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March 14, 2020
Adding the Binding from Life in the Scrapatch

I have added the binding to my current project!

I am really turning a corner in my quilty life with this project.

Tomorrow I shall hand stitch the binding to the back.

I love to do a hand stitched back binding.
It is such a peaceful and happy way to end a project,
sitting an sipping a cuppa and stitching.

Sweet Quilty Dreams! 


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December 31, 2019
The Daily Blog for 2019 ~ Day 365 of 365 from Life in the Scrapatch

Today is the last day of the year,
 a time to reflect, give thanks and look forward.

At the beginning of 2019 I decided to challenge myself:

"I am going to make an effort to post everyday for 365.
Most days may just be a photo or short message.

My plans are to take things one day at a time
and one stitch at a time for 2019.

I have resolved not to make any resolutions 
but to sew and stitch whatever catches my interest at any given time ... 
which is pretty much what I always do in my sewing ...

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Quilt Quazy Queens To Make Us Laugh in 2020 from Life in the Scrapatch

 Are you a Quilt Quazy Queen?

I know I am

I always enjoy this fun hop in March.

This blog hop is hosted by

where the quilts are always fun and fabulous.

Hope to see you joining in the fun !

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December 30, 2019
Meowy Catmiss and Mewyear, Mewy'all! from Life in the Scrapatch

"Hello.  I am Nutmeg here saying meow y'all. 
Merry Kitty Christmas and Happy Kitty Mew Year!

Christmas was a fun one here in the scratchingpatch.
There were lots o toys and catnip for all."

"My sister Maestro likes this one with a fluffy feather for her to lick and chew."

 "Katniss and I both chose this warm and fuzzy fleece blankie 
which someone thinks he gave to Mommy but it has cats printed on it 
so clearly it is for us cats, right?
It is mine, really, but I have to share it with Katniss,
 because neither one of ...

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December 29, 2019
ยป Life in the Scrapatch

I am the curator of a fine private fabric collection.

Translation: "I Has Stash!"

I am thinking that maybe for the coming new year I really need to make an effort to
sew a few of these lovely collectors items into a quilt.

Translation: " I Need To Bust My Stash" 

Sew when I saw ...

I thought I would take a look to see if this might work for me.

So I joined the 

There are many pretty quilt inspirations from previous years to see.

The free block for the 2019 ...

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December 28, 2019
Maybe the Start of Something in 2020 from Life in the Scrapatch

These fabrics from my stash are 
Dandi Annie by Robin Pickens for Moda Fabrics

If wishes were quilts I would have made a thousand quilts!
 I love the quote in this Moda photo.

Right now I wishing to sew a  

Here is the info as posted ...

"Wednesday, January 15!
Block Heads 3 will launch with 14 Block Heads and a total of 56 blocks. There will be weeks with just one block and one Moda Designer in the spotlight, and there will be weeks where we're going to keep you really, really busy.
There will be ...

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December 25, 2019
Merry Christmas! from Life in the Scrapatch

May you and yours have a Blessed Christmas!

From my scrapatch to yours ... <3

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December 24, 2019
Freebie Christmas Countdown # 10 ~ Decorating the Outdoors with Wildlife Gifts from Life in the Scrapatch

Gifting Gifts of Love for Winter Wildlife Friends

My mother always told me her grandmother told her,
"Feed the birds and you will never go hungry." 
My great grandmother survived epidemic and famine 
and being cast out of her homeland with only one younger sister 
when she lost the rest of her family
and she helped raise my mother.
My mother taught me to string popcorn, 
make peanut butter pinecones 
and suet balls and decorate a tree outdoors. 


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Freebie Christmas Countdown # 9 ~ Gingerbread Construction from Life in the Scrapatch

... and yes, we have made gingerbread houses.

Not this year, though.

This photo was quite a few years ago.

Makes me want to have a gingerbread house party again.


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December 22, 2019
Freebie Countdown To Christmas # 8 ~ Crocheted Christmas from Life in the Scrapatch

Yes, I can crochet and made ornaments years ago.

 Crocheted Angels from Ombawaka 
are adorable, too.

I want to make a forest of these

Crocheted Christmas Trees from The Lazy Hobbyhopper

I love that blog name.

I am a bit of a "hobby hopper" at heart.

I need to work more crochet into my life.

I always found it very relaxing.

More happy hopping in 2020!

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December 21, 2019
Freebie Christmas Countdown # 7 ~ Merry Mini Quilt & FQS DIY from Life in the Scrapatch

Yes, this is from Christmas in July and I have not sewed it yet.

The Finishing Party was Here

I also saw one that had the blocks sewn in a row for a table runner that I liked.

It is on my "need to sew" list.

 The Jolly Jabber 
also has some new

Free Holiday Projects from Fat Quarter Shop

I also saw one that had the blocks sewn in a row for a table runner that I liked.

I really need ...

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December 20, 2019
Freebie Christmas Coutdown # 6 ~ Starburst Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial from Life in the Scrapatch


If I make one more thing before Christmas, it will be this!

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December 19, 2019
I Like Thursday # 37 ~ I Like Red from Life in the Scrapatch

Maestro says,  "Good Morning!
Have you seen this new blog hop announcement?"

 February is the month that always finds me sewing something red.

This vibrant color always warms my winters
and fills my thoughts of those I love.

So when I saw this blog hop,
I knew I wanted to join in the fun.

Will you be sewing red, too?

Hope to see you sewing along.

This fun blog hop is hosted by the lovely and creative

who always has many, many wonderful freebies to share,
like this beautiful ...

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December 18, 2019
Freebie Christmas Countdown #4 ~ Peppermint Christmas Recipes from Life in the Scrapatch


My family loves candy canes and peppermint stick ice cream

and this 


Where I also found this tasty looking treat ... 

So I am adding cookies and popcorn to our holiday treats this year.

Look so yummy!


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December 17, 2019
Freebie Christmas Countdown # 3 ~ Modern Christmas Tree Pillow Tutorial from Life in the Scrapatch

This charming Modern Christmas Tree Pillow cover is a 

This is the back of the pillow.

I think it is perfect for the ...

Christmas Card Charm Squares  I am receiving! 

Click Here For More Free Tutorials


Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas

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December 16, 2019
Freebie Countdown to Christmas # 1 ~ Snowflake Cross Stitch from Life in the Scrapatch



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Freebie Countdown to Christmas #2 ~ Merry Little Christmas Stitch-Along from Life in the Scrapatch

This adorable pillow is a free stitch along pattern from 

I have been following this on


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December 14, 2019
Do You Want to Sew Snowman? from Life in the Scrapatch

All the steps to making this quilt may be found in this link:

It is time to hang this quilt for our snowy season.

I am thinking of making a new version of this quilt in the New Year.

Would you be interested in sewing along with a 
new Quiltalong for this quilt in January, 2021?

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December 12, 2019
I Like Thursday # 36 ~ Home Sweet Home from Life in the Scrapatch

I like to be Home.

I have been home since late Sunday night and have been doing lots of snuggling 
under the quilts with the kitties. 

Katniss, who is older and whom we have had the longest,
met us at the door with her big eyes.
Katniss takes these things in stride.

My Boys  alternate house sitting, coming and going and feeding and petting them.

All My Kitties love My Boys. 

My kitties are happy we are home.

Nutmeg has strong memories of a traumatic life in shelters
or being abandoned by someone she loved.
When we came in she ...

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Sitting at Home and Christmas Stitching from Life in the Scrapatch

I am making progress with my Vintage Christmas Cross Stitching.

I started this project last December and after much thought ... 
I decided to use the blue Aida 11 that had been in my closet for years.

The pattern is 

This year when it came time to stitch the motifs,
I decided to limit my color palette to white, red, green, golden yellow
 and gingerbread brown.

My motifs are a variation of those in the pattern.
Some of the changes are intentional,
some are a "design option" created by a counting miscue,
like the left ...

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