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August 19, 2019
Little Hourglass Quilt from Repro Quilt Lover

Last post, I laid out goals and a plan for getting more projects to the completion stage.  Now is when I should probably report back on those but, ahem, I’m not ready.  Okay, I’ll be honest because both the goals and the plan accomplished what I hoped they would which was sticking to the same projects long enough to make progress on all three.

quilt blocks in a tray
Three projects…contained by a box and by a plan.
  • Pink Sprinkles: I finished all the squares. That is if you call finishing 105 of 120 all the squares. I am, because the remaining ...

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July 9, 2019
The Organized Quilter from Repro Quilt Lover

Let me begin by saying this is an aspirational post. I am not an organized quilter or an organized anything, really. But, I need an organized system to accomplish what makes me happy; maybe you can relate.

I am going to assume if you are reading this blog you like to quilt. And, therefore, are probably a creative person — a “creative type.” Generally, we creative types are free spirits, which doesn’t translate well into focus, planning and organization. But, if I give in to the free spirit and let it run my days, those days are ruled by a ...

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June 4, 2019
Pink Sprinkles in progress from Repro Quilt Lover

Ever since I started making these pink and white Shoo Fly blocks a couple of months ago, I’ve been craving cupcakes with a big dollop of pink frosting. Last night, I made a batch and today I spent way more time than is practical taking pictures of pink and white quilt blocks and pink and white cupcakes. Tomorrow, I take the results (the cupcakes) to work and distribute the calories around the office.

Since this is a quilt in progress, I don’t have the finished image to share with you yet and actual yardage hasn’t been calculated ...

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May 30, 2019
Best Little Quilt Shop from Repro Quilt Lover

This year is my ten year anniversary with Temecula Quilt Company. No, I am not really affiliated with them, I’m just a devoted customer. I first discovered TQC in 2009 when it was featured as one of the top ten quilt shops in Quilt Sampler magazine. It was one of those shops I noted as “must visit if at all humanly possible” and to my delight I was visiting southern California just two months after the magazine was published. That year, 2009, was also my first year of blogging about my obsession love of reproduction quilts so I described ...

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March 27, 2019
Don’t Make a Project Out of It from Repro Quilt Lover

When he was little, my brother used to be a really slow eater. It wasn’t just the chewing part, he probably used the same speed as normal people. But, when he got to the table, he would spend time adjusting his plate, his utensils, his glass, getting everything arranged just so. He would put his food on the plate in an arrangement that was pleasing to him. Given his age, he probably made sure that the individual foods didn’t come in contact with each other. It drove my father bonkers. He would let it go for a few ...

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February 17, 2019
Giveaway Celebrating Love! from Repro Quilt Lover

Happy February, the month of pink and red, hearts and chocolates and lots to love about love. Also, it’s my first giveaway since relaunching my blog. Keep reading for information on how to enter.

Red and white heart quilt

This quilt is from a design Cheri Payne published on her blog in January 2015. Cheri was an incredibly talented, creative and generous quilter and designer with a charming, homey and warm aesthetic. Her quilts just said “Welcome! You can get cozy here” to me. When I saw this quilt with her touch of embroidery, I got excited. When I saw she was then giving ...

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January 28, 2019
Hand Piecing: it’s “pieceful” from Repro Quilt Lover

Do you like hand piecing? Are you interested but never gave it a try? I’m seeing more interest in it lately among quilters, especially on Instagram, so I am going to be doing a series of posts encompassing topics such as my current hand piecing projects, favorite blocks for hand piecing, using it for complicated piecing, different template methods, fun storage for projects, and why we are interested in slow stitching in such a fast paced world.

For the purpose of what I hope will become an ongoing discussion, I want to distinguish between “hand piecing” and “hand quilting ...

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November 19, 2018
Sew much to do; sew little time from Repro Quilt Lover

It’s tough to carve out enough time to really do some serious quilting.  For the last week or so, I’ve been digging out some ongoing projects and trying to actually do some sewing on my machine.  In the process, I’ve made some interesting discoveries.  Like what?  Well, like the last time I worked on what is to be my “big” hand piecing project was May 2017.  That is over 18 months ago.  I took it to a retreat in Temecula, worked on it a bit there, then brought it home, followed by a bunch more fabric and ...

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