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July 5, 2014
History of Quilts in America - Happy 4th of July!!! from Liz B Quilting

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to actually research this myself, but when I Googled "History of Quilts" I found this wonderful site:

The history of quilts began long before European settlers arrived in the New World. People in nearly every part of the world had used padded fabrics for clothing, bedding, and even armor. With the arrival of the English and Dutch settlers in North America, quilting took on a new life and flourished.

The term "quilt" comes from the Latin <i>culcita</i>, meaning a stuffed sack.  The word has come to ...

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January 27, 2014
Man Quilters!!! from Liz B Quilting

So, there is something going on in quilting right is not a completely new phenomenon, we have all heard of Ricky Tims -, and Jamie Wallen - etc., but it seems to be going more mainstream!!!!  I discovered it this summer, right after I opened the new studio for Liz B. Quilting, when a man came in and asked me to quilt for him.  He was with his wife and just like a used car sales man, I kept trying to talk to her, so she let me know ...

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December 1, 2013
A Thanksgiving Blog... from Liz B Quilting

I wake up in the morning and I cannot believe that this is my life…  I tried to think up the things I am thankful for and it was impossible!  I am thankful for EVERYTHING!  I am first thankful to God and then to my husband who stands with me in the wonderful life that I get live and my family who made me who I am…my Mother especially without whom I would not be strong; determined nor capable as I am today. 

I am thankful for my home, the good food I can afford, the nice clothes I ...

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November 11, 2013
Love This Musical Paper Pieced Quilt in the Studio Today at Liz B. Quilting! from Liz B Quilting

Cool Music Paper Piece Quilt in the studio today : D

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November 10, 2013
Spa Treatment for Bella from Liz B Quilting

A few weeks ago, it was time to do some maintenance on Bella (my 12' frame and 26' sew head with Autopilot).  I call this giving her the "Spa Treatment".  I love the Innova because it is so easy to do this "spa treatment" and it makes her so happy! 

First you get some rubbing alcohol and some cotton swabs...

Then you dip the cotton swab into the alcohol and wipe all the white wheels on the carriage...

Then, put some alcohol on a paper towel and wipe off the tracks on the carriage and the frame...

Then, wet a ...

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October 20, 2013
Borders...Gone Wavy!!! from Liz B Quilting

Ruffle border before...

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Now AWESOME Quilt! from Liz B Quilting

Awesome quilt!

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Borders Done Right!!! from Liz B Quilting

Ruffle borders after ...

Notice the picture of the borders in the previous post...

See how they customer did 4 borders and didn't measure 3X to get the average and then cut her borders to the correct size and pin them together from the middle out...and boy did they ruffle!

I had to give the quilt back and she was very gracious about fixing it and man what a difference.  She said she cut 42" off the borders...there are 4 borders that makes almost 3" off each one (there are 16 border pieces total). 

Her quilt ...

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October 17, 2013
Freezer Paper Applique Class at Liz B. Quilting! from Liz B Quilting


Hi Everyone!

I am excited about our class this weekend on Sat Oct 19 from 10am – 4pm.  We are going to learn how to do Applique Quilting using the Freezer Paper Method.  This is a great way to make your applique come out great. 

If you are interested in learning how to Applique or you have tried this method before, but found it hard…I urge you to come to Liz B. Quilting at 2757 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Ste 117, Stafford VA 22554 for this class!  Ann Littleton is teaching this class and is a well-known quilting instructor here in ...

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October 13, 2013
More Modern Quilting at Liz B Quilting in Stafford - Pattern Available! from Liz B Quilting

 Here is some more modern quilting at Liz B. Quilting...

Modern Quilting can be recognized by the modular pattern of the blocks, the non traditional placement of the pattern of the blocks and the use of solid or modern print fabric with geometric quilting. 

I am selling this pattern if you are interested...just let me know.

What do you all think about Modern Quilting?

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October 7, 2013
So Cool, Modern Quilting at Liz B. Quilting in Stafford, VA!!! from Liz B Quilting

Modern quilting at Liz B Quilting!!!

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Crazy AWESOME Modern Quilting at Liz B. Quilting! from Liz B Quilting

Here is the stitching!!!!

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This is the back...can you believe it? at Liz B. Quilting! from Liz B Quilting

And the back!!!

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Modern Quilting at Liz B. Quilting! from Liz B Quilting

And the back stitching!!!

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October 4, 2013
Innova at Fredericksburg Expo Center!!! from Liz B Quilting

Come out to see us at the Quilting & Sewing Expo at the Fredericksburg Expo Center, VA : D

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What a Difference the Quilting Makes... from Liz B Quilting

1st quilt...

A customer of mine who was renting time a few weeks ago quilted this quilt...

Then, she quilted this quilt...

The crazy cool thing is that the first one the quilting is smaller and it makes the blocks look smaller...BUT they are both exactly the same!!! 

Can you see the difference????

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September 30, 2013
A Day of Rest from Liz B Quilting

I taught a Custom Longarming Class on Sat., which was AWESOME and have a tendency to work all the time in order to accommodate the schedules of my customers...however,

I am feeling so GREAT this morning after a day of rest.  When you are starting your own business you have a tendency to work 7 days a week and 24 hours a day...(not literally, but you just never set your stress down). 

I did a puzzle with my son, went shopping with my family and took a nap : D...

I read an amazing article in my e-mail this ...

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September 23, 2013
Quilts of Last Week!! from Liz B Quilting

Wow, I had a wonderful busy week last week!  Here are some great pics of the GREAT quilts I was privileged to work on the last few weeks!!

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September 5, 2013
Innova Sequin Attachment...WHAT?!!! from Liz B Quilting

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August 26, 2013
Shout Out to My Supporters!! from Liz B Quilting

I am so blessed!  There is no way that I could do what I do at Liz B. Quilting without my supporters! 

My biggest supporter is my husband...he picks up all the slack at home while I am starting my business.  He understands that in the beginning you really have to give it all you have to be successful.  This weekend, he did the laundry, took my son to a birthday party and had dinner on the table for me Sunday night when I got home from work.  How awesome is that!!! 

My second biggest supporter is my Mom ...

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