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April 22, 2022
breaking symmetry: Earth Day x Karen Nyberg from Charm About You


Creativity is a curious thing. It ebbs and flows. I have to be in the right mood. At times I want to follow a pattern, create my own patterns, stitch mindlessly, stitch with focus, colour inside the lines, scribble like nothing matters. It happens in the moment, in the mood. Recently I have realised how much I like having structure and routine in my life but without being confined or limited. This applies to my creativity too. One of the things that keeps me making and motivated is the Aurifil Artisan challenges. We are given a starting point, a theme ...

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November 17, 2021
Vintage Jenny | Easy Nine Patch from The Cutting Table Quilt Blog - A Blog for Quilters by Quilters

Talk about a classic! Not only is the Nine Patch a quintessential quilter’s block, but this is one of the very first tutorials that Jenny Doan ever filmed! This incredibly simple but versatile block comes together in a stitch using 2.5″ strips of precut quilting fabric (Jelly Rolls) and some basic strip piecing. Using alternating color ways from your available strips, you’ll create a “strip set” using three strips of fabric. All that’s required after that is to cut the long strip sets into 2.5″ strips and stitch the fabrics back together to form nine ...

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April 22, 2021
SO PRETTY! New DIGITAL Print Quilting Fabric from Robert Kaufman … from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

We just got in another fabulous line from Robert Kaufman, it is a digitally printed collection that is so beautiful!

Bright Side by Wishwell really make use of almost limitless design possibilities when fabric is printed digitally instead of with traditional screen printing. The colors are incredibly vibrant and fade into each other like watercolor.

You can get an up close look at the collection in today’s video. We’ve got all the things: yardage, bundles, strip rolls, 5- and 10-inch charm packs. You name it, you can get it with this collection.

New arrivals …
Bright Side by Wishwell ...

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April 20, 2021
Bold Modern Prints, Frontline Heroes and Shimmery Butterflies all on NEW Fabric! from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

We’ve got lots of new quilty goodies today to share with you from our friends at FreeSpirit and Robert Kaufman. There are big bold, modern prints, healthcare heroes and shimmering butterflies.

First up is BioGeo-1 by Adrienne Leban for FreeSpirit. This one is a fabulous modern print that has several different sizes of what looks like a really awesome zentangle drawing. Whether you go for a color print or line work black and white, you can’t go wrong adding BioGeo-1 to your stash.

Then there is Frontline Heroes from Robert Kaufman. This line just has four prints, which ...

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November 2, 2020
Modern Bargello Quilt! Fat Quarter Friendly, super fast and easy! from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

My second book “Fat Quarter Workshop” is officially here! If you pre-ordered, be on the lookout for a shipping notification this week. I’ve signed about two-thirds of the books and we’re in the process of getting them shipped out!

I’ve also managed to find a fabulous collection of fabric that captures the spirit of the original version of Frequency, our most popular Stashin’ with Stephanie pattern ever that starts off the book. So we’ve brought back quilt kits in the fabulous Silverstone by by Vanessa Lillrose and Linda Fitch for Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

The fabric has ...

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January 24, 2020
Pixelated Heart Quilt from The Cutting Table Quilt Blog - A Blog for Quilters by Quilters

A pixel quilt is just a charm quilt, really. The only trick is planning the layout. Luckily, Robert Kaufman did all the figuring for the Pixelated Heart Quilt, and you can download the pattern for free! 

Watch Jenny whip up this pretty project. It’s so quick and easy, she finishes the entire top during the video! (Bonus: You’ll also get a quick lesson on perfecting your ¼” seam!)

Watch the Latest Tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co!

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November 3, 2019
a (somewhat) needed sunday stash from Charm About You

I bought fabric at Festival of Quilts and the Stitch Gathering - supporting those artists and shops I love - but there's not been much fabric shopping going on and that's mostly down to the fact that I want to be using what I have. There are plenty of times I do 'fake shopping', adding beautiful fabric to online baskets but I don't hit 'checkout' because I know that it will ultimately end up in the piles and piles of fabric I already have. The decision to buy fabric now has to be because I need it for a ...

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