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August 30, 2020
2 Quilts (one complex & one simple), What's Cookin'?, and Covid numbers from caledonia quilter


Here's the complex quilt, with a medallion setting and a bunch of paper pieced sharks teeth.

And curved piecing.  Don't forget the curved piecing.

This quilt took me back in time.  When I was a kid, Mom had made me a skirt that I loved - dark grey with box pleats.  The inset in the box pleats was pink with a tiny black print.  I felt so sassy when I wore that...every step showed off the ...

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April 19, 2020
Entertainment During The Pandemic, UFO's, Quilt Ideas, Local Happenings from caledonia quilter

At the moment I still have seven quilts here that I will be working on.  As they're ready I'll contact you and arrange a porch pickup.
I am not taking in any quilts until the provincial restriction on non-essential businesses has been lifted.  I realize you might find that to be an inconvenience, but as a rule I do what the "people in charge" tell me to do. Depending on how long this situation persists it might mean your booking in May gets delayed until Julember, or whenever.  With all the UFO's that are being ...

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December 8, 2019
First Ladies Quilt from caledonia quilter

Lordy, I'm behind with my pretty-quilts-pictures.  I finished this at the end of October.  In general, I don't post pics until after the customer has picked up the quilt, just in case, and this gal was unable to get here for a while because her own life was pretty hectic at the time.

First Ladies Quilt

This is a very large quilt, and it was beautifully pieced.

There was lots of negative space for some pretty quilting.

The blocks were all quilted individually.

In order to keep some continuity between the blocks, I restricted the quilting to straight ...

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October 14, 2019
Patty Polar Bear show n tell from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

It's another day of show n tell! This is one of the three blocks that were assigned as homework over the summer from our ongoing class at The Hobby Horse. These blocks are from the North Star quilt by Elizabeth Hartman. All the animals are super cute and it never ceases to amaze me how a few well-placed seams and a couple of angles and voila - you have an animal. Not just any animal, but an animal that you can recognize. Isn't that wild?

Let's have a peek at what happened. Some names I remember because of ...

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October 13, 2019
The Cat Quilt and A Life Update from caledonia quilter

This was so much fun to work on.

The saving grace was that the maker brought a folder of quilting ideas along with the quilt.

There was a lot of negative space for me to play.

The quilting that replicates the brick floor was a technique I learned in a class with Jodi Robinson.  I've used that design more than I ever expected.

Things have been pretty hectic around here for the past 6 weeks.  Hubby was helping a friend and had an unfortunate accident that is limiting his activities and requiring physio appointments twice a week ...

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