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October 17, 2014
Proud Moments from Quilt Matters

You know that feeling of joy and pride when you finish a quilt? I love that feeling.

Since I started teaching quilting, I've been surprised to find that I get that same feeling when students show me their finished quilts. I see how proud they are of their work and it, in turn, makes me feel proud that I had some role in that. It's awesome!

Recently, Heather Williams, who took my Modern Free Motion Quilting Sampler class back in February, showed me her finished quilt. Whoa! She took it to a whole new level!

She expanded on ...

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October 16, 2014
Ghost Mug Rug Tutorial from Patchwork Posse

The season of ghosts and ghouls is quickly coming.  To add a bit of fun to the Halloween holiday, I decided that some ghosts were in order.

I am a big fan of hot cocoa in the chilly morning, accompanied by something yummy.  Mug rugs are the perfect size to fit just a little sip and nibble.  I love them becuase you can try a few quilt techniques out (like the quilt as you go technique) without commiting to something on a large scale.

You can make a few to send to neighbors, or put the candy out on….or ...

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October 14, 2014
AROUND THE WORLD BLOG HOP..... from That's Sew Kerry

The Makings of An Autumn Triple Star!!

I have been tagged in the Around the Blog World by my fellow Bee member Pam, over on Sewing Wilde all the way from Western New York. If you haven't yet seen Pam's blog make sure you check it out, she has some wonderful tutorials on there and many inspirational projects to keep you entertained over these horrid cold evenings!!

As I didn't get any responses back from the people around the world I asked if I could tag, I am going to have to bully my quilting bestie Kerry ...

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September 19, 2014
Quilt As You Go Denim Quilt Finish from BADLANDS QUILTS: Rugged & Refined

This denim quilt was intended to be finished for a Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild upcycle project, but my original vision ended in a bit of a kerfuffle and got set aside.  My husband has wanted a denim quilt to take to deer camp for sometime, so last fall I decided to finally tackle the project.

My inspiration came from a post of Krista's that she shared about a Gee's Bend class that she attended. She used brown pant legs for portions of a large courthouse step block.  From there, my mind turned my jean leg portions into strips ...

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September 12, 2014
15+ Quilt As You Go Bag & Pouch Tutorials from Patchwork Posse

The quilt as you go method has stolen my heart….and my time!  I love how quick it is and how finished it makes the projects you are sewing up.

This time I thought that having a quick reference place for bags and pouches would be fun.

18 quilt as you go bag & pouch tutorials | patchworkposse | easy sewing projects and free quilt tutorials

This size of a quilt as you go project is perfect for giving the technique a try, and even better for all the little bits of fabric you have hanging around in your sewing area!

All of the projects are in tutorial style and are free….that’s even better!

If you need ...

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August 25, 2014
#blockadayjuly quilt from On the Windy Side

Dear quilt-as-you-go,

I'm sorry.  I thought you were kind of lame.  An inferior method only to be used in extremis.  

#blockadayjuly quilt 

Well, I was wrong.  I was unfairly maligning you. 

#blockadayjuly quilt 

It was so much easier to quilt the blocks as I made them.  Putting them together really wasn't hard and I like the sashing effect.  

#blockadayjuly quilt 

And, I love how the back looks - you let me make it much more interesting than it otherwise would have been.

#blockadayjuly quilt 

  So, quilt-as-you-go, thanks for the lesson and I'll be seeing you again.  Lots of love, Adrianne.

#blockadayjuly quilt 

These are the blocks I made ...

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August 19, 2014
SLOW PROGRESS..... from That's Sew Kerry

Borders and Fillers

It's been an aaaagggee since I have had some spare minutes to sit down and update you on the various projects I have been working on. Life just really got in the way over the last few weeks, I have had some big life changes and upheavals which have really knocked my sideways - Oh and Festival of Quilts squueeeellll- but I am feeling much happier and getting back on track, so here we go.......

You may recall I have been working on something special for my wonderful Daddy who turned 50 at the beginning of August ...

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July 28, 2014
Block a Day July - Week 4 from On the Windy Side

Oh no - I nearly forgot to post my fourth week of blocks! Oops! Anyway, here are all 27 of my blocks so far - I almost can't believe there are only 4 more to make! 


This week's blocks, all in the bottom row: 21 July - Forecast of overnight snow, 22 July - Time for an early night, 23 July - Anyone for a cuppa?, 24 July - Star flower, 25 July - Croque-madame, 26 July - Lazy Saturday, 27 July - Scrappy log cabin.

My quilt is continuing to be pretty eclectic and scrappy, which I'm loving.  Here is the link-up for everyone who ...

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July 21, 2014
Block a Day July - Week 3 from On the Windy Side

This weekend I managed to take a quick photo of all my blocks so far.  I'm quite pleased with how my quilt is coming along (and that I'm more than halfway through the month).

Block a Day July - Weeks 1 to 3

This week's blocks, all in the bottom row. From left to right: 14 July - Fussy catting, 15 July - Stars, 16 July - Dreaming of summer (it's so bloody cold at the moment), 17 July - Drifting away.  Nine patch because that was what I was teaching that night, colours chosen because of that annoying but catchy song. 18 July - Nearly didn't happen but ...

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July 14, 2014
Block a Day July - Week 2 from On the Windy Side

I've been keeping up with my block a day challenge so far.  I was sick for most of the week so there were a couple of days which were a struggle (and these blocks were really the only sewing I did all week, apart from a bit of hand quilting on the sofa!).

Block a Day July - Week 2

Top row: 7 July - Hand quilted, 8 July - I love yellow, 9 July - Here's one I prepared earlier (started on Sunday but finished on Wednesday), 10 July - Improv lettering inspired by Chawne.

Bottom row: 11 July - My quilt just needed a lovely Melody Miller lady ...

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July 9, 2014
Quilt as you go Scrappy Ornaments Tutorial from Patchwork Posse

Today is a surprise– Christmas in July!!!  I am teaming up with a few awesome others to bring you some fantastic easy, quick, and super cute ornaments!

For my ornament, I thought I would use a previous felt ornament template….but with a new twist.  Using the quilt as you go technique, you can sew these up with all your tiny little fabric scrap bits.  No piece is too small for this.  In fact, the ornaments will look scrappier if you use smaller pieces!

scrappy ornaments | quilt as you go | patchwork posse | easy sewing projects and free quilt tutorials

Materials Needed:

Print felt ornaments template

scrap fabric- little or big bits of co-ordinating fabric

batting- ...

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July 7, 2014
Block a Day July - Week 1 from On the Windy Side

Since my decision last week to make a 6.5" square quilt-as-you-go block each day for the month of July, I've been doing exactly that.  Here are my first six blocks.

Block a Day July - the first 6 

Top row, from left to right:  1 July - Passport photo (imaginary self), 2 July - Hello winter, 3 July - Hand printed fabric and thoughts for a friend who had a sad day.

Bottom row, from left to right: 4 July - Dinner with friends (we talked a lot), 5 July - Scaled down star (and liberty just because), 6 July - Hourglass block for a busy day.

Block a Day July - the first 6

For a tutorial on how ...

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June 26, 2014
Flag Pillow Tutorial – Quilt as You Go Technique from Patchwork Posse

This design has been stewing for a bit.  I finally snuck in a few sewing minutes and put it together.   Lately I have been having a lot of fun with the quilt as you go method.

After sketching a few things, I figured out how to make the flag layout work…… so happy with how it turned out!

I am not one to dec my whole house with holiday stuff, but it’s been awhile since I’ve had anything new for the 4th of July month.  This project is perfect.  It sews up pretty quick, and since it is ...

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June 6, 2014
Quilt as You Go Patchwork Bags -class review pt 1 from Patchwork Posse

Recently I have become a major fan of the Quilt As You Go technique.  I have tried it out on a few projects, but this is just me experimenting and not really knowing what I was doing….just giving a few stitches a try.

I knew that I wanted to finish the projects a little quicker, and that I loved having the projects look quilted, or more finished on the outside.  To achieve this look I gave the quilt as you go method a try.  sigh…… I’m smitten!

quilt as you go online sewing class  review | patchworkposse

After giving a few projects a try, I found out that ...

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June 4, 2014
Teacher gifts in progress - WIP Wednesday from Closet Quilter

Before I begin, I want to thank everyone who left a comment on my recent post about originality in patchwork.  Your advice and encouragement are just what I needed to work out my own feelings and move forward.  Thank you all!

There are only a few more days of school left, and I can't believe how much there is still left to do.  I've focused all my spare time on teacher gifts and I'm nearly done.

teacher gift in progress

I'm working on a Divided Basket (pattern from Noodlehead), and my 3rd Tinker Tote from the Craftsy class, "Quilt-As-You-Go: Patchwork ...

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May 25, 2014
New to Me in May from Celtic Thistle Stitches

Welcome to this month's link up for

where we celebrate the trying of something new whether it was successful or not!

This month I have had a go at a new method of paper-piecing, well new to me anyway :)

Paper-piecing on stabiliser is certainly something I had never tried before and I am pleased to report that it seems to work!

Well, those points are much neater than anything I have achieved in the past.

I have also been trying out a new to me method of quilting on a quilt for my brand-new great nephew. I read Benta ...

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May 22, 2014
NEW YORK BEAUTIES from That's Sew Kerry

Triangles, Points and Piecing

It's no secret I spend hours and hours of my life on Pinterest, I mean who needs to iron and dust? Honestly?! It was on one of these 'research' afternoons that I stumbled across a picture of an amazing quilt, it really was just so beautiful I had to investigate further!! Enter Karen K. Stone!! 

The image I found was in fact the cover of Karen's wonderful book Karen K. Stone Quilts, which can be found at many great book stores and quilting suppliers, so can her program for EQ7 as it happens!! The ...

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May 20, 2014
soy amado blocks set sail! from ocd: obsessive craft disorder

Starting earlier this year, Alison at Little Island Quilting started a quilt charity to benefit street children in Mexico, inspired by a recent visit she had taken to their group home.  She started making and collecting quilted blocks to assemble into quilts to gift to these children, to add a little colour and something special in their lives, something just their own.  To date, she has made 23 (!!) quilts to send!

I decided I wanted to contribute, and Alison and I both blogged that I would collect blocks from other Canadian quilters who wished to as well, and I would ...

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Quilt as You Go Zipper Pouch Tutorial from Patchwork Posse

Today I am over on Ellison Lane– sharing this Quilt as you go zipper pouch.    This is part of A Patchwork Summer Series.  It runs from May 12- July 30th…and it will be FULL of fantastic tutorials, ideas and things to get you sewing during the summer.  I was one of the lucky gals to be sewing along and sharing something.


Before you head on over to find out how to do it….how about I share a little bit.

A Zipper pouch comes in so handy…especially during the summer time.  I find myself in the car a ...

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May 16, 2014
A Perfect Quilted Tote from Mama Love Quilts

Have you ever made anything that you love to bits?

I just finished making this Perfect Quilted Tote and I'm loving it to smithereens!


I used the Perfect Quilted Tote by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh Fransson. I made the wide version, using the "quilt as you go" or QAYG method. I started with a piece of fabric on a layer of batting and backing.


Bit by bit, I pieced and quilted until I had two quilted panels.


The process can involve improvisation as you add one piece and then another without a planned layout. Of course, you could plan ...

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