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February 1, 2021
How I’ve Kept My Sanity: Crafting Through Misdiagnosis… (Part 3.5) from Eric the Quilter

After posting Part 3 of the Toxic Medicine series, I posted some of the scarves I’ve been working on, but forgot to post the yarn I spun! So we’ll call this “Part 3.5”. I love spinning yarn, but holy heck is it time consuming. I did not know that when I started spinning, but it is rather easy to start and stop, so I can always walk away and come back to it later. Perhaps later this week, I’ll post some of the art roving I have waiting in the wings for future felting or spinning ...

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January 30, 2021
How I’ve Kept My Sanity: Crafting Through Misdiagnosis… (Part 3) from Eric the Quilter

I finally posted Part 3 of the Toxic Medicine series, so I thought I would show you guys what I have been working on. My strength is coming back, but I get worn out so easily. I’m used to carrying people, not because it is part of my job description, but for funsies. Now I get tired carrying a couple 50 lb. boxes yarn around the building at work. So, no large exhausting projects for me, but nuno felting scarves is my new passion. I can finish one in a day, and I only work up a mild sweat ...

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January 7, 2021
How I’ve Kept My Sanity: Crafting Through Misdiagnosis… (Part 2) from Eric the Quilter

Nuno Felting!

Yes, Nuno Felting is so much fun! I started working on them when I got really sick from my negligent doctors, but now I am up and running with them! (My white blood cell count is now within normal range!!!!) They were so much fun to make, and it was nice, because when I was sick, it allowed me the chance to make something in stages, instead of all at once. I could felt it over 2 or 3 days, and it was a great experience! It’s not exactly the fastest thing in the world, but it ...

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December 27, 2020
The Gifts of Christmas from The Cozy Quilter

Our daughter has been very busy over the last few months, working on gifts for us and her grandmother. I knew about the bee picture for her grandmother, but had no idea she was making something for us as well.  "Home for the Holidays" was a stitch-along at the Barmy Fox on Instagram.  Each day for 3 1/2 weeks, there were new stitches to learn and add to her picture. It looks great on our mantle with my little gnome. She learned several new stitches including the whipped backstitch, the feather stitch, the open and closed fly stitch, padded ...

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August 4, 2020
The things we do for love from Granny Maud's Girl

I recently finished two very out-of-character knitting projects at the request of friends and family.

A dear friend asked me to make a Klein bottle hat for a maths-loving boy. (I had to look up a Klein bottle. Think of an infinity loop in a hat form.) The hat was to be striped according to the numbers of pi, and the recipient chose the colours.

Hand-knitted Klein bottle hat

I knitted the stripes in the round using a jogless stripes technique.

I love a geeky project, but this had several of my least favourite knitting elements: purple, acrylic yarn and a million ends to ...

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January 17, 2020
Blue from Granny Maud's Girl

My favourite colour is red, but there has been a lot of blue in my life recently.

I knitted a simple blue cowl from a single ball of Lang 4-ply (fingering) baby wool that I found in the sale bin. It was such a pretty colour and all on its own.

Hand-knitted cowl

The stitch pattern forms a pretty texture.

Hand-knitted cowl

The wrong side of the knit looks nice, which I think is important when it is likely to be visible.

The cowl pattern I used, ‘Sea Oats Serenade’, is small rather than loose and drapey, but it works perfectly to create the ...

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December 18, 2019
Eucalyptus in the rain shawl from Granny Maud's Girl

Ages ago, I bought two skeins of Knitcraft & Knittery 4-ply (fingering weight) yarn on a whim because I liked the shade of eucalyptus green. I planned to make a shawl or scarf and, after a long period of indecision, I chose Sylvia McFadden’s ‘Waiting for Rain’ pattern. The pattern has almost 5000 projects in Ravelry; it is hugely popular.

The shawl’s shape does not photograph well flat, but it sits nicely around shoulders.

The ends usually curl more than this, and I love their curliness.

I finished it in September, but it took a while for me to ...

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September 5, 2019
I Came, I Taught, I Had So Much Fun! from Eric the Quilter

Yarn 1

I had so much fun teaching at The Weavers Guild of Minnesota! In fact, this picture is from one of the students in the class. She took the scrap yarn I had from work and turned it into this beautiful yarn! This was from a student named Angela, and she really ran with the idea of working with the scraps to make some gorgeous new yarn! Reclaiming factory waste wasn’t the only class I taught! There was making a scarf from scrap fabric as well! I had so much fun; I can’t wait to come back next year ...

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