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March 28, 2023

Where does the time fly.
I can't seem to keep up with what the heck I am doing.
I guess that's because my husband has a lot of health issues
and my focus has been on him...where it belongs.

SEW... A winter quilt retreat with my Kwilty Girls
was JUST what I needed. 

Tami and Kim up to some creative goodness.

Lucinda is a maniac behind her machine...and well everywhere!

Here are a few of her weekend finishes.


Patty has many irons in the fire!

She finished two baby quilts retreat weekend
for baby showers the ...

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January 23, 2023
The Magic of Stitching Retreats! from Quilting through Rose-colored Trifocals!

I'm just home from a 4-day stitching retreat in rural central Ohio!  Do you have the opportunity to get away from your at-home sewing area and devote yourself to some stitching?  I hope so because I find it's a great way to refresh my state of mind!

I've been hosting and attending retreats for many years.  I've graduated (finally) from taking more than two people could accomplish in the allotted time to a reasonable assortment that keeps me busy and delivers a morale boost of reaching a few goals (not necessarily "finishes").   This time I also ...

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January 20, 2023
Retreating Part 2 from Humble Quilts

It has been a wonderful and productive week of sewing and deepening friendships!

Here's a little more sewing that took place.(check out Wednesday's post if you missed it! HERE)

I made a test block for the house quiltalong with Cecile. I wasn't sure I wanted to use my French General fabrics for this project, but after making this and leaving it out to look at for a day or two, I thought, YES, I do ! So here is block one. I think it measures about 5"x7"
I got a chance to work on my turkey ...

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January 18, 2023
Retreating from Humble Quilts

 I've got a few photos to share from our retreat. We are having a wonderful week!
This is Carrie's amazing and beautiful cross stitch. 
We helped Carrie make a plan on using this adorable cow panel. Can't wait to see it!

Christy gets the award for staying focused on her projects. 

Here is her temperature quilt started in 2020. the strip that is on the bottom is her legend and going on the back. She got her back pieced but I didn't get a photo. It's ready to go to the quilter.

A little quilt ...

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November 5, 2022
Oregon Quilt Retreat... from May Your Bobbin Always Be Full

I have returned to Oregon from 

the Idaho Retreat

I attended last week...

I put the Reflected Harmony quilt top,

I have in progress, up on the design wall...

I completed the central part of the quilt top

in Idaho last week...

Now that I am back in Oregon,

I will cut up these border fabrics

and stitch them onto the quilt top...

I am attending a quilt retreat here

in Oregon this week:

I have 4 borders added at this point...

The Flying Geese Border is the 4th border...

Adding the 5th border...

5 Borders.....1 more to go ...

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November 2, 2022
Coming Soon! from Terificreations's Weblog

Happy Wednesday Friends! I posted this on one of the social media channels yesterday: Musings over coffee:Quilting is a gift filled with promise, hope, simplicity, complexity, beauty, hot messness. Each one of us gets to show the sublime uniqueness of our self, it is sometimes incredibly vulnerable and sometimes guarded like a castle surrounded by… Continue reading Coming Soon!

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Idaho Retreat....Part 2 from May Your Bobbin Always Be Full

Here are Show 'n Tell images

from the Quilters at the Idaho Retreat 

Larissa finished stitching her

log cabin blocks together...

She is making piano key borders...

The perfect border treatment 

for the Log Cabin quilt

Karen is piecing table runners...

Penny's Sampler Quilt

Sharon's Quilt Top

Sue's paper pieced fruits and veggies

Sue's 1930's Depression Era quilt top

Penny pinned her tulip block to the window...

She is making progress on her tulips

Penny also pieced this pony quilt top

Karen's pink and brown 9 patch and star quilt

Ann's amazing hand ...

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Idaho Quilt Retreat.....Part 1 from May Your Bobbin Always Be Full


Idaho Quilt Retreat

I am 600 miles from home...

This is my home away from home 

for the next week.

I am all set up for a week of stitching !

I am at the 

Twinlow Camp in Rathdrum, Idaho

with the Bossom Buddies group...

I have been coming here for 20 years...

This is our view as we stitch along...

Each quilter serves one meal during the week...

I am all set up with my trusty 

Bernina 801 travel machine...

I brought along the Reflected Harmony BOM

that I started last Spring in Oregon...

I am hoping to make lots ...

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October 17, 2022
Design Boards... from May Your Bobbin Always Be Full

 I have been using design boards

aka flannel boards for years...

I decided to make some pretty ones

with a bound edge treatment...

They are basically a foam core board

covered with batting and

bound with binding.

I use them to lay out the pieces of a quilt block

to keep it in order while I am stitching it together.

I also use them to carry fabrics and binding

from the cutting table to the sewing table

to the ironing board.

You can prop the design board up

in a book stand or small easel to keep it vertical

while ...

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October 8, 2022
WHEN QUILTY GIRLS GATHER from Kwilty Pleasures

It was a FABULOUS Quilty Girl's Retreat!
This post is a bit long, lots of pictures, but it all!

Meet...Kim, Tami and Lucinda!

Patty, Me and Kathy

A Thursday - Sunday adventure!
The sewing room area was huge with 8 large tables
2 ironing boards, 2 designs walls
and a large cutting area right beside this room!

Kathy was thinking about all the HST she needed.

To make a Fall Breeze quilt top!
We all drooled over this one!

Lucinda showed her 'crack' (inside joke)!

Her Christmas Tree quilt top was sew pretty!

Staggered rows look pretty ...

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August 8, 2022
Spring House Retreat from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

Staying at Spring House Retreat involved a lot of FIRSTs. 

We had the cat wrangling incident -- more on that tomorrow. We were ten people, which is the largest group that we've ever had and I wasn't sure if I would like it. Too many conversations at the same time, too crowded, too noisy, etc. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised and YES there were times when there were too many conversations going on at the same time but I was in the corner and I just tuned them out! Actually, it's not the number ...

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August 7, 2022
Green Tea and Sweet Beans update from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

 It was bound to happen. I've been so lucky with all the bushwhacking I've been doing. Zero issues with plants that didn't agree with me. 

However, yesterday, I decided to explore a trail that wasn't good, and now I'm in trouble. Let's start at the beginning. 

I thought I'd go geocaching one more time, but I got about 3 KM from the house when I realized I did NOT have a pen. OK -- so maybe I'll go exploring and see if there's anything easy to get, and I'll go today ...

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August 6, 2022
Adventures in geocaching from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

 Oh my -- they will have to pry all ten of us out of this house tomorrow! In the past, we've consistently filled the retreat house with the maximum number of people, and we were pretty happy, although we were always cramped, especially for sewing. Then during the pandemic, only a few of us could go, and we liked the peace and having plenty of room to work. 

So this house can sleep 12, and we weren't sure if we wanted to fill it, so we came with ten. But it could easily hold twelve people, and for sewing ...

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August 5, 2022
LOST! from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

So if I were to attend a quilt retreat in heaven, I would want it to be a super retreat. Well, I'm not in heaven, but I think we hit the jackpot in retreat houses. Yes -- I'm on quilt retreat again, and this one got planned simply because this new house opened, and I WANTED to be part of the action. 

If I were looking for the ideal retreat, this is it. It's hard to find fault with anything here. You can check it out - it's called Spring House Retreat. Let's see -- it's ONE ...

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July 22, 2022
Quilt Retreat packing list from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

 I think my neighbor heard me! While my lights came on at dusk, her house was dark! Maybe they are not on a timer. Or perhaps she only turns them on when she has company coming? Either way, I hope we don't get to see them often. I've spoken to the neighbor between us, and she hates them also as they shine into her house. Hopefully, we'll all be neighborly and get along, but the people living there are pretty elusive. You rarely see them. Actually, I think it's just one person who lives there. 

But ...

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May 22, 2022
Quilt Retreat....Day 5 from May Your Bobbin Always Be Full

Look at this gorgeous Quilt ! 

My aunt made this and I fell in love with it...

I foolishly decided I needed to make it too !

I have been working on this on Mondays

@ the Quilt Palace:

Reflected Harmony

Quilt Kit

16 different fabrics....neatly labeled

Here we go.....Month 1:

Month 2:

Months 1 and 2.....on the Design Wall

Here it is Day 5 of the Quilt Retreat:

I whipped out Month 3 and began cutting...

There was so much cutting to do,

I just had to find a way to 

organize all of the pieces:

Zip Loc bags ...

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Quilt Retreat....Day 4 from May Your Bobbin Always Be Full

Just had to start out with Linda's

wonderful Pumpkin Seed quilt top: 

She started this a year ago and has been

diligently stitching on it every Monday...

Yes, each petal is surrounded with Ric Rac

Larissa is putting together her very first

Log Cabin Quilt top...

Debbie is making this Jelly Roll Hobo Bag...

It was FUN watching her stitch all of these

gorgeous batiks

The Quilt Palace Kitty

enjoyed chasing these long tubes

as Debbie stitched them.....yikes!

Here is the body of the bag

waiting for a handle...

Inside Pockets...

Finished Hobo Bag....Wonderful !

This is what ...

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May 21, 2022
Quilt Retreat......Day 2 from May Your Bobbin Always Be Full


I brought my vintage Yo Yo top to the retreat

for Show 'n Tell:

It was made during the depression
and is approaching 90 years old...

It has inspired me to create my own Yo Yo top...

I carry mine in this canvas dowel bag:

I made this a few years back...

My Yo Yo top is getting larger and is

outgrowing the dowel bag...

This is a much larger dowel bag:

I ice dyed and machine quilted the fabric,

then my aunt created the bag for me...

I have decided to make a larger 

canvas dowel bag

to carry ...

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Large Florals.....Progress from May Your Bobbin Always Be Full

I spent this week with the

Harlan Valley Quilters

at the HVQ Spring Quilt Retreat 2022


I took along my new large flowers quilt top...

I decided I want this quilt to fit my bed,

so I added more of the white background

around all 4 borders...

This white background will give me lots

of open space for some FUN quilting designs...

I have the background fabric ironed

and ready to baste...

We have a big work table where we

spray baste our quilts together...

I spray baste with Odif 505 spray...

no odor and it sticks really well 

and ...

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May 10, 2022
2022 Travels, so far:) from Nestlings By Robin

Mostly a picture post:)
In February/beginning 
of March,
we were still traveling
to various quilt guild shows
so that I could do 
Our view in Daytona...
Above: Naples at night
Below: Naples in day
(both views from our hotel).
After Naples, I had a ton
of work to catch up on 
including another magazine 
quilt coming later this 
year to AQ magazine.

Finally, in April, I had 
a bit of time to recharge
when I attended a FAB
quilt retreat at the 

The group of talent
and kindness at retreat
Sooo many laughs
and ...

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