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June 18, 2019
Charm Squared tutorial! Takes just 2 charm packs and background fabric! from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

Charm Squared is one of our most popular patterns, but we are just now getting around to making a video on it. Quilters love it because you can make it with just two charm packs and some background yardage and it is super easy.

You just make a bunch of half square triangles, put them together and you’ve got this fun, quick quilt. And since you just need two 5-inch charm packs, this is a great way to use up some of the charm packs you have been collecting.

We also have made up several quilt kits using the ...

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April 23, 2019
Fat Quarter Friendly, Strip Piecing Quilt Tutorial! Watch How to Make Trellis from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

In this Stashin’ with Stephanie video I show you how to:

  • Strip piece to create a quilt top quickly
  • Plan your fabric placement to create plus signs with fabric
  • Press your seams open so they are super flat

So even if you don’t want to make this quilt, there are lots of good tips and tricks to take your piecing to the next level, so check it out!

For this month’s Stashin’ with Stephanie pattern I was really inspired by the large floral scene in Wildwood by Rifle Paper Company for Cotton + Steel.

I wanted to create the ...

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March 11, 2019
Easy Wild Swirls! How to Quilt an All-Over Free Motion Quilting Design from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

Wild Swirls is a great skill builder stencil. It is a combination of swirls and swoops that is perfect to try once you feel like you have the basic swirl down and want to try something fancier.

Its organic shape can look like fire on a hot orange, yellow or red quilt, or like leaves on a floral quilt. And its beautiful design is pretty enough to stand out on its own in negative space on your quilt, or to create fabulous texture as an all over design on a busy quilt.

Check out today’s video to see how ...

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March 4, 2019
Make an Emoji Pillow with the ‘Sew Emoji’ book from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

I met Gailen Runge, the author of “Sew Emoji”, at Quilt Festival last fall and I instantly knew I had to make an emoji pillow with my daughter and that is just what we are doing in today’s video.

This project is a great one to make for or with your kids and grandkids to get them into sewing. Because who doesn’t want a rainbow poop emoji pillow?

In the tutorial we cover how to create fusible applique, how to do a stitch and flip method of applique using fusible interfacing and how to install an invisible zipper ...

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February 4, 2019
Quilting with Rulers! Learn to finish your quilts on your home sewing machine from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

Finishing your quilts on your home sewing machine with beautiful results is absolutely possible with rulers! We’ve already done a video on using rulers on your longarm to create beautiful, precise straight lines, now we’re showing you how to get started on your domestic sewing machine.

I love rulerwork quilting because it makes me look better than I am. When you use them, your ruler foot is always in contact with the side of the ruler, which means you can get perfectly precise straight lines and curves every time.

In this video I show you the tools you ...

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December 28, 2018
Super Fast Fat Quarter Friendly Quilt Tutorial & Pattern – Garden Plot from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

In this Stashin’ with Stephanie video I show you how to use strip piecing to make a fat quarter friendly quilt FAST!

Garden Plot is a great quilt to show off fabric prints that are so lovely you just don’t want to cut them up. Featuring large pieces, you can see big sections of the design and show off the motifs you love.

The pattern for this quilt is available in crib, lap, twin (pictured) and king.

The fabric used for this quilt is Pat Bravo Legendary for Art Gallery Fabrics.

Sign up for Stashin’ with Stephanie: https://shop ...

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November 28, 2018
No Y-Seam, Fat Quarter Friendly Starburst Pattern & Tutorial! from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

In this Stashin’ with Stephanie video, I show you how to take a fat quarter bundle and turn it into a fun NO Y-Seam star quilt.

I walk you through how to cut 60 degree diamonds and triangles from your fat quarters, sew them together with no fuss at all and pin to get perfect points every time.

This pattern is easily customizable, since two fat quarters with make two blocks. So the pattern includes fabric requirements and cutting instructions for lap, twin, full and queen sized versions of this quilt. I made a full-sized version using 20 fat quarters ...

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September 25, 2018
Official Jelly Roll Rug 2 Tutorial! from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

I am so excited! We partnered with Roma Lambson, the genius who launched the super hot Jelly Roll Rug trend again. This time we are bringing you the official tutorial on her second pattern, Jelly Roll Rug2.

The rectangle version of the popular Jelly Roll Rug Pattern, is super easy, featuring only straight strips, so it is guaranteed to lie flat when you are finished. So if you had trouble with the original, the Jelly Roll Rug 2 pattern is for you.

I have already made two using American Made Brand solid strip rolls. The neutral one following the Joanna ...

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September 17, 2018
Trending Up pattern and video tutorial – Easy beginner or fast quilt from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

I have been working with fabric companies for a little over two years to design quilt patterns that bring their fabrics to life, but I still get excited every time I am asked to take a look at a new collection months before it will be shown to quilt shop owners and quilters.

So last winter when QT Fabrics asked me to take a look at Marlena, a new line that was being developed for their Ink & Arrow modern quilting fabric division. Of course I said yes and then started to think of ways to make it work in a ...

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August 27, 2018
No Y-Seam 60-Degree Triangles! Medallion Star Pattern Tutorial from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

Today we are taking the fear out of 60-degree triangles and diamonds with Medallion Star, a Quilt Addicts Anonymous pattern that is assembled with NO Y-Seams!

Medallion Star is a great way to show off all the fabrics in a line you love or as a way to use up some of your stash. The pattern is fast and easy to assemble, with the dramatic look coming from how you use color to make the star change in hue as it expands out.

The pattern uses 17 fabrics, and features full-color instructions with a numbered assembly diagram so you won ...

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July 23, 2018
OMG I have a pattern in Quilts and More magazine! from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

When I started quilting 10 years ago quilting magazines were my lifeblood. I learned so much from the pages of magazines and they were the source of my inspiration.

I learned how to make triangles from squares, paper piece, sew curved seams. If I liked the pattern in the magazine and felt challenged by it, I made the quilt king size and mastered the technique by the time the top was finished.

So I am so excited to now have my first pattern featured in a magazine, the fall 2018 issue of Quilts and More. This isn’t new news ...

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June 19, 2018
How to Make a Quilt Label + Washing your Quilt – FREE Beginner Quilting Videos and Pattern from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

You did it! You made your first quilt! Now it is time to talk about how to take care of it so it lasts as long as possible and how to make a label so that everyone knows you are the one who worked really hard to make it!

First let’s talk about labels! It is so important that you create a label for your quilt and stitch it to the back. I show you how I create mine in the video. You want everyone to know that you made this quilt and the occasion you made it for ...

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Continuous Binding Tutorial + Mitered Corners – FREE Beginner Quilting Videos and Pattern from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

For years I was afraid of sewing continuous binding. The results are amazing. You can’t tell where you started or stopped your binding, which means now lumps or bumps where you tucked in extra fabric. But if you screw it up, OMG you have to start completely over.

But when I tried it for the first time I realized that continuous binding is actually pretty simple and nearly impossible to screw up. You just have to be able to measure and cut accurately, something we all should be a pro at by now.

We cover a ton in this ...

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June 16, 2018
How to Layer and Baste a Quilt (Make a Quilt Sandwich) – FREE Beginner Quilting Videos and Pattern from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

When I was making my first quilt I went to the fabric store to get batting and the very enthusiastic sales woman, was very excited that I was about to make my “quilt sandwich.” I nodded politely, but inside was thinking she must be nuts.

Later I learned making the quilt sandwich was the process of layering the quilt back (the bread), the batting (the warm fuzzy stuff inside aka the meat) and the quilt top (also the bread) together before you quilt it. This is also called layering and basting.

There are all kinds of methods for layering and ...

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June 15, 2018
How to Assemble a Quilt Top – FREE Beginner Quilting Videos and Pattern from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

When pattern writers and quilt magazine or book editors make assembly diagrams for putting the quilt top together, they assume you already know how to do that step and the instructions are very brief. Sometimes there aren’t instructions at all and there is just a diagram of the quilt in various pieces.

That can be very confusing when you are just getting started, because a computer generated image of a partially assembled quilt makes absolutely no sense if you don’t know the steps to get it together. So I break it down in today’s video to help ...

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June 14, 2018
How to Chain Piece Quilt Blocks – FREE Beginner Quilting Videos and Pattern from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

Once you get the hang of it, sewing and quilting is very relaxing and enjoyable. But that doesn’t mean you don’t want to speed up the process. After all, how are you going to make all the quilts that you are dreaming of in your head if each one takes forever to piece?

That is where chain piecing comes in and I show you how to do it in today’s video. With chain piecing, you sew like pieces together all at once without breaking your thread. This method saves time, because instead of sewing each block individually ...

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June 13, 2018
How to Sew a Split Nine Patch Quilt Block – FREE Beginner Quilting Videos and Pattern from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

Finally! We get to do some actual sewing! In today’s video we are going to be making the split nine patch quilt block. This is a really basic block that is very beginner-friendly, but it looks just fancy enough to wow people when you tell them this is your first quilt.

Basically all quilt blocks are put together in a grid system. You either have two rows of two (four patch), three rows of three (nine patch), four rows of four and so on.

In a split nine patch, you sew nine squares that are all the same size ...

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June 12, 2018
3 Ways to Sew a Perfect Quarter-Inch Seam Every Time – FREE Beginner Quilting Videos and Pattern from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

Step two in making quilts that turn out like they are supposed to is sewing an accurate quarter-inch seam. This isn’t hard, once you have the right tools, or know how to set your sewing machine up properly to do it.

For the first year-and-a-half I was a quilter I sewed an absolutely perfect 3/8-inch seam. I was following a quilting book that told me to line the fabric edges up with the right edge of my presser foot and I would sew a perfect quarter-inch seam.

Well, I couldn’t figure out what in the heck I ...

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June 11, 2018
How to Use a Rotary Cutter – FREE Beginner Quilting Videos and Pattern from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

In quilting, accuracy matters. A quilt is basically a giant geometric puzzle. But thankfully that math is pretty easy, and someone else has done it for you. But there are three skills you need to get down in order for your quilts to turn out right: cutting, sewing a quarter-inch seam and pressing.

Here’s the deal, all quilting pieces are cut so that when you sew a quarter-inch seam, the pieces end up the perfect size to fit together to form the design. In some quilts you really need to be right on or it is going to be ...

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June 10, 2018
What’s the Difference??? Quilt Shop vs. Chain Store Fabric – FREE Beginner Quilting Videos from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

When I started quilting I bought fabric from chain stores because I didn’t know quilt shops existed and I didn’t know the difference between the fabrics sold at the two types of businesses. And there are BIG differences that affect how long your quilt will last and how soft it will feel to the person using it.

I’ve had a little help with this video. QT Fabrics President Ken Gamache, flew to Rock Island, IL where my quilt shop is located to join me for this video and explain the differences between quilt shop and chain store ...

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