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January 20, 2020
Winter Tea from Hooked on Quilting

I reviewed a tea from Basilur on the 15th and mentioned that I did have other selections from this vendor to try and to review for you. One of my most recent purchases was a box of individually sealed teabags with the moniker Four Seasons on the box. Since I like to listen to the Four Seasons by Vivaldi I couldn’t pass up this box now could I? Absolutely not. It was a sign that this box of tea needed to come live at my house. While I would have loved for it to be in one of their ...

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I Do Love a Good Mystery from Hooked on Quilting

As mentioned before, I greatly enjoy reading mysteries. It has something to do with the need to have my brain in constant motion in order to keep myself from becoming bored. Yes, I do read the occasional romance novel, but they’re almost always so hokey and unrealistic that slogging through a whole one is quite an effort. No, give me a good who-dun-it, and I’m happy. What has this to do with tea, you’re wondering? Well, on one of my orders to Plum Deluxe I decided to add their Blender’s Choice option to my cart. I ...

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January 17, 2020
WP-500 Mile Chai Loose from Hooked on Quilting

As the weekend nears we sometimes need a bit of a boost to make it through Friday or WP-500 Mile Chaiaccomplish all that’s had to wait on getting done until Saturday. If you find yourself in that position, allow me to recommend 500 Mile Chai by The Tao of Tea. It is a wonderful Chai tea, high in caffeine and full of flavour. It’s one of the teas that I try to keep on hand at all times. When I run out, I buy more.

The story behind this tea is interesting. It is said to have come about because ...

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January 15, 2020
Spicy Chocolate Tea – Yum! from Hooked on Quilting

Many years ago I decided to take two years of French in high school. I would have taken a third year but my mom, who was a teacher, wanted me to graduate a year early, so I did. My choice to take French rather than Spanish or Latin was cut and dry as far as I was concerned back then. I had no desire to go to Mexico, and I wasn’t going to be in the medical profession, therefore neither Spanish nor Latin would do me any good (ah, the ignorance of youth). However, I had a great desire ...

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January 14, 2020
Serengetea – A Love Story from Hooked on Quilting

As a loving and oh-so-helpful wife, I go the extra mile and buy my own Christmas presents. The really big plus to doing this is that I’m never disappointed in what I get for Christmas . I do this thoughtful act so Rick doesn’t have to trouble himself with going into stores, which he hates, dealing with crowds of people, he’s been known to “mooo” standing in the middle of a crowd, and wondering what on earth to get his wife who has everything she could ever need, and then some. He was at such a loss as ...

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January 13, 2020
Machine Matters ~ A Bernina 770 QE Review from Liz Makes Crafts

One week after I began quilting, I got a Pfaff Expression 3.5. I had bought it intending to trade it in within a year (and get all my money back towards a trade-in as my dealer promised), but when I was ready to make the upgrade, my dealer reneged and I was left stuck with a machine that worked, but I was dissatisfied with.

I sewed on that machine for another two years, sometimes with a lot of frustration, but I decided it was time to make the ultimate upgrade. I had been drooling over Bernina for a few ...

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A Peach of a Tea with a Bit of Ginger from Hooked on Quilting

We southerners love our peaches in every possible configuration be it in cobblers, preserves, ice cream, fried pies, regular pies, with cream or sliced up straight off the tree. Of course the best time for peaches is in the summer, which it isn’t right now. So, what’s a body to do when you have a hankerin’ for juicy peaches in the middle of winter? Why, pull out the peach tea of course. In my case it’s peach tea that has been paired with ginger. Talk about a match made in heaven… This combination definitely is just that ...

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January 12, 2020
Rainy Days Get Me Down from Hooked on Quilting

Today was a very wet, cloudy, and windy day. The weather was absolutely awful until late afternoon when it turned to just yucky and uninspiring. I’ve decided that the reason why gray has never been a colour I liked is because of days like this.

Between thunderstorms, tornado watches and warnings, and an excess of rain, which 998F330D-0EF9-4B99-82D7-95489BCF9508caused flooding in many low-lying areas, my nerves were a bit on the frayed side. Thankfully, I had the perfect tea blend from Plum Deluxe in my stash – Rainy Day Puerh. What better way to correct the gloomies than with a hot ...

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January 11, 2020
Swiss Hot Chocolate Flavoured Tea from Hooked on Quilting

An e-mail from the English Tea Store yesterday reminded me of their Swiss Hot Chocolate Flavoured Tea. Being a chocoholic from childhood, this tea caught my eye last year around Christmas time. When I say “last year” I’m really referring to the end of 2018. Not only do I love chocolate, but I also love hot chocolate. By the way, I make mine with half-and-half. It’s delicious!

The English Tea Store has managed to combine two loves into one drink. How awesome is that?! This blend comes in a loose leaf format, so you can adjust the strength ...

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January 9, 2020
Afternoon Tea with Wittard from Hooked on Quilting

After a nine hour plus day of taking care of a two year old, sweetheart though she is, it’s nice to come home and have a good cup of tea. Such was the case this afternoon when I came home and made a pot of Afternoon Tea by Wittard. They gave this particular blend the number four (04) designation since 4:00 is the perfect time to enjoy this blend. And enjoy it I did.

This blend of black tea (70%), jasmine-scented green tea (29%), and bergamot flavouring was just what I needed to make the shift from silly-acting ...

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January 8, 2020
Red Bush Chai from Hooked on Quilting

Back in 2005, a fellow quilter told me that she loved Chai tea. I’d not heard of it before then and doubted that I’d like it. I just wasn’t as adventuresome then as I am now. So, I never bothered pursuing her suggestion to get myself a cup at the local coffee shop which, by the way, is no longer in business.

About four or five years ago another quilting friend made a cup of tea for me at a Christmas party. I loved it but thought it was a very spicy hot chocolate to begin with ...

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January 7, 2020
Ahhhh…Paris from Hooked on Quilting

We all know that stress has an adverse effect on your lives. It can cause any number of ailments ranging from obesity to Alzheimer’s disease which are just two of many other nasty complaints. While it’s normal to be stressed with things over which we have no control, for example the death of a loved one, it’s not good to remain stressed over emotional issues for any length of time.

When stress over which I’ve had no control gets the best of me, I tend to turn to WP-ParisParis tea as a way to relax and ...

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January 6, 2020
Typhoo – One of Britain’s Finest from Hooked on Quilting

Although we’re southerners, born and raised, where Sunday dinner typically consists of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, soup beans, biscuits, cornbread, etc., we decided to go another route for our Sunday afternoon meal when our children were young. The reasons for doing this were two-fold. One, we wanted to give our children, who were involved in gymnastics and ballet, a better chance than we had of not growing up to be a fat kid, and two we wanted to teach them proper table manners, grace, and etiquette. So, on Sunday afternoon we sat down to tea with a ...

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January 5, 2020
Green Tea Blueberry from Hooked on Quilting

Yesterday, Rick and I went to Emil’s up in Tullahoma for lunch. If you live closeby and haven’t been there yet, you need to go. They have a buffet on Friday from 11-2 with the best chicken salad as well as awesome fried chicken and gravy. And the apple pie? It’s to die for!

After we left there, full as a tick, we went over a street to Celtic Cup. It was a rainy, gray day and I wanted some hot chocolate. This is another locally owned shop you need to check into if you live in ...

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January 4, 2020
The Brand that Changed Everything from Hooked on Quilting

As mentioned in a previous post, PG Tips was gifted to me from a friend of a friend who was visiting from England. Before this, I refused to the drink tea that we purchased from our local grocery store because its taste was awful. When the visitor handed me a box of PG Tips I knew I’d have to make some for her and our friend, and that I would also have to drink it. Needless to say, I wasn’t thrilled. Imagine my surprise, and great relief, when I tasted and actually liked this new tea. The difference ...

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January 3, 2020
Organic Orange Green Tea from Hooked on Quilting

993EB5EE-BCA4-41E6-9009-597124ADFA72I’d like to share another green tea with you today. This tea comes from Touch Organic and consists of organic green tea and natural orange flavour. While I enjoy it hot, it can also be made as an iced tea. The non-bleached (light brown) tea bags come individually wrapped which makes this tea a perfect choice to take with you each day or to include in a card for a friend. If you do include a teabag in a card, you might want to take the time to go to the post office and have them hand cancel the ...

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January 2, 2020
Happy National Hot Tea Month! from Hooked on Quilting

Happy New Year and Happy National Hot Tea Month! It’s hard to believe that it’s 2020 already. Not only did 2019 zip past, but the last 20 years have zipped past as well. It seems like only yesterday that everyone was worried our computers would crash the minute midnight struck and we were propelled into not only a new year but also a new century. Everyone prepared for the worst, but thankfully it never happened. Life went on, didn’t even skip a beat, at least not in my little world.

Lots of changes though have happened in ...

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January 1, 2020
Looking Back, Looking forward from Luna Lovequilts

Yesterday, I took some time to review my 2019 quilting journey and decided to link up with Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs for the Best of 2019 party.

Hier, j'ai pris le temps de passer en revue mon parcours patchwork de 2019 et décidé de participer à the Best of 2019 party sur le blog de Cheryl, Meadow Mist Designs.

1. What the stats are saying ... - Ce que disent les stats ...

The picture you liked most on my Instagram feed is my LOVE quilt.
La photo que vous avez préférée sur mon fil Instagram est mon quilt LOVE.

Luna Lovequilts - LOVE quilt

2 ...

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December 31, 2019
Holiday Spice from English Tea Store from Hooked on Quilting

You’ve probably noticed that I missed posting a final holiday tea blend on the 25th. That’s because we were out of town from the 22nd until late the 25th. After getting a late start back home and driving for several hours, the last thing I wanted to do was to sit at the computer and try to gather my thoughts about anything. Not to despair though because we celebrate Christmas for 12 days, so I’m still within the Christmas timeframe, at least from our point of view. If you want to read about our 12 Days of ...

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December 11, 2019
Book reviews - Christmas Shopaholic and The Oysterville Sewing Circle from Ramblings of a Fabric Obsessor

Christmas Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella My rating: 5 of 5 stars Like visiting with an old friend!I was very excited when I saw that the Christmas Shopaholic was being released this year because it has been too long since the last in the series. I was not disappointed in this addition to the series.Becky is back with Luke, Minnie, Suze, et al. and the results are hilarious and only predictable in

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