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June 19, 2018
MAY STUDIO TOUR: Downloading + Printing PDF Quilt Patterns from Cut Stitch and Piece

When I first started selling my quilt patterns I decided to offer them in downloadable PDF format only. It's much more cost-effective for both my customers and for me. Printing costs for patterns are expensive and those costs are normally absorbed by the customer along with mailing costs. Another advantage of buying PDF files is that you don't have to wait days for your pattern; instant

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April 13, 2018
March Studio Tour: Accurate foundation piecing from Cut Stitch and Piece

I posted this tutorial several years ago but wanted to revisit it because I think it is so important for getting beautiful results with your foundation piecing. This tutorial is a cutting technique for foundation paper piecing that will give you accurately cut fabric pieces, saving you time and precious fabric. This method is especially great for when you have multiple blocks to make. With

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February 22, 2018
February Studio Tour: DIY large quilter's ironing board from Cut Stitch and Piece

I've used a regular ironing board for quilting my whole life. So, when I started seeing these wide ironing boards for quilting, I knew I had to have one. I wish I'd made one of these years ago because it truly makes a difference when ironing my quilt tops. If you have an ironing board, you can make one of these quilting boards yourself in a weekend. How to Make a Quilter's Ironing Boardvar

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January 19, 2018
January Studio Tour: Tips for Sorting Your Fabric Scraps from Cut Stitch and Piece

Well, another new year has begun. All the Christmas decorations are put away, the turkey leftovers are eaten, and life has fallen back into a regular routine. This is the time of year that I like to tidy my studio and get it ready for the days ahead. It's also the perfect time to purge some of my scrap fabrics and get them ready for scrap quilts. When I first started sorting scraps, I

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November 12, 2017
November Studio Tour: Raise Your Cutting Table to Reduce Back Strain from Cut Stitch and Piece

As a graphic designer, I sat for long hours at the computer. It was easy to get lost in my work and not pay attention to my body. I suppose I paid the price because this caused me to suffer from back pain for years. So, when I started quilting more, it became clear that I needed an ergonomically friendly cutting table. There were several options available to me, but I opted to buy the Linnmon/Finvard table from Ikea. This was a great buy, but there are other ways to get a raised table without spending a lot of ...

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My favourite foundation piecing papers from Cut Stitch and Piece

Anyone who has done foundation paper piecing (FPP) knows how frustrating and tedious it is when struggling with bad piecing paper. I've tried most every FPP on the market. I've also tried various tissue papers, tracing papers, parchment paper, copy papers, phone book paper ... well, you get the picture. After all my research, my favourite FPPs are Fun-dation and Sulky Tear Away Stabilizer.

Because I do a lot of FPP for my designs, I was excited to see Fun-dation brand piecing paper go on sale recently at for $5 CDN. I ordered five packages. A package ...

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