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November 3, 2020
Progress On House Quilt from The Quilt Yarn

Not much happening over here. I have been steadily working away on my Scrappy House quilt. The ditching took a while, but I eventually finished it.

Now I am up to the sashings. Decided to further practice Natalia Bonner's design that she used in the recent 9 patch stitchalong. Struggled a bit with it then and thought this might be a good idea to try this again. Must say this is going much better than when I first did it. Worked out that I either need to stitch away from me or towards me. While I can also stitch ...

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January 10, 2020
Electric Pulse Machine Quilting Tutorial – Design #502 from The Free Motion Quilting Project

I’m feeling wired, so I guess it’s great that I’m quilting Electric Pulse today! Welcome back to Free Motion Friday! Each week I’m sharing new quilting designs and teaching you how to quilt both a home machine and a longarm frame. This will give you two different perspectives on how to quilt a design and lots of ideas for using it in your quilts.

Quick Links from this machine quilting tutorial:

Click Here to learn more about my home sewing machine – This small, affordable sewing machine is quite a workhorse! I love the bright lights and ...

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November 18, 2019
Striking Latticework sets a quilt apart from Quilted Joy

Many of us have homes that are made of brick or stone. And when you talk about your house or the appearance of that house, we say, it is brick or stone. But it’s not just brick, is it? There is mortar that holds it all together. That mortar is important. You could sew the blocks right to each other, but sashing or lattices can really make a quilt pop. It can also help when your blocks are a little more unique and don’t match each other like they were supposed to. Either way, sashing with cornerstones is ...

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October 22, 2019
Video Tutorial: How to Quilt Spaghetti Swirls from Quilted Joy

I’m not a big fan of the quilt police. There are so many rules in life, I don’t need to be constrained by rules in my quilting too. In my latest design video tutorial for APQS I’m throwing out the rule book to create a sashing design I’m calling Spaghetti Swirls.

The Spaghetti Swirls sashing design ignores one of the cardinal rules of machine quilting by crossing over the quilting lines. Watch the video below to see how to quilt spaghetti swirls.

How to Quilt Spaghetti Swirls

I don’t think it gets much easier than ...

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