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February 24, 2014
Bunting Tutorial for Bee & Birdie Magazine... from Cass Can Sew

I'm just a tad excited! Issue 2 of Bee & Birdie Magazine has just been released and my Bunting Tutorial has been featured!

 A couple of months ago, the creator, Melissa Stampa contacted me asking if I wanted to contribute to a new digital magazine, Bee & Birdie.  Of course, I jumped at the opportunity!   

Melissa is one of those amazing women who has the ability to shine in any artistic facet that she attempts, be it photography, sewing, crochet... I could go on and on really.  Bee & Birdie Magazine is yet another successful notch under her belt!

Issue 2 features ...

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February 2, 2014
Playing with Headscarves... from Cass Can Sew

A few weeks ago I decided to draft my own headscarf pattern for baby Stephanie.  I see headscarves everywhere at the moment and just adore them.  The 50's-60's style ones look super cute on little girls.  My friend is always posting pics on Instagram of her gorgeous toddler Zara donning funky headscarves. So I thought I'd whip one up for Steph.

I think I came up with a pretty good pattern.  Only problem is the sizing wasn't quite right for babies!  This one is just a tad too big for a 5 month old, but perfect ...

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January 30, 2014
An update of sorts... from Cass Can Sew

Oh hey there blogosphere!  

It's been a while.  

Who knew having two under 3 plus a teenager could be so time consuming!  I've missed you guys. Really I have!  

The last few months have just been crazy, but I have managed to get in a little bit of sewing time. Phew.  But sneaking in a bit of sewing time here and there has left little time for this poor neglected blog.  

Also, every time for the last two weeks, when I have just sat down to start writing, this little darling decides to wake up!

I'm going ...

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October 2, 2013
Beautiful... from Cass Can Sew

Obviously, I haven't had much time for blogging, let alone sewing of late.  But I just had to share with you these gorgeous images that the wonderful, multi-craft talented Jos from Sew. Cook. Laugh. Live did for me recently.

Warning..... They will make you cluck!!!

Aren't they just beautiful!

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July 5, 2013
Vintage Pillowcase Market Bag... from Cass Can Sew

Last weekend, my father dropped by for a cuppa and came laden with vintage goodness for me.

It seems he still had some of my Nanna's lovey vintage sheets stored away.  This set is a gorgeous floral in oranges and yellows.  It's one of my favourite prints that I've had the pleasure to lay my hands on.  I've only recently used up all of the same print, but in blues and purples.

The very next morning, I got straight to it and whipped up a vintage pillowcase bag.

Rather than lining this one, like I normally ...

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June 20, 2013
Cass Can Knit... from Cass Can Sew

I'm not sure what came over me, but yesterday morning I had the sudden urge to get out my knitting needles.  I haven't knitted anything in roughly ten years.... so I completely surprised myself when I remembered how to cast on without any trouble at all.

When it came to starting my first row, I got a little stuck!  So I put out the call for help via Facebook and was met with many calls to have a look at youtube.  Rachel from Little White Dove reminded me of the little knitting repetitive chant...  In the hole, round ...

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June 13, 2013
Florally Flannelly Pajama's... from Cass Can Sew

Winter is here now in the land of Aus.  So it was high time that I whipped up a new pair of flannellette pj bottoms for little miss Hannah.

Recently, Sew Jereli posted a free pattern and tutorial for pj's.  If you haven't seen it yet, you need to go print that baby out!  Toni has made the sizing available from 18mths to 5 years and the tutorial is really easy to follow.

I used this sweet floral flannel that I thrifted many moons ago at an Op Shop.  I still have quite a bit of this fabric ...

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