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February 14, 2019
pumpkin border from Making A Lather

I know I have lovely fall fabrics in my stash, but I couldn't find them fast enough - yes, I need better organization - so, I bought fabric at Joann for the border of my pumpkin jubilee quilt. And I am using the leftovers to make the binding. I have another quilt top in the to be quilted pile.

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February 13, 2019
star blocks from Making A Lather

Sometimes, just the way I set my pieces to be sewn can make it a bit more fun and challenging so that it doesn't get boring. I was really struggling with the star blocks for the pumpkin quilt. I had sewn the same seams 3 different times and was a little antsy. So, I played a game of seeing how few moves I could make for each step.
If I put the hsts upside down, I could pick one up with each hand, and nest the seam, and start with the part that needed to match. So that it ...

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February 8, 2019
a different kind of quilt from Making A Lather

A really good friend surprised me with a quilty gift. She made it from wood pieces assembled just like a log cabin block. The colors were created from paint. I was completely in love with it, and the thoughtfulness behind it. I love the colors, too, and find them inspirational for a real fabric quilt. I need to talk her into quilting.

In my fabric world, I have pieced the star blocks I need for the pumpkin jubilee quilt from My Carolina home. I shared recently that the hsts units had been sewn three times.

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February 6, 2019
star blocks autumn from Making A Lather

I have sewed these triangles 3 times, once without bobbin thread, once because the tension was wonky, and once the right way. practice makes perfect. I's a good thing there were not so many. I am trying to make star blocks for the pumpkin jubilee quilt that I started in the fall ( a little behind). Needless to say, they are on time out for awhile.

The border fabric I ordered has arrived for Christmas Snowflake.

And I like it. It looks like I what I saw in my head.

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Silly ...

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