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September 15, 2021
More projects than time from The Academic Quilter

 Hi all! Hope you're all doing well so far this week. I'm settling in to the semester, which is good because we're now in the third week. How did that happen? No idea. I've been too busy in another stupid meeting to notice. But the good news is that we have not had any Covid cases so far. Yay us! Fingers crossed that we stay this healthy as the colder temps set in.

I've been working on several things in the sewing room lately, and this is just a short update so I don't ...

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August 25, 2021
Making blocky progress from The Academic Quilter

Hi all! How is your week going? We are still hot and sticky, and expecting more rain. The more things change, the more they stay the same. As you read this, I'm probably in yet another meeting getting ready for the upcoming school year. I really like teaching, but I could really do without the meetings. Apparently, Zooming meetings was too productive, so we can't do it any more. But sitting in meetings does make for fun quilt idea sketching time!

In between meetings, I've made some progress on the two quilts that I'm currently working ...

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August 4, 2021
Just keep cutting from The Academic Quilter

 Hi all! Well, just like that, it's August. You know what comes this month-- the end of summer and the beginning of school. Amazingly, this week has so far been one of the coolest parts of the summer weather-wise. How does that happen? I don't know, but I'm not sizzling, so I'm pretty happy about it.

Today's post is brought to you by two overflowing bins, but first, here's a picture of what is coming out of those bins, just to have something pretty at the top:
A Snail's Trail block in blue ...

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November 22, 2020
Final border on Snail's Trail from Art In Search

      I auditioned all kinds of colors and prints with the Snail's Trail sashed blocks, but a blue Grunge seemed to hold it together the best. I think it is done, wish it was bigger- it's about 40 x 44. Regardless, I really like it. It could be a small quilt I guess. I am not fond of squares quilts, but this one works.


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October 2, 2020
Pushing on from Art In Search

     A few posts ago, I blogged about finding a new leader-ender project. I got some excellent suggestions. I also threw the Snail Trail blocks on the wall to see if I could make something small with them instead of burying them in my extra block bin. I had to make some more blocks to get the 4 x 4 design. That was ok because I still had not chosen a leader-ender quilt. I tried a sashing idea with cornerstones, but the dark blue or green did not work.

     Then I remembered the failed sashing from the Wonky Stars. I took ...

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