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October 12, 2017
More small pieces from Notes from Studio B

I'm in the process of making more small pieces, both leaves and yoga inspired. The yoga inspired ones were printed a few years ago and were languishing in my pile of possibilities. They are cyanotype on magenta fabric, using some shapes cut out of heavy dark paper.

I've got three canvases painted a dark navy waiting for me to attach them.

I've also started the piecing process with a couple of the wet cyanotypes on turquoise fabric. This is how they look this morning on my work table.

The fabric that was used for both of these ...

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September 7, 2017
Some new work and a studio"helper" from Notes from Studio B

This week I pulled out some leftover scraps from making our great grandsons quilt last year. The scraps were pretty small and I did add a few other fabrics to the mix, but with the thought of an overgrown landscape I came up with this.

Now how do I quilt it? It's 24 inches square so probably doesn't need much.

I still had a few small pieces left and remembered some leftover prints from the weekly leaf series so ended up making 3 smaller pieces.

These pieces will get some hand stitching on the leaves and will most ...

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December 30, 2016
Weekly Leaf, Year #3 Done and changes on the way from Notes from Studio B

The last of my Weekly Leaves is done, attached to the others and waiting for me to fuse the whole thing to another piece of felt.

I'm taking a break from leaves, after three years I still love leaves but I need to move on and do something new. You can see all the leaves form this and previous years by using the tabs up in the header.

The Weekly Leaf

I used another one of my new stencils, the large one in the picture below.

Week #52

I need to shake things up and get the feeling of ...

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December 20, 2016
Cutting a failure up from Notes from Studio B

Recently I came across a piece of fabric that I had mono printed in 2010, it had some serious technical problems and had been put aside. I brought it in from Studio B thinking I could use it for a backing on a quilt. While perusing black and white art on pinterest an idea flashed through my mind that said,"cut it up!" So I did.


Actually it looks a bit different now than the after picture because it is sewn together and waiting to be quilted, when I decide how I want to quilt it.

Got some ...

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December 12, 2016
Christmas Postcards from Notes from Studio B

It's Christmas Postcard time again! This year I started with a vague idea of a simple tree sketch and after doing about a dozen found one I was happy with.

A thermofax screen was made and I headed out to Studio B to do some printing. My fabric this year is a piece of solid lime green decorator fabric from my stash. Misty fuse was applied to the back before cutting it into 4"x6" pieces.

Next step was to make a triangle shaped stencil out of a 4x6 index card and brush a light layer of green to ...

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December 5, 2016
Daily Pictures return from Notes from Studio B

Many of you know that I did a daily photo blog for six years. I'm now doing daily photos again but in a different format, Instagram. My plan had been to do both Instagram and the photo blog but I downloaded the latest update on my iPhone and now the pictures from my phone no longer go to my computer. If you would like to follow along you can find me on Instagram user name thrulindaseyes.
I'd like to thank my granddaughter Kayla for getting me started. If I can ever get the photos from my phone to ...

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November 29, 2016
Family week from Notes from Studio B

This has been family week, lots of eating ,creating, games, turkey trot and more. My three children, their spouses and six grandchildren ages 7 to 24 makes for a full and busy house. We did the annual 5k turkey trot in Ontario, OR on Thanksgiving morning, then made the stop for our after race coffee and smoothies before going back to Weiser to cook dinner.

My daughter brought bags of yarn and wool roving for needle felting. My husband and son in law were the only ones that didn't participate in the creating, the most popular item was coasters ...

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November 21, 2016
Another rejection from Notes from Studio B

This past week I received my thanks, but no thanks letter from the SAQA exhibition committee, all three of my voice pieces were rejected. Now I need to find another show that they would fit in to enter. I also have to roll them up and find a place to store them.

I've had a busy week trying to get everything ready for company. I took my first trip of several trips to the airport this morning so one grand daughter is here, by Wednesday there will be thirteen of us. A few of them have "projects" they need ...

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November 14, 2016
Back to sewing from Notes from Studio B

This week I started going thru my pile of stalled projects, started cutting up one, decided to quilt another and added a piece to a third one. The third one is actually a long piece of cotton duck fabric that was dipped in indigo. Cut about 20inches off one end and added a pale moon.

Next step will be to quilt it, my plan is to keep it very simple and serene. The finished size will be about 20"H x 48"W, so far it even has a title "Pale Moon Rising".

The second one is black and white ...

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November 7, 2016
Mosaic ball done and a new toy from Notes from Studio B

I finished up the glueing on the mosaic bowling ball and the input that I asked for last week was overwhelmingly leaning toward black grout, so that's what I did. Here's a picture of the grout being rubbed in.

After it dried some then was cleanup time and here is the finished ball.

The pots on my front porch were looking naked without their summer plants, so for now it has a home.

I was doing some online Christmas shopping for grandchildren and found a deal ($7) for a clip on macro lens for my iPhone. So I ...

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November 1, 2016
Ghosts, mosaics, encaustic and stitching from Notes from Studio B

This week has seen a variety of creative spurts, I made some fabric Halloween postcards for some special youngsters.

Took a bowling ball that had a crack in it to Marbella, a local business where you can paint pottery and/or do mosaics. This is the ball before, you can see the crack on the upper left.

This is how it currently looks.

The orange circle is the top, I still need to add more glass to the bottom half(the part you can't see in the picture) and then make the decision to do either black or white ...

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October 25, 2016
Weekly Leaf, daily stitching and donation quilts from Notes from Studio B

The Weekly Leaf

This weeks inspiration came from the latest issue of Through Our hands Magazine. If you've never read this magazine you are in for a treat, you can either read it for free or buy a copy. One of the photos in this issue was just the inspiration I needed, my colors are different and so is some of the stitching, but the idea is the same. Read the magazine and see if you can find it. My color inspiration came from some of the glorious trees dotted here and there in our landscape this time of ...

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October 17, 2016
My Leaf Stash from Notes from Studio B

Last week I mentioned that the leaves I used for my weekly leaf were from my leaf stash, well this weeks leaf is also, so I thought I'd give you a glimpse of my stash. I pick up leaves all the time, especially when I'm away from home. Most of them get pressed, sometimes I use them right away for a gelli print or a solar fast print.

The plastic container below is about 4" deep and is overflowing. This is my in house stash.

 The next group are my stash out in StudioB (the building in my ...

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October 10, 2016
A big yellow hand from Notes from Studio B

I stitched the three big hands in the center of my Maker's Hands piece and from a distance all you can see is one big yellow hand.

Up close the other two are more visible.

I think the next step will be to add more stitching, if it works I'll show you next week.

These are the nice heavy threads that I'm couching down.

The Weekly Leaf

I frequently walk by a Japanese Maple tree and the leaves are looking pretty dry and ragged after our hot dry summer. Luckily in Spring I picked a few of ...

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October 4, 2016
A Visit from an Internet Friend from Notes from Studio B

A long time internet friend was in the Boise area and I finally got to meet her. Kathleen Loomis and I were both doing daily pictures about six years ago when we became internet friends, so it was really nice to finally meet her and spend a good part of Saturday with her. Lisa drove her out to Weiser and we spent a couple of hours in my studios and had lunch. We did a lot of sharing of artwork and talking. Kathy showed us her delightful travel stitching, long strips of linen with highlights of her trips depicted in ...

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September 26, 2016
Indigo, soy wax, solar fast, gelli prints and more from Notes from Studio B

Last week I had a wonderful group of six creatives spend a couple of days in Studio B. The first day they got an overview of all the different techniques and then on the second day they got to play to their hearts content with what ever appealed to them the most. It seemed that each one had their own favorite thing to do. I did manage to take a few pictures, mainly of the indigo hanging on the line to dry.

Before they came I had sent some links to show them how to do some hand stitched resists ...

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September 19, 2016
SAQA Auction and three pieces done from Notes from Studio B

Today is the official start of the annual SAQA auction, you can see all the pieces plus the rules here. My pieces "Indigo and Rust" is in the first group.

The quilts are divided into three sections, a section for each week of the auction. It's a reverse auction, so the price today is $750 and it gets progressively smaller until the end of the week when it's $100. Be sure to check them all out, there is some fabulous artwork available.

I finished all three pieces of my retired print table cover series. I do have to ...

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September 12, 2016
Two quilted and one to go. from Notes from Studio B

This past week I got the facings on the first 'voice' piece and the second one quilted. These two were quilted with a variegated thread that has been in my stash at least seven years. I finally found the perfect place for it, and I have most of the cone left.

It really blended well with the wide array of colors on the cloth. I'll be doing something different with the last piece, I'm thinking this may be the one for the lower part of the quilt.
The top third will be quilted with yellow thread. You can ...

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September 4, 2016
Now there are three new pieces. from Notes from Studio B

The new start from last week has now become three new starts and I'm still making decisions as I go. The retired print table cover has now been ripped into three good sized pieces (34" x58",25"x48" and 40"x45") and several smaller pieces.

I've stenciled on them with paintstiks.

Started doing some hand stitching with #5 pearl cotton and am changing my mind about it.

The stitching through two layers of cloth and batting will take forever and it's not visible from a distance.

So the new plan, at least for the one with red ...

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August 28, 2016
Starting something new from Notes from Studio B

The SAQA call for entries for the Layered Voices show has been out for quite awhile, in fact entries are due next month. I got this strong feeling that I needed to do some more work on the print table cover that I retired a few months ago.  I wrote all over it with black dynaflow paint, anything that came to mind about layers and voices. I found some new fine tip squeeze bottles that work wonderfully.

There's a wire in the cap that keeps the nozzle from clogging. The writing is readable in some areas but not in ...

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