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December 9, 2019
Orphan Block Potholders from Studio Dragonfly Quilts

Making new potholders usually falls into my schedule in the January time frame when all the organize, renew, and refresh vibe is going around. It's okay that I did not get to this until November. My poor old potholders from two years ago got a real workout. There were holes and a few good burns on them.

These orphan blocks came from a fun quilt I made for my son during the brief period of time he was interested in learning to play the electric bass guitar. And it made for a great shop sample back in the day ...

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October 30, 2019
Too Hot to Handle- free potholder patterns for the holidays! from Katie's Blog

If you could see what the potholders in my house looked like….. oh boy would I be embarrassed! Lets just say that Jace does a good percentage of the cooking in our house and he is not too worried about whether or not the potholders look good.  I’ve given up, so to speak, and instead I’m just happy he helps make supper most nights!

I do, however, have some pretty potholders that I take out when I want the kitchen to look good! Take a look at my Potholder Posse!

Five different potholder designs from the super easy ...

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