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November 14, 2014
2014 Magnolia Guest Day Sewing from Life as a Quilter -- Julia Graber

We were greeted this morning to sign in at this table adorned with an old hand pieced quilt top.

Activities of the Day

Carmen & Shirlene work together tying a comfort top.

Mary, Rhoda, and Joan stitch the binding to the back of this quilt by hand.

These ladies are tying a cheater’s cloth top that is being made into a comforter.
Crystal, Tab, and Karla

Natasha, Tab, Crystal, Carmen, and Rosetta

Cheryl and granddaughter, Veronica, and Evie and son sew small dresses.

Making Christmas Bundles for the less fortunate in Cherry Creek, SD and Belize.
Karen, Isok, Carmen, Beth ...

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October 15, 2014
Magnolia Sewing Circle from Life as a Quilter -- Julia Graber

Today I got to sew with the ladies and children from church at our regular monthly sewing circle.

They started quilting a new top that had languished in the back corner of the cupboard for years.

Sherilyn sews the binding to a quilt that Paul’s mom embroidered years ago when she worked nights at the hospital.

Sisters, Rosetta and Cheryl pieced blocks for tops.
IMG_4898  IMG_4904

Evie and Karla cut out small dresses to be sewn up.

Carson and Alan found building blocks for entertainment.

Teryn reminds me so much of his daddy when he was this age.

Evie helped spearhead ...

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October 13, 2014
DWM: full moon, casters, totes, and a new flimsy from With Strings Attached

The pop
Living on Lake Michigan has made it easy for me to take pictures of sunrises. I love the pink-and-gold streaks in the sky just before the sun pops over the horizon.  I had never taken a picture of the moonrise over the lake -- until this week.  Conditions were ideal: clear skies, the fact that Illinois Beach Resort has enough parking lot lighting so I could go down to the beach without stumbling in pitch dark, and a convenient time. The lake was calm and I was just a few feet from the water's edge. At 7:14 ...

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May 27, 2014
String Blocks from Kristin's Quilt and Stuff

Who knew string blocks could be so fun??

I found these on a Flickr swap group where you sign up for a set amount and sent them in, then they mix them all up and sent them back out so you get a nice scrappy variety of blocks back.

 Now I have seen these before, however these have a cut pieced strip at the center of each one that makes them more interesting.  I chose to add a 1/2" finished, white strip on both sides of the center strip and I think that really sets off the piecing.  Not ...

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April 22, 2014
Beautiful Spring Day! from Aveli's Quilts & General Store

Unbelievably beautiful spring day today, finally!
We had some rain last night and this a.m.   Really nice to not have snow in the yard.
The neighbor brought his cows into his yard this morning. His yard borders ours so our blue heeler was running back and forth and barking to keep them moving as they walked past our gate.
I am still working on the cover for the new hand crank machine. I made a mistake on one of the seams and had to rip it out. But, I should have it finished today.
Here are the cows. . . Can ...

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November 15, 2013
Magnolia Mennonite Sewing Circle Quilt from Three Mennonite Quilting Sisters

At our Magnolia Sewing Circle I was in charge of this group of ladies making string blocks for a comforter top.

By the end of the day their 38 blocks made quite a show.

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April 8, 2012
Still working on the String Thing from Perpetually Piecing

  Here is where I am now:

Still don't know what it will end up as, but eventually it will be something. :)

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March 29, 2012
Scrappy String Blocks from Perpetually Piecing

For the past few weeks, I have been trying to find a pattern to use up my scraps. I tried this diamond pattern:

It takes four blocks together to get the diamond:

I am not totally thrilled with this one.  The diamonds are too big and  I really want a white background. Also the majority of the scraps I have are a bit too narrow for this size block.  I may continue later to make enough of these to use for a border; right now I am just not feelin' the scrappy luv for this one.

I recently visited  Outside ...

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