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February 11, 2021
Churn Dash Block Using Fat Quarters from Quiltnotes All Blogs

The churn dash quilt block is an old favorite. It's a 9-patch block, meaning there are 9 units of construction. There are four half square triangle units, four rail fence units and one plain block unit. In this article you will learn how to piece a 12" finished churn dash quilt block. Look at the end of this article for other finished block sizes. There is a link to instructions to make a Churn Dash Quilt approximately 66" x 80" finished. For these instructions you can use scraps or two fat quarters of contrasting fabrics. Two fat quarters will ...

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October 10, 2020
Caterpillar in My Curry from Sew Preeti Quilts

The fear of an unfinished object is real.  It is not that the UFO will physically attack me but the passive aggressive nature of the silent taunts can be pretty traumatic.

A new finish

Therefore the leftover strip sets from "Playing with Fire" had to be quickly repurposed.  

Repurposing Leftover Strips

Paul: Very Halloween
Me: I am calling it Caterpillar in my Curry
Paul: WHAT!!!
Me: If you can have a wasp in your hat then why can I not have a caterpillar in my curry?
Paul: You mean "a bee in your bonnet"?
Me: Yup, that's what I ...

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August 7, 2020
A 2020 RSC Finish from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

The end of 2020 is still a long way away, but I decided to go ahead and finish up one of my Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilts.  Once I get the bulk of the blocks finished, I just can't restrain myself from finishing it up.  Not when it means crossing one off my list!

I am not sure if this block has a name.  It is just a rail fence block variation.  Each of the strips are cut at 2" x 6.5" and sewed together to create a darker pinwheel look in the center.  
The bloc finishes up at ...

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August 2, 2020
Oh Scrap! : Rail Fence Blocks from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

We all knew purple was going to be the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color for August - simply because I made purple blocks last month!  Ha!!

But that is okay with me - when I had my browns out for my recent brown scrap quilt, I went ahead and cut the strips for a couple rail fence blocks.

Then I went ahead and made some yellow blocks.

A quick count of my blocks revealed I needed just two more blocks for my quilt so I snuck in a few black scraps.

One thing I have learned from the RSC is that these rainbow ...

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July 5, 2020
Oh Scrap! : Nope from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

I so appreciate the work Angela over at SoScrappy does to keep the Rainbow Scrap Challenge going.  But there are sometimes when her ideas and my ideas clash.  Spending a third month on the color blue just doesn't work with my scraps.  So I am going to take a sideways step on the colorwheel and just pretend that the RSC color for July is purple! 

In the few days of July, I have already finished my three blocks for my rail fence variation quilt.  I need just seven more blocks - I am going to go with three gold, two ...

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June 7, 2020
Oh Scrap! : Just Two from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

After I finished my pink string blocks for this quilt, I started cutting the strips for one of my 2020 Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilts.

For past colors, I have been making three blocks.
But I decided just to make two this month in pink.

I realized my quilt is already getting quite big.  I still want to add yellow, purple and maybe a bit of brown and gray.  And I only need ten more blocks to finish my quilt.

It is hard to believe we are over halfway done already with our RSC quilts!

What scrappy things have you been ...

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May 17, 2020
Oh Scrap! : This and That from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

The weather here has been sunny and warm so not a lot of sewing happened this week.  I did make a bit of progress on a couple of scrap quilts however.

I made my three dark green RSC blocks for my rail fence variation quilt.
I don't really like how these blocks turned out...

But once they get placed with the other colors, they look just fine.  I think it is just my aversion to green that brings out my dislike.  I think this quilt just needs some yellow pink and purple.

 I also made some progress on my ...

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April 12, 2020
Oh Scrap! : Blue from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

Between garden cleanup and mask preparation, I didn't get a lot of scraps sewn this week.  

But I did cut and sew some blue scraps for one of my RSC quilts.  
These three blocks bring my total up to 15 so I am now at the halfway point.  I must have started this project last year for me to have so many.  But I have 5 colors completed!

What I really should be working on is finishing old UFOs.  I haven't touched a single one since I have been sheltered at home.

What type of projects are you ...

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March 8, 2020
Oh Scrap! : Turquoise and Orphan Adoption Event from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

Time to get out the turquoise scraps for March.

The first blocks I decided to tackle were these rail fence pinwheel blocks.  
I had a really nice selection of light and darks scraps in this color - but not many mediums.

But once these blocks get put up with all of the ones done to date, they look great!  I think I am really going to like this quilt.  It is so colorful!

I also want to announce that I will be hosting the Quilty Orphan Adoption Event starting Thursday March 19th.  Last Fall, there were not many projects linked up ...

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February 9, 2020
Oh Scrap! : Happy Orange Blocks from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

I was so happy to hear that orange was going to be the RSC color for February.  Purple is my favorite color but orange is a close second.
So I couldn't wait to get started on my blocks for the month.

The first block I worked on were these fun rail fence variations.  In making them I discovered all my oranges were either very light or very dark.  I don't have very many scraps in medium tones.  But I still love the three blocks I was able to complete.

I put them up on the wall with my ...

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January 5, 2020
Oh Scrap! : Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2020 from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

Finally!  The Rainbow Scrap Challenge for 2020 is here!  I always struggle the last two months of every year not having RSC blocks to work on.  
It feels good to know I will have a scrap routine again.

 The first blocks I tackled this month are my rail fence variation.  I don't have a lot of bright green scraps so I tried to just go with what I had.

Here they are with the red test blocks I made.  I think this quilt is going to be loads of fun to see bloom with new colors every month.

Most ...

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November 17, 2019
Oh Scrap! : RSC Test Block from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

It is really hard for me to find much time to spend in my sewing room this time of year.  Almost every day, I am busy at my longarm playing one of Santa's elves working away on client quilts.

 By the end of the day, I am too tired to do anything.

But I did spend some time cutting and sewing up some test blocks for one of my new 2020 Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilts.  I made these three blocks from some red 2" strips - the blocks measure 12.5".

My plan is to make 30 total blocks (a ...

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