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October 12, 2017
Thoughtful Tuesdays. Crocheted Hangers. To Do Tuesday. from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Thoughtful Tuesdays
I enjoy linking up to several faith-based parties that have amazing posts filled with great wisdom.  If you would like to check them out, there's a list at the end of this post.  ;)
I've decided to one post a week and it will be called "Thoughtful Tuesdays"!  

This post from Crystal at Encourage Your Heart.  She actually hosts the link up.  

Crystal's last sentence:

"The message of Fiercehearted (by Holly Gerth) is the reminder that we can be both weak and strong, messy and beautiful, afraid and courageous. I don’t about you, sweet friend ...

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September 25, 2017
Philippians 4:8. Sewing Studio Tour Part 7. A Scrappy Finish. from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Philippians 4:8
A list of what we should think you sometimes have stinky thinking?  I know I do.  Here is our solution.  Right in verse 8.

Here's my application:
It's not very pretty - it's part of an unedited paint chip card. 
 Oh, I've written about making various types of Scripture Memorization cards here and here.  I even made a Portable Prayer Journal.  

But this one is different.  
It's real.  
It's simply what God wants me to learn.  
It's not about pretty this time. It's about God ...

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August 22, 2017
Philippians 4:7 Part 2. Prayer Shawl #3 Finished! To Do Tuesday from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Philippians 4:7 Part 2
Part 1

Verses 4-6 teach us how to obtain this peace that passes all understanding, but how do we pray?  How do we present our requests to God?

Let me tell you, my prayers are sometimes with joy or tears.  But lately, they have been with great authority and indignation and even shouted!  I have let God know how much I believe in Him, His Son and His Holy Spirit!  I have reminded Him of His promises and broken through my fear to victory!  I have been a passionate lawyer advocating for myself and my ...

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August 10, 2017
Philippians 4:6 Part 1.Shawl #2. . Crafty Cops. from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Philippians 4:6
Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  Philippians 4:6

Two absolutes:  anything and every situation.
Two attitudes:  anxious, thanksgiving.
One action:  present your requests to God.

Again, I have to remind myself that Paul is writing these words as he sits in prison waiting to see if he will live or die.

Yet he writes, "Do not be anxious about anything."  Delaying getting medical tests done and then waited for the results were certainly anxious times for me.  How ...

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July 27, 2017
Philippians 4:5. . Prayer Shawl. Orange Peel Quilting. To Do Tuesday. from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Philippians 4:5


So, Paul is saying, be free from harshness, sternness or violence toward all.  I wonder if he is thinking of the two women who were quarreling?  

Oh my!  In a past life I was so harsh and stern!  All that ugliness in me was simply a survival tool to hide the hurt and pain.  My attitude was, "I will hurt you before you hurt me."  
I can still fall back into that state, but not very often indeed!  It's a miracle of God that my spirit is now more gentle.  Praise Him for ...

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July 13, 2017
Philippians 4:2 Part 2. To Do Tuesday. I Like. from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Philippians 4:2 Part 2
Part 1
As previously discussed, we know how important it it is to have unity in the church and among believers.  

At the same time, we are human, with human traits.  Like I said before, when I feel so ill equipped to apply, much lest write to others about a verse, I can only go back to the basic question:  What would Jesus do?

As I thought about researching this topic, I found this article by James Jackson.  It's a tough teaching, but well worded.  Basically he's referring us to ...

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July 5, 2017
Philippians 4:1 Part 1/2. Baby Quilt. To Do Tuesday. Patrick's Strength. from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Hello There!

Image result for royalty free images road forest
I hope you all are having a wonderful week!  As we begin the final chapter in Philippians, I wonder where the LORD will take us next for our Bible Study.  I prayed about it and have a few ideas.  I better start writing them down as they come though because I forget what they are! :)
Onward, my dear readers!

Philippians 4:1

Again, Paul's affection for the Philippians is clear as he wrote:
1) my brothers and sisters, 2) you whom I love and long for, 3) my joy ...

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June 29, 2017
Philippians 3:21. To Do Tuesday. Don't Stop!!!!! from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Philippians 3:21


Remember verse 20?  And now, verse 21 tells us exactly what Jesus can do:
1) bring everything under His control,
2) transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like His!

Jesus has the power to bring everything under His control!

Our lowly bodies that are racked with the above and more will become like His - strong, pure and clean.

You will become strong, pure and clean!
Amen and amen!

Father, my mind and body have been filled with so many awful things ...

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June 14, 2017
Philippians 3:13-14 Part 1. Bag, Quilty 365 & To Do Tuesday! from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Philippians 3:13-14
Paul concludes with such a humble admission and extremely sound advice.  He realizes that even he is a work in progress and he gives us a precious tool to win the prize!
Since almost the beginning of my walk with Christ, this verse called to me.  I had baggage, serious baggage in massive amounts.  But, here this man of God was preaching three points:
1) Forget what is behind,
2) strain toward what is ahead 
3) press toward the goal to win the prize God has called me to win.

Do you have ...

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May 25, 2017
Philippians 3:5 Part 2 To Do Tuesday - RSC 2017 Green! from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Philippians 3:5 Part 2
Part One is here
This is so simple, yet we make it so hard.  Many times, our own
lack of trust, 
and misunderstood doctrine
can keep us from the 
hand of our Abba Father!

Father, please loose the chains that bind us from simply trusting You.  Be it illness, pain, hurt, abuse, distrust, disappointment - whatever it is, loose those things in Jesus' name - that we may learn to lean on Your precious arms!  Help us to not get tangled up in the words of the "mutilators of the flesh ...

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May 9, 2017
To Do Tuesday. Lunch. Drunkard's Path. A Song. Suzy Tat. from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Hello There!
Today will be a quick post, but it will get your tastbuds going!  

To Do Tuesday
Last week's To Do Tuesday List:
1) Keep and keep up with my Quilty 365 Done!
2) Make my BOM's (Drunkard's Path and RSC), Oh Oh!
3) Charity Sewing - Dolls of Hope, (If you go to the beginning of her feed, there's contact info.)  Oh Oh!

4) Work on my Fabri-Flair project. Done!  

This week's To Do Tuesday List:
1) Keep and keep up with my Quilty 365 
2) Make my BOM's (Drunkard's Path and ...

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May 2, 2017
Philippians 2:29 RSC 2017 April. To Do Tuesday. from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Philippians 2:29

Here Paul is giving the Philippians three distinct instructions:  1) to welcome Epaphorditus in the LORD, 2) with great joy, and 3) and honor people like him.  

Why would Paul make such a request?  To partially answer this question, we have to read onto verse 2:30.  Now, there's a lot to study in v. 30, but today we are looking at verse 29.   Let's look at the first of the three instructions Paul gave.

Welcome him in the LORD 
What does that mean?   The Amplified version says:  

29 Welcome him home ...

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Philippians 2:28 Part 2 To Do Tuesday. Drunkard's Path Continues! from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Hello There!
God is teaching me to listen to His whispers of, "Rest.  You've done enough."  Thank you so much for your prayers and well wishes!  

Philippians 2:28 Part 2
We talked about Paul sending back Epaphorditus here.   I am struck by Philippians 2:28b - "...and I may have less anxiety."  
Healing does come, - if not on Earth, then in Heaven.  I don't say those words lightly. I've experienced healing by my LORD and now, I'm experiencing waiting for His healing – again and I weep.

I am not alone in shedding tears ...

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April 6, 2017
Philipppians 2:27 Part 2. Shawl Progress! To Do Tuesday from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Hello There!
I'm so glad you've stopped by for a visit! Pull up a chair!  I hope you enjoy our study of the book of Philippians!  

Here is where we started Philippians 2:27! Let's continue it to learn about God's grace and mercy!

Philipppians 2:27 Part 2

God indeed had mercy on Epaphroditus, Paul and the Philippians with Epaphroditus' healing.  Paul says that the LORD spared him "sorrow upon "sorrow".  
Paul being in prison was indeed a sorrow as his deep desire to serve God fully may have seemed to him ...

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March 29, 2017
A Challenge! Current Works. To Do Tuesday from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

God is on the Move! 
Have you heard this song?

It's called "God is on the Move" by 7eventh Time Down.  Yesterday it was in my head all day.  Later in the afternoon I turned on KLOVE and guess what song was playing?
God is on the Move.
Guess what I did?

Praised God.
My husband and son smiled.
I don't normally do that in front of people, but joy filled my heart and I just had to let it bubble out!

So, this morning God is on the Move was on ...

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