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March 14, 2019
snowman rug from Making A Lather

I decided it was time to make a new rug. I've struggled with no inspiration. I just picked a pattern and started to transfer it to linen. I had drawn the pattern and enlarged it. I had it pinned and was ready to transfer to linen, and we had family for dinner, and it was scooped off the dining room table and off on an adventure.
But, I hunted through the jungle of a house, and found it, and started the transfer. I used red dot webbing and a juicy sharpie pen.
It took 2 visits to rug hooking ...

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January 25, 2019
Something Other Than A Quilt from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

Boy, when I don't want to work on a project, I will do anything but what I should be doing....

I am worse than a child!

I am supposed to be finishing up this Sew Kitschy wall hanging for my kitchen.  It is taking up space on one of my design walls and I won't let myself pull it down until I get the quilt top put together.  That also means the big bin of fabric for it is sitting on my cutting table in my way.

So my stubborn side, cut strips from all that leftover fabric ...

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January 24, 2019
cleveland finish from Making A Lather

My Cleveland rug is finished. I used yarn to whip the edges that I dyed myself. This was a free pattern from the 2017 Atha (association of traditional rug hooking artists) biennial in Cleveland. My husband and I attended and had a great time. This year, the biennial is in Denver, and I am interested in attending. It is sad how easy it is to talk yourself out of anything fun.

A friend at Friday group was working on the binding for her Minecraft quilt. This is for her son who loves minecraft. She is a professional longarmer. and made ...

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January 17, 2019
down the homestretch rug hooking from Making A Lather

I am down the home stretch for my Cleveland rug. The left is the top of the rug and the right is the bottom of the rug and is already hooked. I hooked the year I started the rug and my initials in odd places as a way of marking time.

While resting ( aka watching TV) last night, I cut 2 1/2 inch tumblers out of a tub of scraps. Why? I ask myself. Because, I had a bunch of leftover tumblers from a tumbler quilt in 2017. And I couldn't decide what to do with them. I ...

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January 4, 2019
rug hooking background from Making A Lather

It's time to work on the background for my Cleveland rug. I wanted to use several different dark blues. Some of the wool , I "married" together to keep the variety. Marrying is the rug hooking term for put it into a pot and boil it together. I like a scrappy look even in my rug hooking. If it looks intentional, it can cover any mistakes. I used an accuquilt die that is a size 8 to cut my strips. An 8 will work quickly and give a more even background.

I like to throw everything into a container and ...

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December 11, 2018
hooking and quilting from Making A Lather

Apparently, Cleveland is proud of it's night life. For me, I made sparkling grape juice for my Cleveland rug.

I wanted to share a sweet quilt made by a Friday group friend. She designed it herself. She started with a T shirt from her late husband and made the center. He was a vet as well, so she kept each border in that color scheme.  When asked if she was gifting it to someone, she said that she wanted to sleep under it. It is beautiful.  and a treasure.

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December 6, 2018
a little wool music from Making A Lather

Just a little music for my cleveland rug

I have a perplexing customer quilt. Her mother made this quilt many years ago and she wants it finished.

It is hand stitched together, but it is not very well made.
And the fabric is not good quality. She deserves to have it done, but it will be very challenging. I do like rescuing old quilts, so... I am not sure what to use for binding. To match the fabric will be hard.

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November 29, 2018
rug hooking from Making A Lather

The bottom right of my Cleveland rug is done and I am finishing up the little bits on the bottom left.

And this string frenzy book came from walmart to live at my house. I ordered it online when the first 500 sold out at Quiltville, and I knew I would not make any of the "announcements" in time.

Two weeks ago, I taught a feather tree class and we had a finish. It is so cute in person. I was so proud of her.

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November 15, 2018
rug hooking from Making A Lather

Next up on my Cleveland rug is the Westside market near downtown and in a great building. I am often fascinated by old buildings, and I worry that we aren't keeping them by tearing them down and building something new. They are part of our history, so I am thrilled they renewed this one for another purpose.

I taught a workshop for my rug hooking guild this week. We were making feather trees from wool strips.

I really like these women. They are creative and strong. I have learned so much from them over the years. My husband helped ...

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November 8, 2018
More rug hooking water from Making A Lather

I had success at finishing the water and lower right side of my Cleveland rug. I have just a few attractions to do in the upper part and I can start on the night sky. I  hooked more water here and I hooked more water here. This is a big rug....

My friend Jan has finished her reindeer rug - so cute - great knobby knees haha.

And a quilting friend Sue has finished a turkey table runner          -gobble gobble.

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October 25, 2018
rug hooking water from Making A Lather

I am back to hooking the lake in my Cleveland rug. I hooked more water here. Oh there will be more, I have the whole Lake Erie to hook. haha. But, I focus on one section at a time.

I started with a plain blue and a dark blue and then I married them together, being careful to scrunch up the light blue so that it would be mottled. The second piece is the color I wanted. I used that to hook Lake Erie. To get a random look, I hooked from a pile of the blue strips mixed. Sometimes ...

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October 18, 2018
rug hooking from Making A Lather

Our rug hooking guild this week was a combined meeting and hook in. We are an atha ( Association of Traditional Rug Hooking Artists ) chapter. We are interested in increasing our membership. I have been meeting with these great ladies for almost 10 years now, And I am the young pup. haha.
I had a chance to add the football helmet to my Cleveland rug for the Cleveland browns.

Vivian is working on her rug of sheep. They are so cute.

My Granddaughters and I had a movie date to see Cinderella on the big screen and eat popcorn.
And we ...

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October 17, 2018
Don't sweat the small stuff from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

And we all know that EVERYTHING is the small stuff. I try to live by this saying and it usually takes a lot for me to get worried about something.

The blog is late this morning, but I was at the gym sweating my butt off as I zipped out another 30 K in less than an hour. Nothing like a good workout and then a good breakfast to get the day started. Gosh, I love those steel cut oats! Except that it makes me late, but that's OK. We're not going to worry about that.

So what ...

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October 11, 2018
rug hooking water from Making A Lather

I try to sit and work a little on a rug every day. And right now on my frame is the Cleveland rug. Some days I barely get a couple of strips in, but other days, I get to play  a little longer. of course, I enjoy it, but it feels good to play with color and to go slow.
It was time to add the blue of lake Erie before I move it on the frame. There was no planned shading, just grabbing a strip of wool and hooking it. The variations are from the colors of the wool ...

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October 4, 2018
more rug hooking from Making A Lather

The giraffe, sailboat, and fernish thing are hooked on my Cleveland rug, And some of the skyline. It's time to figure out what wool I am using as backgrounds, and either dye it or blend it.

Rug hooking guild met Tuesday, and Jan is getting ready for the border. I think the reindeer with knobby knees  are cute.

There was a Bonnie Hunter quilt at the Lafayette quilt show last weekend - On ringo lake - mine is still in puddle stage.

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September 27, 2018
hooking a leaf from Making A Lather

I have a leaf hooked in my Cleveland rug. I am guessing it symbolizes the botanical gardens. It's fun to revisit Cleveland and the biennial in memories as I hook this rug.

It has been awhile since I worked on the Christmas snowflake quilt. But I was able to sew another red one. I only need 3 more blocks to begin assembly.

Linda from Friday quilt group has finished a quilt of valor for the vet's home.

and another donation quilt for the police department. This one included donated fabric from the guild.
She collects the quilts from ...

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August 23, 2018
Thou shalt ...................... from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, quilters in my age category are really starting to curb their enthusiasm for buying fabric. That's probably not a good way of putting that - our enthusiasm for new fabric will never die - but we need to be realistic. Some folks have really made a conscious effort, others are getting to that stage and well some days - we all have weaknesses. I've been really, really good. I still buy, but very little and I do try to buy only what I need to finish a project off (most times).

Let's ...

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July 17, 2018
I have talented friends from Making A Lather

I have such talented friends. They keep me inspired and feeling very blessed. Linda has a generous heart and makes many of her quilts for donations. She is in charge of our donation projects in our guild. This, she is making for the veteran's home.

Sue has an angel's heart. She has been working on wild and goosey for awhile, and this was her last block, not an easy task.

And this is for the veteran's home made from leftover star blocks.

My rug hooking friends are amazing. Carmen's hooking is even and crisp and clean ...

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July 10, 2018
almost finished from Making A Lather

I am excited- I only have this little bit left to finish on my rug. I am thinking after my rug hooking meeting today, I will be able to start the finishing.
And that means, I can start the dreaming of the next rug. Such fun!

I am still working on little piles of scraps hanging around my work area. These are pieces that I cut from and didn't need all of it.

So I cut triangles and put them away for later.

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June 26, 2018
rug petals from Making A Lather

I am working on this rug. It is a slow process as I find the orientation hard to follow.

I have finished a few of the big petals

I also had a chance to finish all of these blocks that I need for Stella Cyrana quilt

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