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September 15, 2020
Finishing the Safelight Project 2020 from From My Carolina Home

Now that a couple of months have passed since the big delivery to Safelight, I emailed them to ask if they now had space to take the rest of the bags.  To my surprise, they said that new shelter resident needs have greatly slowed down, and they hadn’t used that many bags so far.  Their closet was full and they really didn’t want the rest right now.  But, I needed to finish this project and get the balance of the cases and bags out of my basement.  So, I contacted the domestic violence shelter in Brevard, next county ...

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June 1, 2020
Wrapping Up the Safelight Project from From My Carolina Home

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on getting our Safelight Project farther along.  As we left off in March when the lockdown began I had just delivered 39 bags.  The dollar store wasn’t doing bulk orders and I needed to wait until that began again.  In late April, I was able to again order online, but it took two weeks to come in, and not everything shipped.  So, I placed a second order, changing the items slightly with different brands and a different hair product, and that order arrived about 10 days later.

Safelight Project 2020 at

When I had ...

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April 15, 2020
Counting Blessings, and Safelight Winners from From My Carolina Home

Strong storms roared through our area on Sunday night, with driving rain, thunder and lightening.   The winds were howling up the coves on both sides of our home for some time, and the noise was frightening.  The next day brought the damage to light.  We were counting our blessings that we only lost two trees, and neither of them hit the house.  One branch broke off and lodged itself high in an adjacent tree.  This branch will just have to come down on its own as it is about 50 ft off the ground.

Counting Blessings at

The forest behind the house has ...

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March 27, 2020
Safelight Project Update from From My Carolina Home

It has been a busy time for the Safelight Project.  Lots of packages have come into the post office, and another delivery was made.   I hope I get the names and the pictures right, so much has come in I might be a bit off, but know that I really do appreciate and am very grateful for all the contributions to the project.  Bright prints and fun designs came in these shipments from Sue Crane, Nancy Grimm, and Bonnie Coleman.

Safelight Project Update at

Theresa Beddy sent gorgeous cards with wonderful messages inside.

Safelight Project Update at

I think these were printed from a computer, then glued inside ...

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March 15, 2020
Safelight Project 2020 is underway! from From My Carolina Home

Cards and case sets are coming in for Safelight, and it is exciting to see this project take off so quickly.  We hit our donation goal within 48 hours of the first announcement, and have now gone well over.  I knew that the shelter was completely out of bags for new residents, so I wanted to get some done right away.  I ordered the bags online, and put in a bulk order for some of the items from Dollar Tree.  That shipment will have the sunglasses backordered, and the other items are estimated to arrive on the 23rd.  I’ll ...

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March 9, 2020
Safelight Project 2020, the first update from From My Carolina Home

It was an amazing weekend, with the announcement of the start of the Safelight Project on Friday.  Almost immediately, the donations began pouring in, not only from readers in the US, but also one from England!  I was so grateful for the immediate support, and the number of contributors.

Thank you so much to these wonderful donors!  Pam A, Lesley G, Cindy B, Connie W, Vicki W, Amy D, Susan P, Sherrill P, Susan G, Loretta C, Bonnie H, and Linda D.  We were well on our way to the goal in under two days.  Then, on Saturday afternoon I ...

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March 6, 2020
The Safelight Project 2020 from From My Carolina Home

It is time to start the Safelight Project for this year, and I am hopeful that the fourth year of this project will be the biggest and best yet.  Checking with the Safelight domestic violence shelter this week showed that they are now out of the spa bags. Last time we managed to do 70 of them, but we still need more to get to a year’s supply. The shelter is constantly providing a refuge for new people, so the need is ongoing. The previous three years we have come together as a community to assemble spa bags for ...

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February 2, 2020
Have a Heart for Safelight from From My Carolina Home

Making small gifts for Safelight this month along with stamping a couple of cards for very special friends kept me busy at the stamping bench. If you are not a stamper, please read on for an update on this year’s Safelight Project.   Isn’t this stamp adorable?  It is called Darby Love, and is also available from Impression Obsession without the heart, called Darby (affiliate links).

Have A Heart at

I stamped him in red and mounted the image on red card stock.  Then I added the sentiment.

Have A Heart at

Pretty paper on part of the base creates interest with the image offset to the ...

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