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July 28, 2017
Orange, Orange and More Orange from Quilt Obsession

While I”ve gotten started on the next block, which is going to be orange, I’ve not managed to get much sewing done.

Orange pieceswtmk

In fact, this is about all there is to show so far – a little stack of pieces, waiting to be sewn together.

I’ve been busy working on what I think may be the groups of fabrics for another two orange flowers and choosing the purples for one more purple flower. Then I got to the pinks and got lost for hours, choosing fabrics that seemed just right for more pink flowers. I’ve not yet ...

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July 26, 2017
Anemone Ribbon Flower Block from Quilt Obsession

I’ve found some great websites over the past week or so with fabulous pictures of flowers and it has been to those websites that I refer when trying to name the blocks of my Ribbons of Flowers Garden Quilt. Particularly for this one …

Anemone Ribbon Flowerwtmk

… the Anemone Ribbon Flower block. And this is yet another variation. The variations with this block, depending on whether I use mirror shape images, different outer edge shapes, adding the bonus shape, fabric placement, etc. truly do seem endless!

Anemone Ribbon Flower backwtmk

The back of the Anemone Ribbon Flower. I’m really curious why the colour reads so differently ...

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July 24, 2017
Is It Half a Violet? from Quilt Obsession

I’ve got half of the next Ribbon Flower together – but I’m not sure yet just what flower it is. Is it a violet or clematis or verbena? Maybe salvia? Perhaps a pansy? I know it’s not wisteria, as I have the fabrics set aside for that – I think.

Half Purple Flowerwtmk

I can’t wait to see this one together as I think the effect with the dark shapes making up half the centre are going to give it a different look than any of the others.

It would have been finished but I spent tons of time on the ...

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July 21, 2017
The Periwinkle Ribbon Flower from Quilt Obsession

The next block for my Ribbons of Flowers Garden Quilt is complete. I got sidetracked so many times while I was making this one that it’s hard to describe!

Periwinkle Frontwtmk

But before I say a word about the distractions, the Periwinkle Ribbon Flower block.

Periwinkle Backwtmk

And from the back. I’ve graded all the seams except where the pieced flower is added to the background. Once again, I pressed the background in behind the flower as I decided I definitely like what that does to the look of the block.

What was distracting me? I kept looking for fabrics for the ...

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July 19, 2017
Slowly Growing Flower from Quilt Obsession

Half Periwinkle Blockwtmk

This is a very slowly growing flower. I had grand plans Monday afternoon of starting to sew it right away, with the thought I’d finish it yesterday. I got everything printed quickly. Then my plan went out the window.

First of all, we ended up out for hours on Monday, seeing a friend we hadn’t seen for ages. When we get together, we can talk for what seems like forever. So very little sewing got done Monday. And then yesterday, instead of sitting down and sewing, I got intent on finding just the right fabrics for more flowers ...

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July 17, 2017
The Iris Ribbon Flower from Quilt Obsession

When I was growing up, an iris was always the very first flower seen in the garden in the spring. After the months of drabness and seemingly endless days of grey skies that is our winter, that iris always seemed so rich and vibrant and such a wonderful burst of colour. When I started making the purple ribbon flower, it immediately made me think of that first iris of the spring.

Iris Ribbon Flowerwtmk

The iris ribbon flower from the front.

Back of Iris Ribbon Flowerwtmk

And the back. I have graded all but the seams of the background pieces. This time I decided to press the background ...

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July 14, 2017
Ribbons of Flowers Garden Quilt, Block 2 from Quilt Obsession

My new quilt in progress now has a working name – Ribbons of Flowers Garden Quilt. And while I’m still undecided about whether the very first Ribbon Flower block I made will go in this or the Peony Quilt, I know for sure where this one is going – in the new quilt in progress! I think I’m determined to try almost every variation I can using different fabric placement, using the bonus shape, et cetera.

Front of Pink Ribbon Flower blockwtmk

Block 2 – which is a study in pink! As of right now, I think each block will be a study in tones of one ...

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July 12, 2017
Ribbon Flower Unfolding from Quilt Obsession

I thought I’d have it finished by now, but not quite. There were a few changes I made which involved printing a few more shapes and it has slowed me down a bit.

Ribbon Flower Variation - pinkwtmk

As of now, I’ve got this pink Ribbon Flower variation a bit over halfway done, although only this portion is joined together so far. I feel relatively sure I’ll have it done for Friday’s post!


I’ve also been pulling more fabrics. This group of purples will get some other fabrics put with it and I know a purple Ribbon Flower variation is ...

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July 10, 2017
And the Next Ribbon Flower will be? from Quilt Obsession

I spent a lot of time on the weekend trying to find just the right fabrics for my next ribbon flower. And I do mean a lot. It started Friday afternoon and is still ongoing. I pull a group of fabrics, bring them out to the living room and then look at them for a few hours or a day or so.  Actually, there are three or four groupings I’m looking at and changing periodically by adding and subtracting fabrics.

Tropical seas fabricswtmk

This grouping will definitely be part of a Ribbon Flower. I know I want to add something else to ...

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July 7, 2017
A Blue Ribbon … from Quilt Obsession

Blue Ribbon Flowerwtmk

A blue ribbon flower, that is. I learned a few things sewing this one that weren’t really things I even thought about with the first pink one as that one was all batiks.

I thought the darker blue was perfect as it was not one of the thicker quilting cottons. Clearly not as fine as a batik, but it was – or so I thought – more than good enough. I was wrong. The lighter blue behaved perfectly, but not the darker one! It frayed when I was circling the intersection where all 12 of the flower petals meet. So lesson ...

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July 5, 2017
I’ve Got the Blues from Quilt Obsession

Blue Harpsichord Blockwtmk

When the Ribbon Flower collection was released last week, I was in the middle of a harpsichord  block – which, of course, got dropped midway through so I could go play with the Ribbon Flower. Now it’s finished and has joined the other finished ones in the Harpsichord Quilt project box.

Blue Fabricswtmk

When I knew a Ribbon Flower collection was going to be released, I started pulling fabrics that I thought might work together rather nicely. This was the combination that I couldn’t resist for my next ribbon flower.

Pieces for Blue Ribbon Flowerwtmk

A few minutes and I had all the pieces printed and ...

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July 3, 2017
Pink Ribbon Flower from Quilt Obsession

Ribbon Flower - Pinkwtmk

My first ribbon flower block is finished – and I’m thrilled with it! It may become Peony Quilt block number 2. Or it may become the first of a variety of ribbon flowers in a second quilt. I know I want to make all sorts of ribbon flowers in different colours, so this may be the first block of a second quilt that has been started. All the time I was working on this block, I kept thinking about hydrangea. So perhaps I’m going to go through my fabrics to find just the right fabrics for that.

It was ...

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June 30, 2017
A Ribbon Flower for the Peony Quilt from Quilt Obsession

Yesterday, the much-anticipated Inklingo Ribbon Flower collection was released and – all I can say is wow! There are so many variations possible that I think I could make a number of quilts using it and know I’m going to make a variety of blocks using different fabrics,  because I can’t possibly resist doing so. But first I had to pick out some pink batiks for a Ribbon Flower block for the Peony Quilt.

Freezer Paper & Fabric readywtmk
First I got all my freezer paper cut to size and labelled and the batiks needed for each shape.

Fabric Printedwtmk

Then a few minutes later, I ...

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June 23, 2017
Harpsichord Block Sewing Sequence from Quilt Obsession

I said I was going to do it and, as I know I’ll end up referring to this if – when the Harpsichord Quilt project ends up dormant again (which is an inevitability when the Ribbon Flower collection is released),  it will be a great resource for me.


I start with the middle square and the four black music print octagons. The first octagon gets added to the middle square but I don’t break my thread.

First Continuouswtmk

Because then I sew the second black octagon to the first. Then I start again and sew that second black octagon to the ...

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June 19, 2017
Red & White Quilt Top Done from Quilt Obsession

I reached my weekend goal Sunday afternoon and had the little red and white quilt top finished. I sewed all the blocks by hand, using various Inklingo collections to print my HSTs and squares, and then used the sewing machine to add the sashing and border.  The little top finished at 22″ square. As of yet, it’s still unnamed but I’m leaning towards just simply naming it “Canada Day 2017”. A label needs to be done for it as well.

The picture is not as good as we had hoped, but it was very windy here yesterday and ...

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June 16, 2017
Red & White and Black & White Done! from Quilt Obsession

I reached my goal and have finished piecing the little red and white blocks. All that’s left is to add a small sashing and border and get the little red and white top quilted, which I think I can possibly get done this weekend. So my little Canada Day quilt is going to be ready for July 1!

Even more exciting to me was that I finished piecing the black and white New York Beauty blocks. I love the block, and would have been happy to make many, many more – if, that is, I had been using colours rather ...

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June 10, 2017
How to Make Fold-Over Labels for Your Quilts or Other Sewing Projects from Mulberry Patch Quilts

Earlier I blogged about how to make a flat label to sew onto your quilts or other sewn items.  But today I wanted to make some folded labels to insert into the binding of my quilts for sale (see below).

QuiltLabel1I found a great tutorial by “Easy Sewing for Beginners” (HERE)  and I decided to use my Inkjet “TransferMagic” heat transfer paper.  (It has an Oops proof guarantee after all!).  Following the instructions, I created a document on MSWord, reversed the images/words, and printed it onto the heat transfer paper—being careful to put the paper into the printer ...

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June 9, 2017
More Red & White from Quilt Obsession

I made one of the little 6″ blocks over the past couple of nights, just to see how long it takes me to make a block – all hand piecing, of course. Once I knew that, I knew I wanted to make a few more. As of now I have six completed blocks, which would result in a little quilt that was 12″ x 18″ assuming I added nothing in the way of a border.

But I wanted to make it larger. So I measured the pieces of that red fabric I had left and, although I hoped against hope I ...

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June 7, 2017
Red and White Small Quilt To Be from Quilt Obsession

I had hopes, at the beginning of the year, of getting this, my red and white Canadian Starburst quilt (made with Feathered Stars and Sunflowers) , quilted in time for Canada Day as this is such a special Canada Day on July 1st, 2017 when Canada will be celebrating its 150th birthday. But that was not to be.

However, all hope of a little red and white quilt is not lost! When I was putting the Harpsichord Quilt project box away, I noticed a box with its lid slightly askew and knew I had an opportunity to make a small red ...

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June 5, 2017
The Harpsichord Quilt Project from Quilt Obsession

When I looked in the Storm at Sea project box last week, I found there was one glassine envelope in there that didn’t quite belong.

That led me to finding the Harpsichord Quilt project box.  Clearly, the lid was barely on.

When I opened it, what did I find?

Another partially finished block. At least I didn’t leave this one with a threaded needle in it! I think I’ve concluded that new Inklingo collections were released when I was in the midst of these uncompleted blocks and, knowing me, I just dropped everything to go play with ...

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