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February 16, 2019
The Adventure Quilt - Blooms from Melva Loves Scraps

Block three of the Adventure Quilt-Along - Road Trip Quilt, hosted by Kate & Tammy is all about blooms.  As Kate said...

"These Blooms blocks represent the sun that (hopefully) shines down on your journey and the flowers and plants you see as you travel on your Road Trip."

That is precisely what came to my mind when I saw the patterns!  

The sun and flowers.  

The Roadside Bloom made me think of the Indian Blanket flowers that grow along highways in New Mexico.  After dropping off our daughter to Girl Scout camp (about 15 years ago!) near Angel Fire, NM I ...

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February 13, 2019
The Adventure Quilt - Mile Marker from Melva Loves Scraps

The Mile Marker blocks for the Road Trip Quilt by Kate & Tammy this week had me reflecting on life and how road signs and landmarks along the way are similar to mile markers.  

Mile markers indicate the distance to a town or rest stop or gas stations and restaurants.  They often indicate major rivers or bridges, state lines and rest stops.

Life is an adventure!  And in life there are milestones that we approach... sometimes enthusiastically, sometimes with trepidation.

A birthday is an annual marker... some seem more significant than others... a first birthday, the 16th birthday when so many ...

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February 4, 2019
The Adventure Quilt - A Road Trip Quilt Along from Melva Loves Scraps

In addition to the 2019 Color Challenge I am participating in a quilt along where Kate Colleran and Tammy will share one block a week until April 17.  I was hesitant in joining in on this because there are just some weeks that I don't have much time in my sewing room and worried that I might fall behind.  But the theme of the quilt called to me, screamed to me actually, and it is entirely pieced...

What is not to love about this quilt???  There are mountains.  There are trees, there are oceans and rivers.  There are stars ...

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