, 2020 from Life In Pieces

Life has been a bit hectic since Thanksgiving, with work bordering on being completely insane. Consequently sewing and computer time has been at a premium the last week. I missed last week's To Do Tuesday because I just didn't have time to post, thankfully things calmed down by the weekend and I did get in some really good stitching time, else my to do list would have looked really pitiful.

Weekly To Do List for 11/24/2020

  • Red, White and Blue Stars: Continue with borders
  • Unity: Add next border, make flying geeese 
  • Grassy Creek: Start on Clue ...

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November 24, 2020
to do: cut more baby wiggle from Making A Lather

I had a sew day last Thursday, and, I decided to work on a baby quilt I have had cut for a couple of years. I love cynthia Brunz's wiggle time pattern and wanted to try something with these fabrics. I discovered that I had cut 2 strips wrong, and, that meant, I didn't have enough fabric to finish it. I think it will be ok if I mix background fabrics.

Even though, it is not Thanksgiving yet. I baked bread, and loved the smell of that in the house. It just seems like  the holidays. We bought ...

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