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January 14, 2020
Wednesday from Samelia's Mum

For some crazy unknown reason, I was up at 5:30 this morning. While the rest of the household slumbered, I traipsed downstairs to my sewing room to play with fabric. I figured a little bit of productivity in the studio was a better use of my time than laying in the dark, swiping through IG and Pinterest. Aren't these apps a completely wonderful waste of time?
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Make It Monday from Samelia's Mum


I had a bright and happy stack of 30 X Plus Quilt blocks, all ready to sew together to make a nice comfy size quilt.

I laid them all out on the floor to get an idea of colours and placement. Then I thought, gee this looks smaller than I had imagined it would. So I got my smallest child to come over and lay down beside the laid out blocks to see how big it actually was (not counting the 1/4" seams).

Hmmm... not quite big enough for keeping those toes all cozy when it cools down ...

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