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September 10, 2021
Quilt donations for Lake County, CA from The Crafty Quilter

Hi everyone. Many fires are still burning in California. So many of you have already donated quilts to various groups including WE CARE. I have recently been contacted by another group, Bike Angels United, who are looking for quilt donations for fire survivors in Lake County, California. In August, the Cache fire burned 56 homes to the ground, the majority of which were located at two mobile home parks. This displaced many who are low income and/or older folks, all of whom lost everything in the fire.

In 2015, Candy Alcott started Bike Angels United by giving away 30 ...

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August 21, 2021
Smokey Skies from Needle and Foot

I write a post something along these lines annually. That is because out here in dry, dry California we have fire season every year now. This year it started terribly early, back in June. A few weeks ago, for the first time, we had a fire happen very close to our property and it was scary. Fortunately the River Fire was contained in time but my husband did have the car packed and ready to evacuate as we were in the group that would be called next, if the fire spread. That was far too close for comfort.

Smokey skies ...

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November 30, 2020
Year in Review – A look at 2020 with Missouri Star from The Cutting Table Quilt Blog - A Blog for Quilters by Quilters

As we look back over the past twelve months, we’re simply amazed! We were touched by the love from our followers, the support of our customers, the kind hearts of each and every one of our hardworking team members, and the selflessness within the quilting community. Despite this challenging year, we’ve been able to accomplish so much together.

Thanks to you, Missouri Star is celebrating yet another great year of quilting! It’s been filled with inspiring stories from quilters all around the world, brand new products created with you in mind, exciting tutorials that have inspired many ...

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September 15, 2020
Give Love | Quilting for a Cause – Together We Can Change the World One Stitch at a Time from The Cutting Table Quilt Blog - A Blog for Quilters by Quilters

When you give a quilt, you’re giving so much more than a simple present. A quilt is a gift of time, a gift of patience, a gift straight from the heart with love in every stitch! There are so many wonderful charitable organizations that welcome handmade quilts with open arms. If you’re looking for an opportunity to give love, we’re here to help you find a place to send your beautiful quilts, fabric, supplies, and donations. Thank you so much for everything you do! Together we can change the world one stitch at a time.

How We ...

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