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April 5, 2021
Weekly update: Easter, stash report, a finish, RSC, OMG, and reading from With Strings Attached


Happy Easter! 

It's been a busy week! 

We are fully Pfizerized.  Our second vaccinations were at 8:00 a.m. Wednesday.  We were fortunate that our appointments were convenient -- just three miles down Sheridan Road in Zion at CTCA.  

Beautiful spring weather was a great opportunity for  visiting two forest preserves -- Rollins Savanna on Friday and Lyons Woods on Saturday. 

The arch in this fallen oak (Rollins Savanna) looked like a portal. I didn't want to take any chances of what might happen if I went through it.


We saw a pair of cranes at Illinois Beach State ...

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March 22, 2021
Weekly update: welcome spring! potholders and reading from With Strings Attached

 A nor'easter battered the lakeshore late last week. It would be cool but foolhardy to be at the beach during such a storm. Instead I visited two sections (Camp Logan and Hosah Park) on Saturday and Sunday when it was sunny and calm.

Salix discolor -- aka pussy willow or glaucous willow -- is in bloom.  

# # # # # # # 


I made two green potholders for Joy's Table Scraps Challenge.  That's a subset of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  

I pieced the backing for the batik stars flimsy I made earlier this month.  I got it sandwiched and basted and I've begun the ...

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January 31, 2021
Sewing Saturday!...two more challenges from Not Afraid of Color


For this week's sewing round up I have two challenges to share! Three really as one of them is monthly color challenge, and January is for PINK!

The sewing machine (pattern from Lori Holt) is my Stay at Home Round Robin quilt. We are given a block to use in our rounds, this time it was the plus block

I admit I am not a fan but a challenge is a challenge. The block is boring and static to me, but then it's only boring if you don't put your own spin on it right? I used ...

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January 30, 2021
January rainbow round up from With Strings Attached

 For Joy's Table Scraps challenge:  I made two pink potholders. 

I also made some framed four-patch blocks. (5.5" unfinished)

Last year I made half-square triangles in each of the 10 monthly RSC colors.  Because I used 5" squares to make the HSTs it was convenient to make two identical HSTs-- 4.5" unfinished.  One pair of squares for each day of the month meant an average of 60 HSTs.    Here is what happened to 270 of the 600.  

The blocks are 12" and the quilt is 60 x 72. 

I used up a few colorful prints for the ...

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January 26, 2021
Weekly Update: making history (with mittens), pink and more pink, Grassy Creek!, and reading from With Strings Attached

It was beautiful at the beach when I snapped the photo but at 19 degrees I didn't linger!  The clouds have returned and there's snow in the forecast. 

Years ago I read a time management book that likened the results of procrastination to an obstacle that gets bigger around as the procrastination continues - so big that it takes more effort to go around it than it would be to just go over it.  That's how I've been with a non-quilting project this week that involved report-writing and statistics-compiling. I have to check to see that all ...

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