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December 3, 2022
Friday check in: heavens, it's blue + stash report + OMG December from With Strings Attached

 A quick check in post today.

We revisited Sedge Meadow along the Des Plaines River on Tuesday afternoon.  

Right: interesting fungus, busy beavers.

This is a phenomenon called witch's broom. Wikipedia says it is “a deformity in a woody plant, typically a tree, when the natural structure is change. A dense mass of shoots grows from a single point, with the resulting structure resembling a broom…It is sometimes caused by pathogens.” I’ve only seen it in this forest preserve on the river willows. 

# # # # #

In the studio:  I finished all the units for My Blue Heaven and I ...

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November 28, 2022
Weekly update: the blue bins from With Strings Attached


Both Friday and Saturday were sunny and warm. We enjoyed outings to Ray Lake and Pine Dunes.   

Lower left: a beaver lodge. Lower right: a ladder.   The trails at both preserves were 2.25 miles.  The more I walk the easier it gets!

A front came through and today (Sunday) was overcast and much colder.  After church we stayed home.  We put out the Christmas decorations.   The boys are back! (The biggest one never went away....)   These are all German nutcrackers (and four smokers) acquired over many years.  

# # # # # 

In the studio: 

The blue bin, home to fat quarters and chunks ...

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November 19, 2022
strings for Kismet from Making A Lather

I spent a few evenings at the treadle making string units. I was trying to make ahead, the units for the fish school blocks, I have been making for the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. I cut fish school blocks for the leader/ ender challenge 2021 and made  quite a few, but, didn't keep up for the year. So, this year I cut for RSC. And, about that time, Bonnie Hunter shared her pattern kismet of her finished fish school. I decided, I wasn't far enough along, that I couldn't switch to kismet for finishing my ...

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November 12, 2022
blossom blocks finished from Making A Lather

I worked on the quilt blossom time through the year in 2022 making the blossoms by color from the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. I needed 140 and I have finished 140. This project is retiring to the ufo closet, hopefully, for a short vacation before finishing.

I went through my black 2 inch strip bag and made a few more zippers.

I need 23 more zippers. There is a chance that with brown next month and odd colors in december, I can have the zipper blocks all made by the end of the month. And, then, these blocks ...

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November 5, 2022
blossom blocks from Making A Lather

I made a few blossom time blocks as part of my rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. I finished the center of rhododendron quiltville mystery

I made zipper blocks. I put frolic quiltville mystery quilt on the longarm as part of my one monthly goal.

I have been ironing scraps from a gifted bag.

I have been enjoying wonderful fall weather. It is still 70 during the day with pretty aqua blue skies. I am not looking to plunging into total darkness with changing our clocks back, tomorrow.

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October 21, 2022
blue ridge beauty finish from Making A Lather

blue ridge beauty is finally a completed quilt. I have tried all year to make this a priority in finishing this huge quilt. It took several days to free motion swirls on my longarm. Binding was delayed because my trusty older bernina that I use for binding, stopped working, and, hubby had to spend a couple of days to uncover the problem. I knew he could do it, and, he did. I made blue ridge beauty my one monthly goal for October...again. And this is my 12th ufo finish for PHD 2022.


27 yards

It has some great ...

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October 15, 2022
blossoms from Making A Lather

With light green as the color of the month for October and the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy, I thought it would be a great time to work ahead on the stems and leaves for blossom time. I cut the pieces


And sewed the stems and HSTS.

And trimmed the pieces


And a few blocks.....

It doesn't look like much, but, it took awhile.

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October 10, 2022
dotty from Making A Lather

I'm seeing dots. These are almost addictive...if there weren't so many. I like the secondary pattern, but, still think I will add another sashing when I join blocks. I make a few of these almost every morning. This was my choice for Bonnie Hunter's first leader/ender challenge. All I did was make the little bow tie blocks. Now, it is time to make a quilt top.

bow tie blocks are 3 1/2 inches

so fun

I really liked the yummy scrappiness of this quilt from the quilt show this weekend. I forgot to take ...

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October 3, 2022
one monthly goal October from Making A Lather

 I am going to try making blue ridge beauty quilt my one monthly goal again for October. I really would like to see it done by the end of this year, and October would be better. This a quiltville pattern in her book adventures with leaders and enders. I made mine with shirt fabrics included.

I need to make a monster back and decide on binding. Surely, I can finish it this month. Most of the garden is willing to wait for me to get to it.

However, we do have a new adventure. We found this little bitty shivering ...

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September 17, 2022
blossom time from Making A Lather

I am using leftover strips from my maple leaves quilt for the new light blue blossoms for the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. I made more stems and leaves and 4 patches. I think I will need to carry this project over to next year, to get all the blocks I will need.

We have seen our weather turn cooler, and, then, return to hot. Most of the garden is sputtering. I still have a few blossoms around the house. Nasturtiums are still blooming. Petunias and pansies are still blooming. Our old old apple trees are dropping apples. Hubby ...

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September 9, 2022
fair and square top from Making A Lather

Fair and square is a top. The borders have been added and it looks really nice. Everything fit nicely. I need a big back and some binding before it is ready to be quilted and added to the list. I have not been quilting in a bit, so, my pile of tops is growing again.

I had some baby starts that I added as an afterthought to my raised bed this summer. They have tried very hard, but, haven't thrived. I hope they make it to next year. Truthfully I didn't think they would even make it this ...

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September 3, 2022
fish and crown from Making A Lather

I did a head count of the fish blocks for the year and I have 190 which is about half of what I need. I have the colors ready to cut from this years rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. I think I will set this aside until next year and start making blocks. I bought the pattern kismet from quiltville of her fish quilt, and, will use that as my pattern for the top.

oops I have a fish swimming in the wrong direction - silly fish

I finished the orange crown blocks for last month. and, I have 22 ...

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August 17, 2022
fair and square from Making A Lather

Sometimes progress just takes time. A little bit here and there makes a difference over time. I have to remind myself of that often, as I grow impatient. I pressed and trimmed fair and square. And, I cut and added the black inner border. I had hoped to get the final border on the quilt, but, it didn't fit. That will be the next little bit of time I can find. I think it looks great. The end is in sight.

It has been harvest season for our little garden. The tomatoes are starting to ripen and a BLT ...

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August 15, 2022
moving projects from Making A Lather

It is time to say - see you later- to an old friend. I am retiring this project to the the UFO closet. I have enough pieces cut, I think, but, all shirts go well together. I was hoping for 80 blocks and I have 52 finished. I need to concentrate on some "other" languishing projects to get a bit of organization and less chaos. I  want to move some projects out of easy to reach areas and spread out my current projects. I keep misplacing parts and pieces and really need to clean up and assess where I am. So ...

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August 13, 2022
blossoms from Making A Lather

Pretty orange blossom time blocks are finished here for the  rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy.  I have had to cut and make more parts for these cuties. I ran out of stems and 4 patches. I think I am closing in on the goal for this quilt. I think I have 128 out of 140 needed.  I may just go rogue and finish up with oddball fabrics I find laying around.

I harvested chocolate mint, since the dehydrator is empty. It is not my favorite herb tea - I like spearmint the best - but, it smells so yummy. I may ...

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August 10, 2022
blocks found from Making A Lather

My Granddaughter was here for a visit and decided to reorganize my extra room. I had no idea what she was doing, until it was too late. I use that room for a holding cell of blocks ready to make into tops and tops ready to be quilted, and unfortunately, as storage for whatever I don't know where to home them. I knew that this little set back, for me, was probably the reason I had lost my rhododendron mystery blocks. This week, when it was raining, I asked my hubby to accompany me to that room and make ...

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August 8, 2022
bow tie from Making A Lather

Bow tie blocks were the 2011 quiltville mystery leader/ ender challenge, and Bonnie's first. She did hers with cheddar fabric, I believe. I wanted something a little brighter. At the time, I had a bunch of scraps that were polka dots, and so, it began.  With the 2022 announcement, I realized I didn't have a great finishing success record. I think 2 out of 12. But, I started all of them. I decided to try finishing one this year instead of starting a new one...... so far. It was an easy choice, start with number one. Remembering my ...

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August 1, 2022
One monthly goal for August from Making A Lather

I didn't finish last month's One monthly goal at Elm street quilts. But, never give up - right?  I had the   last quilt a goal for 2 months and still did not finish. I will try a different Ufo that needs finishing, in hopes, I will find renewed motivation to chug along on the finishing. I need to add borders and quilt it.

in the box

This is a Bonnie Hunter pattern from her book scraps and shirttails. It is made mostly from shirt fabrics. My notes are sketchy. I think I started this in 2015 or 2016

mostly ...

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July 13, 2022
blossom time from Making A Lather

I finished the purple blossom time blocks for July and the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. Since, we are nearing the end of all the colors I want to use, I find I am constantly recutting and sewing the 4 patches in the flowers, and the stems. When I started I had several of each  ready to go from the first time I worked on this quilt. I have 84 blocks and think I want 140.

We have a yellow garden thing going along the driveway- daylillies and coreopsis. I just recently learned that you can make a syrup ...

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July 9, 2022
purple blossoms from Making A Lather

 This week I have been working on blossom time in purple for the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. I had pieces already to sew from the first time I worked on them in 2020. I have 7 done and need 5 more in purple.

I found this planter at aldis. It is like the green stalk everyone is talking about on gardening channels, But, much cheaper. I have planted fall crops in here. Carrots, radishes, green beans, sage. We will see if this works or becomes a chore to keep watered. At least it isn't taking up space ...

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