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May 25, 2019
Stitch I Will! from Life in the Scrapatch

I am ready ... so stitch I will. 

There is a new Stitch Along coming in June to the happy cross stitch along group

All you really need is the 

You could use whatever cross stitch cloth and floss you have or prefer.

At the FQS, Kimberly Jolly always encourages her listeners to
" Just To Do You"
to find what works for you and makes you happy.

After much thought about how I wanted to do this pattern and
considering whether I could make the sewing machine look like my ...

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May 23, 2019
I Like Thursdays ~ Post # 13 ~ A New Roof Over the Scrapatch from Life in the Scrapatch

I like sitting outside stitching in the early morning sun.

7:00am found me sitting on our covered deck slowly stitching on my 

I bought my pattern in pdf form directly from the designer 

I like that the work crew showed up today and the sun is shining
and the roof over my happy place is getting fixed.
The Scrapatch really needed a new roof.

There was a bit of drama with us telling them to get off our friendly neighbor's driveway
when ...

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Beothuk Star QAL ~ Block 1 from Life in the Scrapatch

Block 1 done for the 

Since I only actually started cutting and sewing this quilt 

I am very pleased with my progress.

I think all the HSTs are in the right places and turned the right way.

I had a very helpful block inspector when I went to photograph this block
so I took it outside to enjoy the end of day sun in my yard.

No roofers today.
Well they boss showed up in the morning.
but he did not have enough workers.
Hopefully tomorrow will be the day.

My hubby did ...

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Beothuk Star QAL ~ All In A Day's Work from Life in the Scrapatch

My morning started like this.
These are the fabrics I chose to use for a quiltalong I wanted to do
that has been happening along without me.

There are some beautiful quilts in progress in the links!

I have been feeling a bit down lately about letting my quilty plans go sideaways.
like the Trinket QAL   which I kept up with so well in the beginning, 
then got sick, then got back on track,  then let slip away from me 
when I made the decision to buy my dream machine, my HQ Amara 20 
Then ...

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May 21, 2019
Pieces of My Scrappy Heart from Life in the Scrapatch

Today I needed to catch up on piecing some scrappy heart swap blocks.

Nutmeg was my quilty kitty helper today.

Kitty and I have a few more blocks to make to mail out by the end of the month.

It has turned very warm and humid, more summer weather than spring.

We even had some thunderstorms move through tonight.


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May 20, 2019
Slow Sunday ~ Stitching & Relaxing from Life in the Scrapatch

Today I started a new cross stitch project!

I am sharing this today with the lovely hand stitchers at

Slow Sunday Stitching

I got it set up, brewed a cup of coffee
 and took it outside to sit and stitch on my yard swing 
and watch my hubby put up the canvas canopy over our deck gazebo.
This is as far as I got in my first stitching session before it started to rain
and I went back inside to make a Sunday Brunch of homemade 
Belgian Waffles and sausage, fruit and juice. 

The pattern is 

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May 19, 2019
Inside ~ Outside from Life in the Scrapatch

The morning started inside with Maestro and I still working on de-threading 

Outside the lure of sunshine, green grass, fresh air beckoned me.

The sight and scent of spring won out.

I took my second cup of coffee and my garden gloves out to the yard swing,
filled the feeders and the birdbath and watched the birds ...

... and the critters.

Despite Maestro's best effort to work on inside without me,

Evening found the cat asleep on my sewing chair and the top folded up
and placed on chair back.

I did get the relatively thread-free backing loaded ...

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May 17, 2019
My Un-Quilting Adventures ~ Part 2 ~ De-Threading from Life in the Scrapatch

Unquilting a Quilt ~ Part 2 ~ De-Threading

What was I thinking ? 

The quilting  was

It is now 2:00pm 
and I have been working on removing all the loose threads 
since my first cup of coffee this morning.

I have tried a variety of things, including a spin in the dryer on no-heat for the backing.

The best tool is the seam ripper with the rubberized ends.
I will be buying another one of these. 

What am I thinking?

I am thinking it is time for another cup of coffee.

On to the next step ... de-threading by ...

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2:00am ~ Unravelled from Life in the Scrapatch

This Quilt is finally back into

Three (Not Sew) Easy Pieces

Nutmeg is happy to have helped me "unravel my latest mistake."

Time to

In the (later) morning we can shed these pieces 
of the many loose threads and cat hairs,
press smooth
and load them into the frame of my long arm.

"There is a light at the end of this tunnel."

Kitties and I stayed up to finish the unraveling.

Now we can sleep and dream sweet quilty dreams.

May all your dreams be happy and quilty tonight.

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May 16, 2019
I LIke Thursday # 12 ~ The Creative Process from Life in the Scrapatch

I like finishing a project.

Hanging my first quilted project from my new long arm
on my dining room "studio" wall fills my heart with joy.
This started as a panel purchased when I needed a little spring in the dark of winter.
I picked this one because I liked the soft colors and the light in the center
of this digitally printed flower design.
It was a seed in my stash, waiting to be nourished.

I like starting a new project. 

This one is a second version of the Block of the Week
sew-along happening at the
Canadian Quilters ...

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May 15, 2019
Ribbit ... Ribbit ... Ribbit ... Repeat from Life in the Scrapatch

is on-going ... and going ... and going on. 

The quilty kitties are helping.

In this photo, Maestro looks like she does not quite understand the concept.

It tried again to explain that I want to un-quilt this one so I can
quilt it again on my new longarm.
On the surface of things, it seams not to make much sense.
I know I would never finish this quilt on my regular machine now.
Trying to do the same quilting on the new long arm would not match.

It is too pretty a quilt top to let sit ...

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May 14, 2019
Tuesday Afternoon ... from Life in the Scrapatch

... stitching and chasing the clouds away.

Does a song ever get stuck in your head?

Today for me it is 

"Tuesday afternoon
I'm just beginning to see
Now I'm on my way
It doesn't matter to me
Chasing the clouds away ..."

This is a good day for hand stitching ...

... the facing on my 

Maestro and I hope to have this one done by the end of the afternoon.

It has been another day and night and day of rain and wind and cold.

A good day for ...

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The Scrapatch Studio ~ Two Rooms ~ One Purpose from Life in the Scrapatch

The Sewing & Design Room

This nice squishy mat for standing on while quilting is a new addition,
a Mother's Day gift from one of my sons.

This reorganization has been approved by Scrapatch Quilty Kitties,
my every helpful assistants.

New List of Goals:

(1) Finishing our Dream Big Quilt,

(2) Loading another quilt on our long arm,

(3) Catching up with some block piecing,

and most important ...

Just Having Fun! 

Have a Happy Quilty Monday! 

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May 12, 2019
One Smile from Life in the Scrapatch

... is all I need to have a Happy Mother's Day.

This is my Grand-Darling when she was a few months old.

Here is she is today.

Can she really be five years old so soon? 

I am not able to be with her for her birthday party
but I know she is smiling.
Everly's smile fills my heart.

Everly still loves this quilt that I made for her.
My quilts cuddle her with my love.

I am currently working on a new quilt in my original design 
and hope to have the ...

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May 11, 2019
Making Quilts With Angles from Life in the Scrapatch

I like to find new ways to make angle blocks.
Like I did when I posted my 

I made this block a few years ago.
This project recently resurfaced during my making room for my long arm 
reorganization and I want to work again on it soon.

It is not a project from the following book.
This book, though, can help with cutting the needed angles.

Cutting and sewing blocks with am angle can be intimidating.

I found a good new book that helps ... 

The book, as ...

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My Quilting Adventues ~ First Quilt Off My Long Arm from Life in the Scrapatch

The quilting is done!

Taking this off the frame really made me feel accomplished.

This is a wholecloth quilt made with a panel ...

It comes in many colors 

Today and tomorrow I must spend my time getting my home back in order
and moving what a lot of stuff back into my quilting room somehow.

Next photo of my quilting room will not look quite so open.

We moved the machine forward about a foot and will be moving the kitties
favorite "window seat" shelving back under the windows tomorrow. 

Thanks for following along ...

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May 9, 2019
I Like Thursday # 11 ~ Paws On from Life in the Scrapatch

Quilty Kitty Maestro here.
I am just checking the back of Mommy's quilting for her."

"The back is looking good. 
No tension issues.
Mommy, your bestest Quilty Kitty inspector says you may proceed."

"Most of the actual quilty kitty work around here is being done by me.
I am The Maestro!"

"Big Sister Katniss mostly just curls up in the basket Mommy put there 
and purrs and looks pretty."

"Little Sister Nutmeg is trying to tell Mommy here that
Katniss will not let her have a turn in the basket.
Mommy tells us we are supposed to respect ...

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May 7, 2019
My Quilting Adventures ~ Day 1 ~ Happy, Happy from Life in the Scrapatch

My quilty day started early while the sky was still gray.
My quilting room windows face west so they get afternoon sun.

My 1st stitches on my new Amara 20.
Little pebbles for the center of my flower.

I did not do a "practice piece" of plain fabric.

I jumped right in to my first real quilt. 

I chose this 

This is also my first "whole cloth" quilting.

I do not have a computerized Pro-Stither.

I have the basic regulated stitch touch screen panel
and will be doing hand-guided, free motion quilting on all ...

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May 6, 2019
My Quilting Adventures ~ Up and Running from Life in the Scrapatch

There she is!

My new beauty is up and running.

We actually had to move the rest of the shelf units out of the room.
Some will go back in,
 but as you can see the 8 foot frame and 20 inch machine, carriage, table and frame
take up most of the floor space in this small bedroom.

I did load a practice piece on the frame.

Then it was time for dinner and a rest.

When I went back to the room two hours later here is what popped up 
when I turned on the light ...

Maestro says, " Hi ...

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May 5, 2019
My Quilting Adventures ~ The Waiting Room from Life in the Scrapatch

My Sewing Room 
is ready and waiting ...

... to soon be

My Quilting Room!

My HQ Amara 20 Arrives Today!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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