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January 17, 2019
down the homestretch rug hooking from Making A Lather

I am down the home stretch for my Cleveland rug. The left is the top of the rug and the right is the bottom of the rug and is already hooked. I hooked the year I started the rug and my initials in odd places as a way of marking time.

While resting ( aka watching TV) last night, I cut 2 1/2 inch tumblers out of a tub of scraps. Why? I ask myself. Because, I had a bunch of leftover tumblers from a tumbler quilt in 2017. And I couldn't decide what to do with them. I ...

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January 16, 2019
orca bay from Making A Lather

This is finally happening. Orca Bay is on the long arm. After all the piecework, it is good to see it stretched out on the frame and looking pretty straight. But, it is the end of the quilting, that the fat hits the fan, when all the wonkyness might show itself.

and isn't the backing snazzy? yeehaw. I had it in my stash from a thrift store, sometime. It had 6 yards so, it was the perfect size and the colors are the same. Where else would a midwest girl use this fabric?

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midweek ...

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January 15, 2019
new template from Making A Lather

I purchased this new little template set from Missouri star quilt. It is a bloc- loc set and it makes the cutest little 2 inch triangle in a square. I just had to try it.

The pieces are cut oversized, and then, using the regular part of the bloc- loc, trimmed to size. It works like a dream to trim it, just like all bloc -loc rulers. But each piece will have to be cut. It will use the smallest pieces of scrap,
But, it is ever so cute.

It will take a lot of pieces to make a quilt ...

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January 14, 2019
good fortune - magic from Making A Lather

I was very worried about this step and making sure the points matched, but, it was magic. 99% of the points matched without any effort on my part. I didn't even pin. I was thrilled. I did have a hard time sticking to it, though, so it took most of the week to finish all of them.

I spent Friday group, making the blocks. I can not say I was as "lucky" with these points, but, it will look good in a quilt.

I realized that this block seemed familiar. I finished Carolina Christmas earlier last year and it ...

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January 12, 2019
rsc flying home from Making A Lather

I am making a new rainbow scrap challenge quilt this year called flying home. I had enough of this scrap red to make 5 blocks. But it is all gone now. hooray.

 Each Tuesday, Angela at so scrappy is introducing a Tiny Tuesday block. By the end of the year, we will have enough for a sampler rainbow quilt. The first one was string blocks.

We have actual snow. It started through the night and is still snowing. It is so pretty and quiet.

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January 11, 2019
Strip Quilt Secrets Blog Hop & Give-Away! from Val's Quilting Studio

Diane who blogs at Butterfly Threads Quilting makes the most wonderful scrappy quilts! I'm always inspired by her combination of bright colors and fabric patterns to design such a variety of patterns. When she published her first book: Scrap Book Secrets, I devoured it, reading it cover to cover and taking note, especially as I read her chapter of Quilt Making Basics. And now she's done it again!!


I quickly volunteered to be part of her book release blog hop as I've had this tote of 30's repro fabric strips that I had cut ...

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January 10, 2019
Scrappy Buffalo Check Quilt from The Cloth Parcel

As promised, we’re showing off the other quilt we made for a Christmas gift.  Enter the Scrappy Buffalo Check Quilt!  For this quilt, we were able to use only fabrics found in the stash, besides the backing.  Can you tell we have a thing for blues? We used the awesome and free Buffalo Check Quilt […]

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January 9, 2019
It's a swap from Making A Lather

My swap partners are way ahead of me. They have buckets of little tiny pieces cut for our version of circa 1880 quilt. And they are sewing them together. One of our partners has already delivered 3 months of blocks.
I have been working on good fortune mystery quilt and I have let it slide.
Linda's squares...

Sue's blocks...

I decided to do mine with strip piecing. It seemed like I cut and cut and cut........
and sewed and sewed and sewed .......
and there were 10. I need 30 every month for the swap. Hmm, this is going ...

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January 8, 2019
crazy template from Making A Lather

I have been using the scrap crazy template to see if I like it. I have so many great tools that I never use, because I just don't think about it. I discovered that I cut them wrong. I cut the pieces with fabric wrong sides together and I had mirror images instead of a consistent block. So, I cut another set with the fabric all facing the same direction. I was able to put this top together. It is a little small for my preference, But, I don't have enough of the white to make it bigger ...

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January 6, 2019
String Along - A Top is Born from Gene Black an Alabama Artist

After sewing ninety of the 6 1/2 inch string blocks, it was time to decide on a layout and just go with it.  I really liked the Four-patch that I had auditioned with the four similar blocks. So, I decided to use it as part of the design.  It is the only part that is different from the diagonal layout of the quilt.

I really love the way it looks.  There are so many different fabrics with only a few that repeat in a fairly consistent manner.

One fabric that is only in the quilt once showed up in ...

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January 5, 2019
baby rainbow from Making A Lather

I am already in love with this pattern. It is called wiggle time by Cynthia Brunz of Quilting is more fun than housework ( gotta love that name) I am making a rainbow version to follow along with the rainbow scrap challenge. It was easy to cut.

The units were easy.

And the assembly was easy with nothing to match.

And it looks great. I can already imagine it in different colors. But, for now, I will be patient and enjoy it one color at a time rainbow style.

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December 31, 2018
The way to use the last two 2018 quilt scrappy from Sew Sunshine

I should have been making more holiday presents or finishing ufo or phd projects  I got distracted by an overflowing bag of neutral scraps and I have time to make something and use up some of these scraps before the end of the year don't I? :)

 I gallon zip lock bag full of bits
Sew similar pieces together to make strips

 Cut up a bunch of scrap batting too but forgot to take a pic of the stack of 30 pieces I was able to cut out of batting bits from other quilts. Decided on ...

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December 29, 2018
row by row from Making A Lather

I've enjoyed the end of the year for cleaning up odds and ends of projects and their respective piles.
It seems I am a stuffer. When I get to a certain point in quilt making, I stuff the odds and parts somewhere. As the stacks grow taller, I get a little bit crazier.
I have been unstuffing, slowly and without pressure.
I have moved 3 quilts through borders, backing and binding to the quilt closet including soul searching.a rainbow scrap challenge quilt.

I have started assembling rows of the birch trees quilt. I finished all the blocks during ...

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December 27, 2018
String Quilts from Ravelly1

My good friend Gene asked about my string quilts. He hadn't seen them in a while, so I'm reposting some of the ones I've done in the recent past.  Most come from scraps left over but the majority come from me cutting in the vast amount of fabric I have stored away and needing to refold. That's when I find most of the ideas of new string quilt designs....I know some of you know exactly what I talking about. The, "Oh wow, when did I buy that fabric," or "I didn't know I even ...

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December 26, 2018
template fun from Making A Lather

scrap crazy 6 template fun again. I had a scrap bag from guild, and all the pieces looked like this. My original thought was to throw the bag into the string bucket, but all the fabrics were floral. I have been saving floral fabrics for a project.

I decided I could work at finding enough fabric to make something.
I cut 3 inch strips of white with black fabric and 3 inch strips of florals

I sewed them together in pairs

And I used the A template from scrap crazy 6 templates to cut triangles. There is a bit of ...

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December 24, 2018
good fortune with a border from Making A Lather

Happy Christmas eve.
I have all of part 4 finished and ready for the good fortune mystery.

And, I have cut all the pieces for part 5. These will be fun to sew after Christmas. Is it just me or have the clues been easier this year. I am not complaining. I wonder if the assembling will be the hard part.

I have moved this square dance quilt to the quilt stage by adding the borders.

It took a few days to decide.  I had several auditions of border fabrics that were definitely all wrong. And, then, the birds sang ...

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December 14, 2018
a little this and that from Making A Lather

I have been making progress on several quilts, but no noteworthy pictures, that don't look like several pictures I have already posted. I did finish clue 3 of good fortune but will post that on Monday with the link up at Quiltville.
I did some mindless string and crumb piecing last night, mostly to clean up a mess. I string piece on a treadle in my living room, and it's time to make it a little more holiday worthy. But there were some strings hanging out on the cabinet that I could just play strings.

I did look ...

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December 8, 2018
friday quilt group from Making A Lather

Yesterday was Friday group, and I had a chance to build the borders for my fishy quilt. I couldn't get them attached since I decided I wanted another blue border first, and I hadn't brought the material. I also worked on real bias binding for the older quilt I am finishing for a long arm customer here.

Sue was working on her drops of jupiter quilt

and had finished her fall wall hanging. She had it done in time, but we wanted to see it.

Linda has the top done for her drops of jupiter quilt. And I ...

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December 5, 2018
orca bay progress from Making A Lather

I received a wonderful email with picture from Holly:

Hello Maggie.  I fell in love with your Christmas Snowflake quilting the moment I saw it.  Lucky for me, I learned (newbie here !) how to do paper piecing this summer, so as soon as the current flimsies were done, I started on Christmas Snowflakes.  I did it with three colours, red, green and gold, and used the same fabrics for the three snowflakes in each colour way.  I quilted it with that spiral pattern I first saw on Crazy Mom Quilts.  The finished size is about 54 inches square and I ...

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December 4, 2018
fishy goals from Making A Lather

I have all the fish words done for the fish jar quilt.  Lowercase I was a quick letter. Wait until you see L. Too bad there weren't more of them. I am so glad we had some good guessers.

here is the fish quilt from earlier.

If I just keep swimming, I will get this done.

I am hoping to meet a few goals for next year.

1. I am declaring 2019 the year of flannel. I have several boxes I need to weed through and decide on either using it or passing it on to someone that will ...

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