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July 29, 2021
Last few bags from Espritpatch

 Only 4 more... I kind of ran out of steam really but wanted to make 4 more to gift to some of the lovely people my children had interacted with in various clubs over the years. 

So with that, here are my last 4 bags. 

2 for the dance teachers

2 for the Scouts leaders (one with upside down birdies...)

And 4 additional finish for July and off my Q3 FAL list. 

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July 22, 2021
Bags from Espritpatch

 And that will be 3 more, including 2 rather last minute. I needed one for Brown Owl, to be gifted with the open wide pouches so I finished that one with about one hour to spare.

And I also needed one for school last Friday as the presents have to be quarantined before being handed to the teachers this week. So that was another one to finish off.

This one was with 2 colours as I messed up the cutting of the wave!

And some more OPAM for July. Ideally I need to make 4 more bags but I must ...

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July 14, 2021
Open wide pouches from Espritpatch

 It has been long time since I made an open wide pouch (pattern by Noodlehead) so I made 4!

More end of year gifts, this time for the Brownies leaders for my youngest daughter. 

I used faux leather for the outside and cotton for the inside, one with the sports print

and the other 3 with an IKEA print that I rediscovered when I emptied one of my cupboard!

For the zips I had to raid my stash, they are not colour matching but I think they are complimentary

4 more OPAMs and off my Q3 FAL list. 

Linking ...

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July 10, 2021
Pencil cases from Espritpatch

 More end of year teachers' presents on my list but I took a break from the bags to make some pencil cases. I can't really make bags for men I think. 

I started with 10'' squares for those pencil cases and added a 1'' square of faux leather on either side of the zip.

First step is to sew the zip to the outside and lining so it is "sandwiched" between the 2 layers.

Next I turned the tube inside out with the right side out

and top-stitched alongside the zip to avoid the lining sticking out. With faux ...

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July 4, 2021
More bags from Espritpatch

 I have taken some time to sew this week-end and although I had planned to do a lot more than I have, I have managed to make 6 more Zero-Waste Wave Bags. 

My first series was with this gorgeous raspberry faux leather. 

It was all going so well until I realised I forgot to sew one strap....

Thankfully after a little bit of unpicking, I could fix it and have 2 more bags

One for my daughter's form teacher and one for one music teacher

Next series was the lavender ones

One for the French teacher and one for ...

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January 26, 2021
Guadalupe bag from Espritpatch

 I saw so many of these gorgeous Guadalupe bags on Facebook over the Christmas holiday that I really wanted to try it too! 

Everyone was saying how beautiful and easy/fast it was to make. Plus that came as a free pattern from the designer Sammie Valencia, so I was sold.

I had cut all the pieces on New Year's day and starting the assembly shortly after. 

As often, I was put off by picking/cutting and using the interfacing so I parked the exterior pieces while I was constructing the lining. 

The pattern doesn't have instructions to ...

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January 11, 2021
More pouches from Espritpatch

 l had cut all the 11 pouches I was planning to make before Christmas together and finished 5 before the day, my hope/goal/dream had been to make all 11 of them at the same time.... 

When it became obvious that it wasn't going to be the case, I moved on to other equally urgent projects and set those 6 aside. Finally last week, I felt it was time to pick them before they fall right at the bottom of the UFO basket. Well, I guess first week back at work but even worse, first week back in ...

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December 22, 2020
Covid Christmas from Espritpatch

 Since Sunday night, we have been placed in Tier 4 (out of 3? until Saturday) and full lockdown (what is the difference, apart from the name?) is looming for us but I think for the whole country too. Christmas plans have been smashed last minute for lots of people sadly. We knew that it would be very difficult/virtually impossible to go back to France so we had abandoned any plans to go a while ago. Nothing worse than a roller-coaster of emotions the week before Christmas with 3 children in the house. It felt it would be too much ...

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December 21, 2020
Two in one pouches from Espritpatch

 Every year I plan to make Christmas presents, and every year I run out of time! Well, this year I have managed some. I finally finished some Two in one pouches last night. I had cut them about 2 weeks ago and was tried to make them all in batches. Well I split my batches in two and I have managed to finish pouches so far. I first saw them on Instagram on Charlotte's feed and well, let's face it, masks are the new accessories of the season really.

So I made mine with a tick for clean ...

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December 9, 2020

Especially when you get Great Presents!

It's no secret I have an addiction to fabric - so this is always a sure win when buying a present for me, but as a quilter I quite often get asked what 'good presents' to buy are. So I thought I'd put together a little list of things that have caught my eye recently or that I generally can't do with out in case anyone was struggling with what to buy for the quilter/sewer/crafter in their life.

This is not sponsored or affiliated in any way, simply my opinions ...

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May 22, 2020
A finish quilt - Sky! from Espritpatch

After my "quilting marathon", this week has been a lot less productive in a way... but I am happy to report that one of the 5 quilts is now completely finished and ready to be gifted.

Sky was my One monthly goal for May as I wanted to gift it to our neighbour for his 70th birthday next week.

I made this quilt from the pile of long forgotten blue blocks that I "discovered" early April when I went through a few drawers in my sewing room. 

The backing fabric was a leftover piece from another quilt, which turned out ...

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February 12, 2020
Horse time from Espritpatch

Late last month I picked up my abandoned passport pieced horse from a pattern by Tartan Kiwi, with the hope to finish it for my daughter's birthday. Well I'm glad to say that having a deadline once more helped to keep me focused. The horse is finished and gifted! Yeah

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January 29, 2020
A late Christmas present from Espritpatch

I had planned to make a new pair of pyjamas for my hubby for Christmas but time ran out before I even got started. I had bought some really soft brushed cotton fabric from Fabrics Galore during Black Friday sale to make the Eastwood pyjama bottom by Thread Theory and also some plain black jersey to make the Berlin tee by Toby K pattern as a top. I used both before for a PJ and they work perfectly.

I finally got around to cut the pieces earlier this month and at the weekend I sat with my overlocker to construct ...

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January 5, 2020
Reusable gift bags from Espritpatch

In November, Sunflower Stitcheries started a sew along was started to make some reusable gift bags. I was of course planning to make some but never made any during the sew along.

Finally I made some a few days before Christmas. I only managed 9 but that's a start for a waste free Christmas. Once cut out, they were really fast to make on the overlocker.

The kids liked them too!

Linking to Whoop Whoop Friday.


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December 26, 2019
Hand made Christmas presents from Espritpatch

The open wide pouch is such a versatile pattern, I'm not sure how many I have made to date but it's often one of my go-to pattern.

Anyway I needed a few to complete some Christmas presents.

I made 2 that I filled with shaving products

And one for a teenage girl for her make up.

3 more OPAM and one more for my Q4 FAL list
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December 25, 2019
Glasses cases from Espritpatch

Last minute little presents for my friends. I was planning more than a simple sunglasses case but in the end, I ran out of time.

4 in similar colour way with different ribbons.
4 OPAM and more for my Q4 FAL list.


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December 20, 2019
Open wide pouch from Espritpatch

I'm not sure how this is possible but December it's flying even faster than any other month. I hardly had time to sew. Earlier in the month, between my last 2 trips to the US, I found a little time to squeeze an orb wide pouch that I wanted to gift to one of my work colleague who had shown such an interest in my sewing.

I used Noodlehead's free pattern and some faux leather from my stash.

And just in time to fly to Washington, I had one pouch to gift.

One OPAM for December and ...

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November 25, 2019
Sunglasses pouches - take 2 from Espritpatch

I made another batch of sunglasses pouches for my friend's craft market that was on yesterday. I finished them all about a week ago before I went away for a business trip (again) but never had time to blog about them yet!

A few more diverse colours this time

But still the same lovely pattern!
More OPAM for this week and more for my Q4 FAL list

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November 13, 2019
Reusable make up removal pads from Espritpatch

Reusable, eco-friendly is trendy at the moment (and rightly so, there is so much unnecessary waste everywhere) that I also jumped on the trend. I saw some lovely ideas on IG that inspired me to make some too.

Still with the idea of making things to make for the fair, I found some of my mini charm packs and bought some flannels that I cut in 2.5' squares, overlocked the 2 together all the way around and very quickly I had a little stack of make up remover pads.
I also bought some very thin cotton muslin and pipping ...

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November 12, 2019
Sunglasses pouches from Espritpatch

A little while ago, I offered to one of my friend to make a few sunglasses pouches for a fundraising fair that she'll be doing at the end of November.  And of course, time is flying by and I hadn't made much progress... last weekend I finally picked up the ones I had cut in October ready to be assembled and went ahead. 

And during the week, I spent some time knotting and burying the threads (you can't backstitch on faux leather really). I also made the slits for the ribbon. 
And after a few days, I ...

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