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June 1, 2020
Pin ... Sew ... Pin from Life in the Scrapatch

I am sewing along with the ...

our featured host today is 

Kathy has a fun and easy Four Patch Pincushion for us to sew today.
So I found some fabric and sewed along!

This was a quick project ... less than and hour from fabric finding to finish.

 This pincushion was made a gifty for a certain
Star Wars loving girl I know.

Guess who?

Pincushions make great gifts for friends who stitch and sew.

Are you sewing along?


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May 31, 2020
Unsettled and Haunted by Quilty UFOs from Life in the Scrapatch

My sewing life feels unsettled right now 
and my thoughts and dreams are haunted by UFOs.

I have recently pulled out fabrics for two projects and not sewn a stitch.
Both of those have been put aside.

I have two current WIPs that are languishing unfinished ,
even though I love the fabrics and patterns. 

I have three larger BOM type projects that I started this year and I have not kept up.

I  also have two scrap projects started this year that are also sitting neglected.

I have one project that I started last fall and it was left behind ...

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May 29, 2020
OMG ~ May 2020 ~ Goal Complete from Life in the Scrapatch

My May One Monthly Goal is Finished!  

I set this goal here in the

It started with this cross stitch work and these fabrics 

and finished

I used an artist's canvas and my heavy duty stapler to display this finish.
More how-to photos in the link above.

Happily, I am linking up today with the

I am always very happy when I meet my monthly goal.

Time to ...

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May 23, 2020
Happy Memorial Day Weekend from Life in the Scrapatch

On my cutting table for this long Memorial Day Weekend.

I have had this kit in my stash for some time.
It has four choices in the pattern.

I do not remember where I bought this kit.

The fabric and pattern is

The strip pack can be found in quilt shops, including

My pattern came with the strip pack and finishing fabrics.

This pattern has directions for ... 

Two Table Quilts ...

1) Long Table Runner

2)  Square Table Topper

and two Wall Quilts  ...

3)  "Flag Gems"  ... with straight strips

4 ...

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May 17, 2020
May Flowers and Stitching from Life in the Scrapatch

My Mother's Lilacs are blooming.
Usually they have bloomed by Mother's Day,
but the buds were still tight last weekend.
It has been a cool spring here in the northeast.

This old bush has many blooms this year.
It is good to see it flourishing again
 after many years when it had declined due to too much shade.

The scent is so sweet.

As is the scent of these tiny lily of the valley which flourish 
in the shade under the the lilac.

After Friday night's strong thunderstorms,
the skies are blue with fluffy cumulus clouds.

So ...

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May 15, 2020
Maestro Picks Our DMC Floss Pack Winner! from Life in the Scrapatch

We have a Winner for or 

There were 18 comments on our post and two comments asked not to be in the drawing. 

I wrote all the comment numbers and names on a scrap paper and cut them apart.
Ever helpful, Maestro joined me at the computer.

I folded the strips up tightly and put them in my pin dish.
Maestro dug right in but had trouble picking one up with her teeth.

So I spread them out on the table and she picked one right away out of the middle ...

... and chased ...

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May 14, 2020
I Like Thursday # 55 ~ Life in the Scrapatch from Life in the Scrapatch

It is Thursday, so I have posting some of the things that have made me smile this week.

This Northern Mockingbird has been serenading us this spring.
His imitative song repertoire includes
sparrows, jays, robins, crows, wrens, titmice, seagulls,
my neighbor's lovebird,
and even a police siren. 
He is an urban bird and likes my neighbor's chimney top. 

The flowers in my yard are blooming.
The tulips are starting to drop their petals as we have had some very windy days.
The Creeping Phlox starting to bloom.
I buy new phlox at the end of the season when ...

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Sitting and Spring Stitching. from Life in the Scrapatch

I did more stitching today on my

I hurt my back yesterday doing too much and am resting and stitching today.

Feels Like Home Mystery Downloadable PDF Cross Stitch Pattern Series | Fat Quarter Shop Exclusive

The branch in the FQS Mystery Pattern is gray.

I like the grays.
I just like to play with the pattern and colors.

I decided to make my branch brown with the DMC 434 medium brown
that I had in my floss stash.

Next I had to choose a green (or greens) for my leaves. 

Here are the greens I have on the fabric I am using for finishing my project.

The green on ...

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May 13, 2020
Sneak Peek from Life in the Scrapatch

I finished and photographed a project for a blog hop today.

Maestro says, "No more peeking."

This one will be up on my blog soon.

It is for the 

which is happening next week.

I am looking forward to showing my project 
and blog hopping along,

I always find a lot of inspiration in the links.


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May 12, 2020
Feels Like Home ~ Bluebird ~ DMC Floss Pack Giveaway from Life in the Scrapatch

Good Monday Morning!

The body of my cross stitch bluebird is done.
Later it will turn stormy, but right now the sun is shinning 
and my south facing windows are open.
The birds are singing.
It is a good day.

I am really liking my new floss picks ...

... they are a much better match to my finishing fabric. 

This means that I will not be using the DMC floss pack that I purchased here ... 

These thread packs keep going out of stock and I know it is difficult to get DMC ...

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May 10, 2020
Happy Mother's Day! from Life in the Scrapatch

Happy Mother's Day 
to all the wonderful women, everywhere,
who warm the world 
with beautiful quilts and love!

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Cross Stitch Start Do Over from Life in the Scrapatch

This was my progress this morning on my 

Feels Like Home Cross Stitch Along

Yes ... this is progress.

One step back to go one step forward.

Then I started feeling unsure about the colors in the thread pack.

I like aqua, but, I was not sure I liked to aqua for this project.

I like to match my floss colors to the fabric that has inspired the stitching.

I love this bluebird fabric and want to use it to frame ...

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May 8, 2020
Making Custom Masks with Neck Straps from Life in the Scrapatch

Custom Mask with Neck Straps

I made this rose mask for me after making some that my hubby requested.
This is the most comfortable and best fitting mask I have made and worn.

Mr Scrapatch wears hearing aids and eyeglasses
and asked me if I could make him a mask that did not fit over his ears,
because the elastics get tangled with his hearing aides and eyeglass stems.
He picked the fabrics and elastic. 

This is the back of the mask
and shows the fabric square that holds the elastics to the back of his neck.
It is easy ...

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I Like Thursday #54 ~ Near and Far from Life in the Scrapatch


My tulips are blooming.

This one has a  touch of red inside.

I love red and yellow tulips.

This tiny flower is also red and yellow. 
This is the sweetest scented flower ... ever.
It has a bit of spice to it.
The honey bees love this bush and come from miles away every year when it blooms.
It is on the gooseberry bush in my backyard.
I live in the house I grew up in and my mother was a gardener.
Either she planted this or it grew naturally. 
She favored native bushes and flowers. 
Gooseberries are on a ...

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May 4, 2020
May the 4th Be With You! ~ Meet The Designer from Life in the Scrapatch

For Star Wars Day
I thought it would be fun to write a
"Meet the Designer" post.
and show The Girl behind the mask in the

So grab your favorite "caf" of choice and

My daughter, Marissa, is an active Star Wars Cosplayer for Charity
and is a member of the Rebel Legion and 501st.

She made the above video for the 

Since I teased you with the promise of the face behind the mask ...

... here is My ...

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Quilting Along with the Centred QAL from Life in the Scrapatch

This is my fabric pull for a new quilt.

This is from my small stash of
 Minki Kim Fabrics from Riley Blake Designs
These fabrics are from three different fabric lines.
I pick and chose the prints and colors that I like.

These fabrics are Katniss Quilty Kitty inspected and approved.

My quilty kitties and I am sewing along with the 

Here are our four Block A units.

Quilty Kitty Nutmeg kept me company by napping by me in my extra chair.

Quilty Kitty Maestro was a little more "paws on"
and insisted she help me ...

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May 2, 2020
New Blog Hop ~ Sign Up Now from Life in the Scrapatch

New Blog Hop Coming!

This blog hop is hosted by the lovely

Hope to see you hopping along. 

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April 30, 2020
I Like Thursday # 53 ~ Quilty Kitty Love from Life in the Scrapatch

Maestro says, "Good Morning,

Mommy needs to get my quilt done so I am 
taking over her blog today so she can sew.
Mommy will be posting soon.

I have been helping but she keeps taking stuff away from me."

"Nutmeg got in trouble for unrolling Mommy's big roll of batting under her long arm today.
We thought that thing is a cat scratching toy.
I mean Nutmeg thought.
I was just watching, really.
I told Nutmeg not to do it again." 

"Then Nutmeg decided she was going to help Mommy to get back on ...

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A Day in the Life of a Quilty Kitty from Life in the Scrapatch

Maestro - early morning. 

Maestro - late evening.

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April 27, 2020
Rainy Monday ~ Slow Stitching Day from Life in the Scrapatch

My stitching is done on my 

This is for a blog hop project coming in May
so it will be awhile before my finished project appears on my blog.

Here is a sneak peek.

It is a cool and rainy day here in the northeast and I am
spending another day enjoying with my hand stitching  in my cozy home.

This is my project for today.

I already stitched the white tree design on navy
 and am making another pink cherry blossom 
and will be using the fabric on the left to complete the project.

I ...

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