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February 16, 2018
Snow Days quilt from Making A Lather

I have been anxious to dig around and start more blocks for my snow quilt which is on my one monthly goal list for February.  I needed a 12 inch block.

and a 9 inch block

 Next I need several Martha Washington blocks in 6 inch, 9 inch, and 12 inch. These are going slowly, as each one has different fabrics and different sizes. I added a new batik in the center of the big block. Ooo very pretty.

I have easy street on the longarm. Easy street is a mystery quit from quiltville.

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February 9, 2018
border time from Making A Lather

I am ready for a border on my patriotic boxy stars. This is a free pattern at quiltville

I have a dozen of quilts ready for borders. It is my least favorite part. Last year, I thought I had finished so many, I would be better at just getting in there and adding the borders. bummer, not so much. But I think the big hang up, is that my sewing table has to be clean or everything gets dumped on the floor and scrambles under other places never to be seen again. And I am a spreader so there is ...

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January 17, 2018
ringo lake setting triangles from Making A Lather

I decided not to piece my setting triangles for On ringo Lake mystery quilt. So I used the Fons and Porter setting triangle ruler to decide how to cut them. The color is mostly consistent but the prints will be different.

I used a paper template as Bonnie suggested to cut the end off the triangle

Luckily, the edges of the pieced unit fit the cut out of the setting triangle.

So that part of the clue is finished.

I added the sashing for the first row

And then the block just to see... How lovely.

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January 15, 2018
Monday Blues..... from Baby Boomer Quilting Bee

First, I have to admit....I am not a Football fan. However, our NOLA Saints were playing an important game yesterday.  I gathered all my chain piecing to finger press in front of the TV and keep my hubby company.  First half, it was not going well -- I felt like I had jinxed them (after all, I had not watched a game this season).   So I gathered up my little pieces and headed back to my sewing room.

During the game I added a few of the sashing units to the wall, just to preview "On Ringo Lake" mystery quilt ...

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January 12, 2018
webbing ringo lake from Making A Lather

I am happily webbing the blocks for on ringo lake. A little everyday and, eventually, I will be finished with this part.I am more than half way.

I have filled in with some glitter blocks. I know I am reaching the end of this quilt soon. I have over 100 blocks finished.

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January 10, 2018
ringo lake trim from Making A Lather

oops -Something isn't right. I want the 1/4 inch edge where the flying geese meet with the shaded patch. Each of my flying geese were trimmed to size but I didn't trim the unit. On ringo lake seems to be taking forever to make 50 blocks.

Yep that is it. I evidently had a batch that was a little too big and was taking it out on the edge. silly goose.

I have tried to remember where I was on the patriotic boxy stars. I sewed 2 rows together to move it along. I have really been ...

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January 8, 2018
carolina mystery from Making A Lather

My personal goal is to finish all the Quiltville mystery quilts while Jo of  Jo's Country junction is finishing all the quilts in the string fling book. I count 17 quilts, which is more than Bonnie usually puts in a book. I would prefer to concentrate on them in order. Since that would be the oldest. Here is a list of what I have and need to do. mystery #1 is Carolina Crossroads from 2007. It was on the website first and then included in Bonnie Hunter book Scraps and shirttails. The top and first border are done and ...

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Weekly update: ORL halfway, and other accomplishments from With Strings Attached

The Thomas Fire is the largest-ever fire in California.  Grace posted the announcement of a block drive to make quilts for the victims.  The drive is for this specific block (split 9-patch). One yard of fabric for these seven blocks which I mailed off on Saturday.

In other flinging:  I offered the presser feet from my now-deceased Pfaff on two Yahoo sales groups and had a taker within fifteen minutes. (And messages for days afterward, even though I posted a follow up stating that they were spoken for.)   I replied to a sales group request for neutral scraps. I emptied ...

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January 7, 2018
Stash report January 7, 2018 from Making A Lather

I ended 2017 in the hole 8 3/4 yards for my fabric stash report. I finished enough quilts and gave away 90 + yards to say that I used 354 1/2 yards of fabric.
I purchased or brought home 363 1/4 yards of fabric and I didn't really have any place to put it. So some of it got sent to the attic to live. How sad. I would like to say I will do better next year at not buying or adding fabric. But that was my intention last year. I am a sucker for ...

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January 4, 2018
another clue done from Making A Lather

All of these are done for On ringo lake mystery quilt

And I had to try one...

Lynette asked how I had altered my quiltville mystery quilt expectations so that I had enjoyed it more this year.
I have worked on the older mysteries over the years after the fact. In other words, all the clues were available but the quilt was revealed. I enjoyed them so much better. I asked myself why. It wasn't that I needed to see the quilt first. It was that all the information about the colors was available at once. I could pick ...

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January 3, 2018
6 and 6 and one monthly goal from Making A Lather

We are finally up in the double digits outside but our thermostat won't rise above 66 - sigh... and a flat tire sigh....
I have finished clue 6 of On ringo lake quiltville mystery quilt. I used 10- 3 1/2 inch strips cut with my accuquilt die and the essential triangle tool to make the coral triangles. I didn't have any trimming to do since each of the pieces were accurate ( for a change).

I wanted to make a list for my One monthly goal at Elm street quilts.

For the month of January, I am hoping to ...

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January 2, 2018
mystery quilts from Making A Lather

Time to hurry and finish the on ringo lake mystery quilt from quiltville. Bonnie has ramped up the last of the clues and today was the reveal. I am toggling between the last clues. I needed to starch the fabric for the coral triangles in clue 6. I have a few more to trim on clue 5 and I have sewn half of the clue 7 together because the pieces were all done earlier.
I am choosing to do the studio 180 technique for the flying geese using the wing clipper template. I used it in clue 2 and I ...

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December 29, 2017
flying geese clue from Making A Lather

I have finished clue 4 for On RIngo Lake mystery quilt at Quiltville.

And I have cut all of clue number 5. I am excited to use the wing clipper again to make the flying geese. I talked about how I did it here.

Clue 6 came out today, and looks to be an easy clue. I have found the mystery quilt to go much more smoothly this year by altering a few expectations.

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December 26, 2017
Another clue from Making A Lather

These are the pieces I am using for clue 4 of the On ringo lake mystery quilt found here at quiltville.

This time I used a 50/50 mix of starch and water. I soaked them and then hung them to dry. They were like cardboard LOL. I think the solution was a little too hard so next time I will try 60 water/40 starch.

I do like using starch. These pieces weren't going anywhere. When I used the accuquilt, they didn't even stick to the plastic cutting sheet.

Once I put the pieces together, they ...

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December 22, 2017
It's a win from Making A Lather

Susan at quiltfabrication had a blog anniversary and a giveaway. I won the opportunity to pick one of her quilt patterns. I enjoy her blog and her work, so I was very excited.

I decided I would choose

this would be a perfect quilt for a a Grandson. So so cute. I think next year, it will be time to make each of my Grandchildren a new quilt. It has been long enough and I want to concentrate on them next year. There just wasn't enough Grandchildren time this year.

Besides Christmas, I have barely had any quilting time ...

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December 18, 2017
Update: more holiday happenings, ORL Clue 4 and tying up ends from With Strings Attached

Yesterday's Christmas play at church was such fun! This year there were four skits: "It Wasn't the Hilton, You Know," "If We Do It, It Will Work" (featuring God and the initially-dubious Archangels Gabriel and Michael), "Christmas Eve at Angel School," and "Census Takers in Bethlehem" ("they told me to count the sheep and I fell asleep").   The fellowship hall was filled at the potluck that followed.

In the evening we went to the Lake County Symphony Orchestra concert. There was a concerto for strings, a pops medley for brass, and "Amahl and the Night Visitors."  One family ...

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December 13, 2017
on ringo lake and accuquilt from Making A Lather

I started cutting for clue 3 of On ringo lake. I am using yardage, so I calculated that I would be able to get 8 rectangles from the WOF strip. So I would need 30 strips, but I actually cut 33. But first I starched a 60 inch piece of coral fabric.

I used the 2 inch accuquilt die and the 5 inch  accuquilt die to cut the rectangles.

 I calculated that I would need 5 fat quarters to get all the neutral squares I would need. IT would have been just as easy to cross cut on the ...

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December 11, 2017
ringo lake and wing clipper from Making A Lather

I decided to use the Deb Tucker wing clipper for my flying geese in clue #2.
I cut the squares at 4 1/2 inches and the small squares at 2 1/2 inches.  I figured I would get 9 squares from each strip of coral and I needed 50 so I needed 6 strips, which was 27 inches. I cut 28 inches and thoroughly starched the fabric before cutting. My measurements for the 2 1/2 inch squares as I was using fat quarters were that I would need 5 fat quarters and 200 squares, which I thoroughly starched ...

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December 9, 2017
On Ringo Lake, part #2 from With Strings Attached


On Saturday evening we enjoyed the Carthage College Christmas concert featuring the college choirs and orchestra.  Tickets are free and they go quickly. When I checked in early November all three performances were sold out. I mentioned that to a friend who gave me two tickets she couldn't use.  The concert was wonderful and we are grateful to our friend.

# # # # # # # # # # #

I'm working on Clue #2 of On Ringo Lake.  I have trouble with "light neutrals" -- white-on-white and cream-on-cream I can handle, but subtle little prints and not-white and not-cream lights are harder. On the other hand, my stash ...

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triangles from Making A Lather

I cut these 1/2 square triangles the wrong size. I needed 2 1/2 and they were cut 2 inches. I didn't want to waste them, so I planned to sew them later. I have moved them several times around my sewing room as I need space to work on other projects. I am tired of them not finding a home.

I just decided to sew them and put them in the pieces and parts bins with other bonus triangles.After all the procrastinating, they took 15 minutes and were now more useful.

 I also have been piling ...

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