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March 13, 2019
Ask Sassy! Quilting Questions… from The Sassy Quilter

Ask Sassy!

Today’s quilty question:

What do I try if my thread keeps breaking???

Well, first things first… Completely re-thread your machine and bobbin.

white singer sewing machine

Photo by Jonas Kakaroto on

If that doesn’t do the trick… Let’s look at your thread and needle!

When quilting we are generally using a 40 or 50wt cotton thread. If using a special type of thread, you may need a special needle. Otherwise, a universal needle should be fine.

Secondly…. When did you last change your needle??? This is one of the biggest things we as quilters forget to do ...

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November 4, 2018
Organizing Your Longarm Quilting Room from The Free Motion Quilting Project

I recently received a question about how to fit a longarm quilting frame into a room.  I’m in between projects on the longarm this week so it was the perfect time to share a little tour of my longarm / embroidery room and how I set it up!

Quick links to my longarm machine and frame and other helpful quilting tutorials:

Understand how a Longarm Works

I recently received a question from a quilter interested in purchasing a longarm. She asked specifically if the frame could be collapsed when it wasn’t being used or pushed against a wall.

As ...

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