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July 12, 2018
Pieceful Country Month 6 from Dreamworthy Quilts

I finally got month 6 mostly done for my Pieceful Country.  As usual, I made some changes from the original pattern.  I chose a lazy version of the Snail's Trail block by removing the checkerboard center and replacing it with a solid square.  I did not make the heart block because I don't favor hearts, and the checkerboard block with stars in the corner may end up in this quilt later.  Instead of the tree with the couple standing by it, I chose to string a little quilt on a line between two trees.  I have not yet ...

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February 7, 2018
Deana is joining "Sweet Land of Liberty" from Dreamworthy Quilts

Ok, another new start for 2018 happened last night.  It was completely unplanned.  Sunday night I was browsing blogland and came across this wonderful Americana quilt.  What really caught my attention was the discovery that it is a quilt-along with no pattern.  You kind of make it up as you go following Humble Quilt's measurement guidelines and samples.  I LOVE THIS KIND OF STUFF!  My creative side kept spinning doughnuts.

I went to my day job on Monday (I am a teacher) and returned home heading straight to my sewing room to gather fabric for this quilt.  I was ...

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