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October 29, 2021
Fall Works = You Can Find Me in the Kitchen Again from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

It's weaning season around here:That means - yep, you guessed it - I'm in the kitchen again, but before the crew trailered the calves over from the north side of the ranch last week, Skeet and I walked out into the pens after breakfast and added Corid to the water troughs:Hubby and I had put out 12 big bales of hay in the pens the previous evening:Steer calves in one pen and heifer calves in the

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October 21, 2021
Time Behind the Shovel from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

We've got a lot of storage troughs on this place. We've never counted them up, but I think the number hovers around 60. And they get dirty...filled with silt and muck and moss and every so often they need cleaning out. Alas, we're still on this place without help and even when folks HAVE been at North Camp, it's been many a year since any of them cleaned out a storage trough. So, DH has been

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October 11, 2021
Lots of Time Behind the Wheel from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

Seems as if life has been awfully busy lately. On Thursday, Sept 30, we drove to Lubbock - 3 hours one way - for a couple of appts. Seems we have reached the age of becoming acquainted with doctors that end in -ist. Dermatologist and Audiologist during this visit. We try to bundle appts since it's such a drive. We popped into the new HEB grocery store before heading home. I do not enjoy grocery

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August 18, 2021
Answered Prayers from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

When the kids were here Memorial weekend, it began to rain. Our girl is in Oklahoma and I don't think they've dried out in 3 years. They are sick of the rain. She even said she thought she was beginning to mold and she was looking forward to soaking in some of our NM sun and drying out. Alas,  she got wet in the desert. We've been praying for rain and we were so grateful for answered prayers. DH

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August 12, 2021
Dirt Tank Morning from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

Last week we loaded up SkeetAlthough it's really the other way around because he's always the first one in the rig, waiting for us to load up - this is one of my favorite pictures of him from a few years ago because it looks like he's saying: But I want to go fishing NOWWWW.

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July 27, 2021
Visiting my Mother from Where Art & Life Meet

I’ve been traveling. Though I must say that though this trip to visit my mother and sister is a long one, involving connections and then an hour and a half drive, it was about as flawless and easy as traveling can be during these bizarre times. First off, the La Guardia Airport has done an […]

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June 21, 2021
Taking a Break from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

I am falling woefully behind on blog posts. Life is happening faster than I can write about it. Not that anything earth shattering has happend, but I want to document our days and I guess I'm too busy living life to spend much time on the computer. I probably need to work on balancing things a little better, but I figure I'm not going look back on my life one day and wish I had spent more time

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May 26, 2021
Sunday Morning Rain Run from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

God is good all the time, whether it rains or not, but on Saturday He blessed us with rain. I can hear ya'll now: "Here we go again, another post about the weather!" LOL.I'm sorry, but as ranchers, our life pretty much really does revolve around the weather.After a Sunday morning breakfast omelet, DH and I headed out on a rain run. The rain gauge here at the house just had 0.2" in it, but around

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May 13, 2021
Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

The days are moving too fast for this old gal and I feel like I'm falling behind. I keep taking pictures and I intend to post about the things that fill up our days and then days pile up and things begin to run together. So today you get a quick peek into some of the things that keep me away from the computer.

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April 6, 2021
Annual Spring Baby Post from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

Even after 35 years of spring babies, I still get excited when calving season begins:                             And I never tire of these sweet faces:DH and I went to feed the 2-yr old heifers a few weeks ago- they are first time mamas:These Corrientes are such good mamas:I took this photo a few years back, but it's one of my favorites and I'm finally having it printed on canvasAnd this year,

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March 29, 2021
Last Week in Review from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

Last Tuesday we shipped out the last of the Corrientes. We kept 6 bulls to use on the beef heifers, and a handful of pairs that had calves that were still too small to send, but for all intensive purposes, after 20 years, we are no longer raising Corrientes. I will miss these sweet faces each spring:A little mending took placeA new well pump motor was installedStill flaking out hay:We've never

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March 18, 2021
Wind Weary from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

Whew! We made it through last week and are muddling our way through this week. It broke my heart to have to send another couple hundred hd of cattle down the road, but until it rains...and rains...and rains, we just can't keep 'em. We've still got a few more loads to send out, but these mamas just had babies and we want to wait until the little ones get a few weeks of growing under them before

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March 2, 2021
Last Week from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

It seems as if things never really slow down around here. I'm not complaining - it's just life and around here, we're never really off the clock. So many are longing for longer days, but we're up before the sun and don't close out the day until it's dark and even then, we sometimes have to tend to things by headlights and flashlights:And as I get older, I'm pretty pooped at the end of those long

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February 22, 2021
Storm Report from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

I hope this finds those of you who have been snowed in and iced over, thawed out and plugged in with heat and water again. As storms go, we fared well. We had snow and ice and wind for 5 days and one morning with rolling power outages, but not a big deal. We have a gas stove, lanterns, and plenty of quilts.

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February 14, 2021
Bracing for a Winter Storm from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

I know so much of the country is currently experiencing frigid weather. Around here, cold mornings call for Steel Cut Oats with apples for breakfast:And while they were cooking, I put a new recipe our girl shared with me, together in the Crock-pot - Yum! (yes, I'll post it soon and no, I haven't forgotten about the other recipe I promised)

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January 23, 2021
Meanwhile Back at the Ranch... from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

To say I've enjoyed being home would be an understatement. It's been SO good to be home! We've been busy, but  our days are filled with blessings. Here's a recap of our week. I didn't intend for this post to be so long, but try as I might, I can't seem to get a quick daily post written so you get it all at once. Sorry! Just know this did not all take place on one day. We're busy, but not THAT

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January 16, 2021
Cattle - Cooking - Cookies from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

We sold more cows and weaned some calves this week. That means I had mouths to feed. DH is taking pity on me and we're foregoing breakfast for the crew, but my feet still hit the floor at 4 a.m. on Thursday. By 6, the Sour Cream Apple Squares were out of the oven and the Crock-pot Pizza was ready to do it's thing in the Crockpot:. All I had left to do was make bread, a big salad. and green beans

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November 24, 2020
On the Road Again from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

 Saturday we were up and out the door at 4 a.m. for a 2 hour road trip for this:

It's the Clovis horse sale (Clovis is in New Mexico), but earlier this year the sale moved to Texas:

DH was in search of a colt:


Lots of studying and looking and walking and discussing. 

And we've expanded the family by one:

He's just a yearling so lots of ground work in his future


Another 15 hour day and chores in the dark, but we're thankful for safe travels and our new addition. Welcome home:

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November 7, 2020
Kitchen Chatter from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

So, I've been back in the kitchen again this week. We're weaning the Corrientes. The weather's been amazing...30's and 40's in the mornings and 70's and 80's in the afternoons. I've been cooking with the windows flung open (Yes, even in the morning because my little kitchen gets HOT) and sneaking out of the kitchen whenever I am able. I placed a pick-up order from Walmart for Monday after work -

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October 22, 2020
Last Weekend from Lovin' Life At The End Of The Dirt Road

DH had an elk hunt this past weekend. He really enjoys hunting and we always look forward to adding to our winter meat supply, but it's like passing an act of Congress for him to get away and this time of the year is especially difficult and he's already plumb wore out. We're in the middle of our fall Cow Works. We just finished most of the beef cattle - still have some in December and we'll be

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