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October 12, 2017
More small pieces from Notes from Studio B

I'm in the process of making more small pieces, both leaves and yoga inspired. The yoga inspired ones were printed a few years ago and were languishing in my pile of possibilities. They are cyanotype on magenta fabric, using some shapes cut out of heavy dark paper.

I've got three canvases painted a dark navy waiting for me to attach them.

I've also started the piecing process with a couple of the wet cyanotypes on turquoise fabric. This is how they look this morning on my work table.

The fabric that was used for both of these ...

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June 29, 2017
Wet Cyanotype, Soy Wax Paste and Pole Wrapped Shibori from Notes from Studio B

If you look at the title of my post you might wonder what all those have in common. They are all done on fabric and I did them all this past week. I'm beginning to think that at age 70 I've got attention deficit disorder because I'm just bouncing from one project to the next.

First I used up the pretreated cyanotype fabric that I had. The first pictures are of the finished pieces that I showed in process last week, the last picture is all the ones I've done.

I'm loving these, it's ...

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May 4, 2017
A Dyed Garment – Ripped From the Catalogs! from a daily dose of fiber

I have been doing some dyeing, over the last few days and having lots of fun. Many of the projects I worked on did not come out as I had hoped, but this knit top “ripped from a catalog” is a winner. I had some ideas about what to do with a knit top I bought from Dharma Trading Company, but when I flipped through a catalog the other night, I found the perfect (and perfectly simple) design. I’ve been working on some examples of shibori and tie dye for the neighborhood ladies’ craft group. Tie dyeing is loads ...

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Embellish Magazine From Australia from Quilts + Color

No automatic alt text available.
Do you see anything you recognize on the cover of the June issue of the magazine?
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My show Ice Tapestries and Shibori Quilts is being featured in Embellish magazine  Issue 30 June 2017!
I am excited and can’t wait to get my copy.
If you missed the show you can read about it and also see photos of many of the pieces from the show.

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March 19, 2017
My Way from Quilts + Color

 And now, the end is near
And so I face the final curtain
It's Magic 40W x 42L

It’s Magic
I've lived a life that's full
I've traveled each and every highway

Iris Spring 40wxw0h
Iris Spring

But more, much more than this
I did it my way

ice dyed mandala for show poster
Garden Party
Regrets, I've had a few
But then again, too few to mention

GloryAura 43W x 36H
Glory Aura
I did what I had to do
And saw it through without exemption

Good Vibrations 42W x 34L
Good Vibrations
To think I did all that
And may I say - not in a shy way

Walgreens ice 10

Oh no, oh no, not me
I did ...

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March 18, 2017
Bittersweet………….. from Quilts + Color

With only today and tomorrow left before my show closes the feelings are bittersweet.
So much has happened on this journey and it has all been good. I found strengths I never knew I had. It has been a wonderful time of creation in my life.
But seeing it end may be hard to face as it has been one of the all consuming things in my life for several years.
I’d like to share a few more pictures of work from the show as I wind down for almost the last time.
Rosey Future and Aura

Rosey Future, Soft Touch and Jewel ...

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March 16, 2017
Beautiful Shibori! from Selvage Blog

Take a look at this beautiful handmade shibori fabric from the Yunnan Province in China.
 See more details on These Days of LA, California.
See more examples of outstanding shibori here on my Pinterest board.

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Can You Say 4? from Quilts + Color

Counting today that is the amount of days you have to see my solo show and brighten these dreary winter days.
Yes, only 4 more days.
Yes, that is me…..the official Queen Of Ice!
This vessel Chasing Rainbows 7 is sold and will be heading to art collectors in Florida when the show closes.
Brain waves 4 inch
This is one of the pieces that is available in the gift shop. It is a double layered piece.
All the pieces in the show are for sale with the exception of those that have already been sold.

Mystic Spirit 1    40 x 40 inches ...

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March 14, 2017
The Last Week Of The Best Ice Tapestries Anywhere from Quilts + Color

You only have 6 more days to see my show Ice Tapestries and Shibori Quilts at the Anderson Arts Center in Kenosha, Wisconsin. 121 66th St
The Art Center is open Tuesday through Sunday from 1-4 p.m.

Wurlitzer and Garden Party
The show has received rave reviews.
Indigo Fire
The quilts are all one of a kind original designs. It would be impossible to duplicate them.
Iris Spring 40wxw0h
Iris Spring
Sorbet Sundae
Far From The Orangenary
Mardi Gras

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February 27, 2017
Show Quilts Over Fireplaces from Quilts + Color

Anderson Arts Center has at least 5 marble fireplaces.
Hanging a quilt over a fireplace gives it more presence.
You may have heard me say that serendipity has a lot to do with the way a piece of my Ice Dyes turn out. This on has soft lovely colors. It was not what I was intending when I created it. I was trying to create a blue and brown work. How did it go so wrong/right?
This is a perfect setting for Crimson Sky.
I was able to visit the home which would become the Anderson Arts Center before ...

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February 11, 2017
Tokyo Great International Quilt Festival 2017 part 3 from The Ardent Thread

Some photos were taken in a hurry as I rushed from the booth to lunch, or back again. Closeups are all I have of these beautiful quilts.


The geometry is complex and amazing. When people who don’t quilt think that quilters are old grannies who sit around making simple blankets, I want to show them these and say “So how well did you do in advanced mathematics in college? How about color theory in art?”

The gorgeous gem above is all shibori silk from vintage kimono and haori. Hand pieced, naturally.


More incredible hand piecing and applique. I can ...

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January 31, 2017
Sharing Quilts From My Show from Quilts + Color

On my last blog post I shared a lot of people pictures with quilts in the background.
Today I am sharing some Ice Tapestries and Shibori quilts.
I had 4 people who took pictures and shared them with me so I have a lot to chose from for your enjoyment.
Silk Ice is a piece of ice dyed silk shantung mounted on a stretcher frame. I love this piece with it’s soft blend of lighter colors. Silk takes dyes beautifully. This is in the gift shop and very affordable.
Sacred Spirits is one of the largest pieces in the ...

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January 10, 2017
Journey To January 29, 2017 from Quilts + Color

This morning my car was packed with my work for my ground breaking show Ice Tapestries and Shibori Quilts. This may not look like a lot, but it was arranged and layered to get everything there in perfect condition.
As soon as my grandson Jeff got done working he arrived to drive the quilts and me to the Anderson Arts Center.
When we arrived there my grandson in law Nate was there to help Jeff unload them and get them inside safely.
Candace had set up this room to be ready to receive the work. The floor coverings would keep ...

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December 1, 2016
Ice Tapestries and Shibori Quilts from Quilts + Color

The opening of my solo show at the Anderson Art Center in Kenosha, Wisconsin is now less than 2 months away.
I am just going to share some random quilts from the approximately 80 quilts I have created for the show.
All of the quilts started out with white fabric which I painted and dyed.
Christmas card 2017 back
I will have the entire art center for my work…8 galleries filled with glorious color.
There are a variety of sizes of pieces in the show.
Many of the pieces are part of coordinated series.
I hope this sampling of the quilts in the ...

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November 21, 2016
Turbulent Times from Where Art & Life Meet

I began this blog a few years ago because I wanted a place where I could discuss creativity, art, inspiration and being an artist.  Since life has always informed my art, I came up with the name – Where Art & Life Meet.  Art has always been the thing that saves me.  When I am… Continue reading Turbulent Times

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November 8, 2016
Słońce, plener i farbowanie tkanin/ The Sun, the outdoor and fabric dyeing from Fancy Hours

Wspaniały początek lata, w sobotę 25 czerwca wzięłam udział w kursie farbowania tkanin, organizowanym przez Szkołę Patchworku a prowadzony przez Marzenę Krzewicką. Kurs odbył się u Ani Sławińskiej w domu w podwarszawskiej miejscowości. Na kurs zapisałam się pod koniec kwietnia i z niecierpliwością czekałam na ten dzień. Było dokładnie tak jak sobie to wymarzyłam: słońce, ciepło i świetna zabawa na świeżym powietrzu.

Such an amazing beginning of the summer! I participated in a course of fabric dyeing on Saturday the 25th June. The course was organized by Szkoła Patchworku (The School of Patchwork) and led by Marzena Krzewicka. It took ...

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November 6, 2016
shibori pillow + custom pillow form from Sotak Handmade

I keep going back and forth on what to do with my lovely stack of indigo dyed fabric. I'd like to make a quilt, something like this or this would be absolutely wonderful, I think. But, I am totally not in a mood for any quilt making at the moment.

So I decided a pillow cover will suffice for now. This way I don't feel like fabric is just sitting there without me ever touching it while at the same time there's no need to commit to a long term project :).

I didn't want to cut ...

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October 19, 2016
slim pencil case + kits from Sotak Handmade

 Hello everyone!

I'm super happy to show you my newest pouch - Slim Pencil Case.  

It's a simple super slim pouch, perfect to keep the few pens and markers I carry around in our purse organized without adding any bulk.

The pouch finishes at 7.5" x 2.75" and is nicely padded thanks to the addition of fusible fleece. And, most of all, I no longer have to fish through the contents of my bag every. single. time. I need a pen. Sheesh, I should have made these ages ago!!!

I loved my pouch so much, I decided ...

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October 17, 2016
indigo dyeing from Sotak Handmade

I've wanted to try indigo dyeing for months now I finally went for it this weekend. Such fun, I tell you.

I ordered this kit on Amazon and read tons of tutorials and tips all over the internet on how to work with indigo. I found this, and this posts to be especially helpful, and I even started a new Pinterest board.

I used PFD (prepared for dyeing) Kona cotton from my Joann store for dyeing, but I read that pretty much any natural fabric (cotton, linen, silk) should work as long as it's washed and dried in ...

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September 8, 2016
Good Vibrations from Quilts + Color

Good Vibrations
I just finished Good Vibrations.
I did a shibori dye on 6 pieces of fabric. I tried to get a very similar dye pattern on each piece. That is easier said than done with shibori.
Once I had them finished I played with them and tried several different arrangements. This was the most interesting.
To add another design element I inserted a square shibori piece in the composition.
The quilting is not obvious in the full view photo but it echoes the shibori pattern. You can see it better in this close up of one section.
The finished piece may ...

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