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July 13, 2018
Artistic Protest Postcards and Signs for People with Bad Handwriting from Gefilte Quilt

My husband and I marched for refugees last weekend. We had to do something. We also came up with the sign below. I so appreciate and enjoy the creative, funny, heartrending, sincere signs people carry to marches for good causes. I was determined to do one for this march. My handwriting is terrible, but one thing I've learned from quilting is that anyone can cut out presentable, even enjoyable, lettering.

Before the march, when the news story of the separation of babies from their parents first broke, I sent money to a consortium of refugee assistance agencies, here.  Then ...

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March 2, 2018
QuiltCon 2018: The Main Event! from Gefilte Quilt

In my last installment, I tackled the shopping and the charity quilts at Quiltcon 2018. Now it's time for the main event!

 I spent much of yesterday writing this report. I believe there were 500 quilts in the show. I took about 600 photos, and the prospect of paring them down for this blog post terrified me! So the following report comes with the following disclaimers:

  • I can't say that these quilts are my absolute favorites - they're the quilts I loved and happened to fulfill the impulse to snap a picture! I walked around the show in ...

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February 21, 2018
Stitch, Don't Shoot: #NeverAgain from Gefilte Quilt

In Parkland, Florida, teen funerals continue. In Tallahassee, courageous survivors share their story with a reluctant state government.  As a mother of students; as the daughter of a high school teacher; as a human being; I can hardly bear it. Stitching works out some of of the despair.

I made Stitched, don't Shoot in 2013 after the Sandy Hook murders. Materials: Cigar box, acrylic yarn. Elements are crocheted.



That's a hollow gun. It's loaded pregnant.

Extra bullets. Camouflage-colored acrylic yarn mat lines the bottom. 

(The pattern for the crocheted letters is from Handy Kitty ...

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February 18, 2018
Buttons, Not Bullets from Gefilte Quilt

Artist Trading Cards.

All made in 2013, soon after the Sandy Hook shootings.

Art wasn't enough. Nothing has worked. But I have high hopes for the millenials. We must follow them to the streets...and the voting booths.

(Incidentally, artists can obtain spent bullet casings as easily as Florida teens obtain assault weapons. I bought the bullet casings on Etsy, and plenty are still there, in case you need to make your own mass murder-themed art. If nothing else, you'll feel better.)

(Posts explaining Artist Trading Cards, aka ATCs, are abundant on this blog. Click on the term ...

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February 7, 2018
Gender Colonialism from Nina Paley

Last week I posted on fecebook “If a person has a penis he’s a man,” which led to my widespread denunciation as a “transphobe.” I’ve written about this before, and anyone paying attention should know better, but I nonetheless commented this:

No matter how many times I state that I have trans friends, was standing up for trans people before the current crop of MRA “transactivists” was even born, and continue to defend the human rights of trans people, people accuse me of the opposite. I tire of defending myself, and it makes no difference anyway. I hated ...

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Sunbonnet Sue Says "Me Too" from Gefilte Quilt

Just finished:
A little closer: 

I've always enjoyed looking at other peoples' Sunbonnet Sue quilts, yet was never tempted to make my own - the motif, which dates back to the 1800s, is too sweet for my style. But when the #MeToo movement swept through the US, I couldn't get her out of my head.

I have experienced a few, very minor episodes of molestation. But when #MeToo exploded, I was astounded to discover that virtually all my female friends and acquaintances have also been molested - many experiencing far worse than I did - regardless of how strong, confident, and ...

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