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October 4, 2015
What's A Selvedge? - Fort Worth Fabric Studio {Blog} Guest Post from madebychrissied

Back in August my What's A Selvedge? blog post caught the eye of Jodie and Lyndsey over at Fort Worth Fabric Studio and they asked if they could share my post with readers of their own Fort Worth Fabric Studio {Blog}.

I was happy to oblige so do pop over to their blog today and take a look at my post and at all the wonderful fabric they sell too.

You might also be interested in reading all my selvedge posts including 

Clicking on an image will take ...

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September 17, 2015
A Pencil Case Book Cover from madebychrissied

After finishing an upcoming project I've been working on for Fort Worth Fabric Studio {Blog} I had some scraps left over from this gorgeous fabric collection Skopelos by Katerina Roccella for Art Gallery Fabrics.  Not wanting them to go to waste I made them into a larger piece of fabric using my 'How To Make Selvedge Fabric' method mixing in the scraps alongside the left over selvedges.

This is how the made fabric looked before I quilted it into place.  I like to trial thread colours by unravelling a length of thread and placing it over all the different ...

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August 11, 2015
Selvedge Zippy Pouch Tute - Selvage Along 2015 from madebychrissied

Today I'm sharing my Zippy Pouch Tute; if you're following the Selvage Along hosted by Jess @Quilty Habit and Renee @Quilts of a Feather you can make it with selvedge fabric but you can make it with standard fabrics too so if you're not a selvedge fan don't click away just yet!

If you are interested in working with selvedges a great place to start is my What's a Selvedge? post and each week on the Selvage Along there's new project tutes added through to 21st lots of time to start collecting ...

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July 26, 2015
selvedges from Charm About You

I have been collecting selvedges (the edge strip of fabric that has the designer/manufacturer info on it) for a while, with the plan to one day do something with them... what that is I still don't know. Any suggestions welcome!

I store them in this coca cola tin, which is very hard to close so I will need to find something bigger to keep them in unless I use them soon.

Selvedges can be so fun, I love ones with little pictures and nice text on. 

So I will keep on collecting them until I decide what to ...

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July 25, 2015
What's A Selvedge? - Selvage Along 2015 from madebychrissied

Selvedges (British English) or Selvages (US English)?
Obs for me they'll always be selvedges but what exactly is a selvedge?

Why Is It Called A Selvedge?
The term selvedge comes from self-edge and has been used since the 16th century.  It's the finished edge of fabric that stops the edges fraying.  It runs parallel to the warp threads down the length of the fabric and is created by the weft threads turning back on themselves at the end of each row; a natural part of the weaving process.

Why Don't We Normally Use Our Selvedges?
1: On ...

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July 24, 2015
Cotton + Steel Mini Quilt Swap Luna Moth from Ants to Sugar

After exercising my appliqué muscle on those Alison Glass hexies, I had the urge to dive into some really tiny piecing for the Cotton + Steel mini quilt swap on Instagram.

Paper piecing is just the thing for really tiny, intricate piecing.


Plus, this pattern has languished in my to-do pile for far too long. I started last summer after falling in love with many of the luna moth fabrics out there.


Patty Young’s Luna Moth from her Flora and Fauna line is probably my favorite (I used it in this pillow), but Tula Pink’s Swarm from Moonshine is ...

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