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June 16, 2020
Curl Center Rose from Shawkl

Way back in 2014 there was a post shared about a couple of stemmed roses that I had stitched in Silk Ribbon and perle cotton. Here is the Link.

Well I've been playing with that rose idea again, and thought you might like a little tutorial as I progressed through the stitching. This little variety is only about 2-inches tall from ground to tip; a perfect little motif size for any block. But, to enlarge just use 13mm ribbon and longer straight stitches and/or add more "rounds" of petals.

Kathy's Curl Center Rose

First off, I should ...

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September 12, 2016
Remnants of Spring from Shelley Swanland

remnants-of-spring-wCollaged fabric, embroidery and embellishment on Linen, Remnants of Spring, is my latest piece. It features silk ribbon embroidery over vintage fabrics, digital pictures, vintage napkins and lace. It is embellished with buttons, charms and beads with a lock and key. Once finished the linen was mounted on a piece of felt and then a quilted base of crinkled batik fabric. remnants-of-spring-detail-2remnants-of-spring-detail-1


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March 5, 2016
Crocheted jar cover, roses and beads - Ulla's Quilt World from Ulla's Quilt World

Crocheted yogurt jar.
Virkattu purkinpäällinen. Jogurttipurkki. 

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August 26, 2015
Beautiful Summer Day! from Aveli's Quilts

So all this time in my previous posts I have been posting pictures of our yard during winter. But I have neglected the summer!

Our Summer is so beautiful, a little rainy, but always super green. These pictures don't even begin to show the thickness or depth of the grass in our yard. The hills that surround us are also very lush and green.

Here is our yard in the winter . . .

This is the view from our cabin door.

Our wood pile in the winter

Same wood pile during summer

We had the apple trees trimmed of all dead ...

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