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July 5, 2020
Sunday Stash July 5, 2020 from Quilt Paint Create

No fabric in this week.
SS yellow
Fabric went out for the Life Sew Savory Fitted Tee.
Life Sew Savory Tee
This is a form fitting t-shirt pattern. I prefer my clothes a little looser, so I sized up to a medium and didn’t do a back adjustment. I also shortened the shirt four inches. I’m average height, but I like my shirts to hit mid-hip. The original pattern went to the thighs.
This is a super easy pattern to sew. The instructions online are minimal, which wouldn’t make it a good first project. If you have some garment construction experience I highly ...

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June 8, 2020
How I Sewed This Navy Star Infant Dress from Craftcore

Last week, I sewed up this infant dress for my two-month-old daughter. No pattern; I just measured around her and cut and sewed. All the fabric stores are closed due to COVID-19, so I pulled all the fabrics from my stash:

Baby Abigail wearing her new grey and navy dress!
  • The grey fabric is quilting cotton. I had jussssst enough for this project with this little scrap piece. I’ve used this fabric often as an accent fabric, and I’m a bit sad that it’s all used up! Of course, I’m happy to use it up on ...

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December 30, 2019
The Robe of Many Colors from Needle and Foot

Back in October my daughter told me her friend was wanting a new bathrobe. To which I replied (as you would I am sure) “Oh, well why don’t I make one for him?” Any excuse to sew something, am I right? Anyway, Balam (her friend) was excited and even told me no one had ever made any clothing for him. I certainly didn’t need to hear anymore than that.

A few weeks later, Balam and I met at Ben Franklin to choose a fabric. I had hoped for a thick terrycloth or a nice fleece. No luck finding ...

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