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August 1, 2020
Options: Picking My Quilting Thread from From Edge 2 Edge

There are several different theories on how to pick your thread to do the surface quilting. Do you want it to disappear, stand out a lot, stand out a little, a little of both? One thing to consider, especially with the intermediate (primary+secondary), or the complementary (opposites on the wheel) fabric colors is that you can use a grayed version of one of those colors to harmonize with the fabric but still add a little pop.

Brown is a complement color mix of red (primary) and green (secondary blue+yellow). This particular batik tends be a bit on the ...

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April 24, 2020
Working on SAQA Auction Quilt from From Edge 2 Edge

I have been working on some smaller pieces lately and decided to make my SAQA auction quilt. I still have a little bit of work I want to do to this but for the most part I am happy with the result. I still have to block it, add a sleeve and a label.

I am thinking I might do just a touch more color work on it to add a bit more contrast in both the background areas and the foreground. I will be darkening some background so the hills are a little more defined. I will consider adding ...

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