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February 10, 2018
Organizing my fabric from Amalie's Armfuls

Last Friday I went to find a fabric I knew I had to finish a quilt.  I walked into my storage room and about lost it throwing fabric off the shelves trying to find what I was looking for.  This was the 4th time last week I had done it looking for something and I had had it.  I had the morning off work so I ran to walmart to buy some cheap baskets that I also use in my deep freezers to organize food.  I wasn't sure how many I would need so I just purchased a bunch ...

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September 14, 2017
Steampunk and Mushrooms from The Free Motion Quilting Project

With a title like that this is sure to be interesting! This week I've been having a blast creating many fun projects and exploring creative experiments.

One thing I've been struggling with lately has been excessive mess around my Grace Qnique. I finally decided to do something about it and created a steampunk leather tool organizer and cup to hold my Pinmoors. I made this quick video to show you what it's like:

I love working with leather like this because I can literally hammer it together with rivets and that feels so fast in comparison to ...

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