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January 18, 2017
cleaning time from Making A Lather

Just as I was about to finish my hourglasses for En Provence, I ran out of bobbin. And there were no more that were prewound. Ugh

I prewind about 5 or 6 bobbins at a time. That way, when there aren't any more, I know it is time for a good cleaning and oiling. My Juki requires a daily dose of vitamin oil. But when the bobbins are gone, it's time to do a better job.

that wasn't too bad, I actually like the cleaning part. I don't like winding bobbins. It seems they have a ...

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January 16, 2017
just a few rectangles from Making A Lather

I have a new computer. My daughter and her husband helped me shop for it, set it up, and are willing to be my techies. I am making a big jump from Mac to PC. I didn't think I would ever go to PC again, but the price point at this point in my life makes it worth trying. I am still trying to transfer all my stuff from my mac. My goal is to transfer something everyday, even if it is just one picture. :) Wish me luck learning new techie stuff at my age.

I have slowly, but ...

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January 9, 2017
Weekly update: En Provence, with a detour from With Strings Attached

Bonnie released the layout for En Provence, the 2016 mystery quilt, on New Year's Day. Was that really just a week ago?  The pattern has 697 units and it took most of this week's sewing time to put them together.  I added a 1.5" strip around the perimeter to stabilize the edges. I love the design and the colorway!

Assembling this was my OMG for January so I'm way ahead of schedule!

The back will be pieced. Here is some of the fabric I'm considering.

And the detour?   I didn't use the design wall ...

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dotty bow ties from Making A Lather

Still trying to clean up enough to find my tumbler borders, I found this box of dotty bow ties. There were still some that had been cut and started, so I finished them and counted. I have 207 finished. I think it is time to decide on a setting and start the assembly. I will be using an alternate square of fabric. Bonnie Hunter's cheddar bow ties finished at 90 x 90. I don't think I want this that big. It has a more modern feel in color,and there will be a lot of white, so more ...

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January 8, 2017
I love a quiltathon day 4 from Making A Lather

I was very good this week and resisted alot of temptation at Missourri Star Quilt Co. I have been sick and it has been bitterly cold, so I really wanted to order something, but didn't. Go me.
I've cut alot of fabric this week, but I am waiting to count it when the projects are finished.

Fabric Used this Week: 0 yards
Fabric Used year to Date:  108 yards
Fabric Added this Week: 2 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 2 yards
Net Fabric for 2017: 106 yards used

While my daughter was here, I grabbed 2 boxes ...

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January 3, 2017
En Provence triangles from Making A Lather

I had a few minutes here and there to cut Clue #5 for the bright En Provence quilt. I even had them chain sewed.
But we have a nasty cold /flu thing. My Grandchildren are pitiful, and both Grandpa and I are quick to catch it too.

I am linking to:
Fiber Tuesday
Fabric Tuesday
Free Motion by the River

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January 2, 2017
Catching Color from Making A Lather

Judy, from patchwork times, has drawn the number 3 for our UFO challenge. My number 3 is my tumbler quilt from 2015 leader/ender challenge at Quiltville. The top is pieced and I am adding a row of yellow tumblers to the top and bottom and then a yellow matching border all around.

Seems simple enough to finish, just borders and quilting.

But, with company over the holidays and the washing of some quilts, that had not been previously washed, there was color bleeding. So far, 4 of them.sigh....  I am not happy. I hate putting all that work ...

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Weekly update: OMG is En Provence from With Strings Attached

My name was in the Chicago Tribune yesterday on the same page as the Queen and her family. 
Why is it that New Year's Day good-luck food is southern?   We had Hoppin' John (black-eyed peas and rice), collards (green for money), and ham for dinner. I added a dash of sriracha (Asian hot sauce) to the HJ.   Apparently even the prospect of good-luck food was efficacious.  I got an email from Patty at Elm Street Quilts saying that I won the December OMG finish prize!  It's a gift certificate from Bagmakers Supply .  That will help me achieve my ...

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December 28, 2016
Finishes from Making A Lather

I am going through my quilt pile, to clean, and I think I have some finishes I have not recorded.
Berry Bushel designed by Bonnie Hunter

A quilt I made for a friend battling bone cancer
My daughter is arriving today for an after Christmas visit. She is bringing my 2 Grandsons with her. Hooray.
I am linking to:
Midweek Makers
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Bee Social
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December 26, 2016
a new clue and dessert from Making A Lather

My Christmas was hectic but family. I have cooked more food in the last week than my husband and I ate all of last year. My family adored a new dessert that I am sharing.
I didn't even step into my sewing room, partially because I had company and partially because everything was stashed in there from the clean up for company. I didn't finish clue #4 for En Provence before clue #5 came out. I have the bright quilt done, but I am working behind on the civil war colorway. Be sure and check progress at Quiltville ...

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Weekly update: mystery and a scrappy week from With Strings Attached

I am quite proficient sewing with my left foot as my right foot recovers from bunion surgery.

Part 5 of En Provence, the Quiltville mystery, was a snap.  64 3.5" HSTs.    My guess is that the yellow and green fabric will be the sashing/border for the purple, magenta, and neutral units we've made so far.

[Didja see? Bonnie included a screenshot of my FB post of these units  on her blog !]

I assembled the pieced string blocks I showed last week.

 Last week I had begun these rail fence blocks.  They started with 2" x 9" strips ...

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December 20, 2016
New UFOs for 2017 from Making A Lather

Isn't this completely lovely? I was so afraid when I upgraded the pot this fall that it was too late.

I've listed my old Ufos I want to finish in 2017 here. These are the new ones started or purchased this year.

American Beauty Rose is a quiltsmart pattern using interfacing to turn under the edges.

Fancy Forest by Elizabeth Hartman
I have all the blocks made and they were challenging, so I'd hate to see it disappear into the back of a closet.

Happy Birds by Jen Kingwell
my heart isn't into this one but ...

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December 19, 2016
Weekly update: En Provence, string setting, and another scrappy start from With Strings Attached

I got caught up on all the parts for En Provence, the Quiltville mystery.  The V-block ruler is a great tool to make the isosceles triangles.

   I have two more Snapware boxes in this size to hold the next units.

 I alternated the  En Provence units with the Block Lotto pieced strings blocks.  Which were the leaders and which were the enders?   When I had about 36 string blocks on the wall I auditioned a skinny black sashing strip. Nope. I surveyed my stash and a bright Australian print (bought at the Madison show in September) popped to the top ...

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more triangle in a square (s) from Making A Lather

Clue #4  has been released for En Provence, a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. She releases each new clue on Fridays. I didn't get a chance to start cutting until late Saturday.

I cut all the bright pieces, and most of the civil war centers. In odd moments I chain pieced one side.
pressed them
and added the second side
and presto changeo
all done!

 A few years ago, Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville had mentioned that she often cuts scraps into 10 in squares or strips to use for backs. They are an easy size to piece, and then the ...

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December 13, 2016
Weekly update: the social whirl, string piecing, and that mystery from With Strings Attached

We went to the podiatrist on Tuesday. He pronounced the second procedure successful and scheduled the next appointment for December 20.  I'm *trying* to favor my foot.

The first week of December is when many of the organizations I'm in have their holiday parties. I had to skip two of them (Monday evening and Tuesday noon) but I went to three others.

FQ exchange and scrap bags 
 The quilt guild dinner was Wednesday evening.  We have a fat quarter exchange -- package four FQs any way you'd like. Draw a number and take your pick of someone else ...

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December 12, 2016
greenery and purple from Making A Lather

Pantone has released their color of the year for 2017

I have been sewing 4 patches for Clue #3 of En Provence. I developed a system for making the 4 patches. It isn't so much the color I wanted to get in a certain order, it was the nesting of the seams. I found  that finger pressing to the dark with both dark at the top, I could rotate the one on the right and it would nest, and feed the top seam to the top.

After a while it became a rhythm. press, press, flip, and sew, and ...

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December 7, 2016
Spiderwebs from Making A Lather

My UFOs have languished as I have been working on the En Provence mystery quilt at Quiltville.

Jo from JO's Country junction has asked about spiderweb quilts. I have a couple that I have worked on, off and on. These are not quilts I get in a hurry about making. But slowly, and magically they come together.
I completely pieced this one on my 1920 Singer Red eye treadle. It is in rows waiting to become a top. It is hard to make an orange spiderweb quilt without a few spiders ( get it) and bats.

I was inspired by ...

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December 5, 2016
A new Mystery clue - En Provence from Making A Lather

The Triangle in a square quilt block (aka 'Spikey and Peak') is a good old fashioned quilt block made so much easier over the years with new templates and tools.

Probably for the most accurate piecing, using a paper foundation would be the best.

Cake stand quilts has a great tutorial for using a whole square foundation and adding the wing triangles in a sew and flip method.

If you want to make your own template, this link will help.

I had really good results with Studio 180 V block trimmer when doing celtic solstice. She has you make it ...

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December 2, 2016
Part two from Making A Lather

Part 2 of the mystery  En Provence has been revealed. We need our magenta and neutrals to make our units. So I have a decision to make. The fabric I have enough of, I don't like as well. So do I make my blocks with a mix of what I do like? or use the one I don't like as much? My favorite is the one in the middle. sigh....
I have the go die. But once you go big to the accuquilt studio it is hard to go back to the go size. But 100 units shouldn ...

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December 1, 2016
More 4 patches from Making A Lather

I am sending the snoopy charm squares to Lisa at Traditional Quilter. She has a friend having a baby.

I have finished clue #1 for En Provence.

Now to continue with the civil war color way.
These are the fat quarters I ordered from Whittles, but they don't look very much like civil war.
I like them and I don't think I have enough of the real reproduction fabrics in my stash. sigh...

I am practicing bells for the Christmas program at Church, I am glad the piano does all the real work.
 I am linking to:
Fabric ...

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