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November 26, 2022
11 Half Square Triangle Quilt Patterns from Craft Gossip

One of my favorite quilting units or blocks is the simple half square triangle.  They are easy to make and, depending on the colors and fabric you use, can form incredible designs.  We have rounded up 12 free quilt patterns that are either made completely out of half square triangles, or incorporate them heavily in the pattern.

Polka Dot Chair has a charming half square baby quilt that is sure to bring a smile to any new parents.

Diary of a Quilter’s multi-colored and easy-to-make quilt shines in the sun.

Inspired Quilting by Lea Louise has a great half ...

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November 24, 2022
How to Make a Ribbon Star Quilt Block from Craft Gossip

Here is a gorgeous quilt block pattern from Lee A. Heinrich that really packs a punch!

The traditional sawtooth star in the center is made modern with the ribbons surrounding it.  It really is an eye-catching design!

The tutorial has detailed step-by-step directions as well as accompanying photos.  It looks tricky but it really isn’t if you follow along with the blog post.

Read to the end of the post and you will see about four different color variations.  I love that the designer included this.  It is always nice to see what things look like in different colors ...

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November 5, 2022
8 Christmas Tree Quilt Block Patterns from Craft Gossip

Make yourself a forest of Christmas trees with one (or all) of these Christmas tree quilt block tutorials and patterns.  They are all free and fairly easy to make.  The only problem will be deciding which one you like best! Looking for Quilting supplies and Fabric? Check out Fat Quarter Shop

  1. The Sewing Loft has a great pattern that comes in 4 different sizes.
  2. Here’s a great scrappy tree block tutorial from Neighborhood Quilt Club.
  3. Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom has a super scrappy and bright Christmas tree design.
  4. Cluck Cluck Sew has a sweet and very easy ...

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October 28, 2022
Easy Scrap Busting Quilt Block from Craft Gossip

If you make a lot of quilts then you inevitably end up with a lot of scraps.  Then you get to use them all up in other projects like this fun and easy block from A Bright Corner.

The block is called Scrappy Susannah and looks great in any combination of colors.  It is an ideal block for beginners.  While the tutorial has detailed step-by-step instructions and photos, she has added a printable pdf for those of you who would like one.

I am always looking for fun and scrappy quilt and quilt block patterns.  This is definitely one that ...

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October 22, 2022
10 Pinwheel Quilt Patterns from Craft Gossip

One of the most recognizable patterns in quilting is the simple Pinwheel.  There are an infinite number of ways you can use this block.  Here are 10 free patterns that you can make with the Pinwheel.

  1. Pinwheel Stars from Robert Kaufman Fabrics looks stunning in just two colors.
  2. Combining a fun background fabric and simple pinwheels makes this pattern from Sonya’s Snippets easy to make.
  3. Jedi Craft Girl has a fun and scrappy pinwheel pattern.
  4. The Devoted Quilter combines the block with a chain block for a unique pattern.
  5. I Love Quilting Forever has a pattern with big and ...

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October 17, 2022
Electric Quilt 8 Kaleidoscope Blocks from Craft Gossip

Who doesn’t love a kaleidoscope quilt block?  I know I do.  When sewn together they make fascinating and stunning quilts.  The Electric Quilt Company has an add-on package for the Electric Quilt software.  The package contains 500 blocks to choose from.  Wow!

This package works with EQ8, EQ7, EQ Stitch or EQ Mini Software.  Blocks can be printed in many sizes.

With so many blocks to choose from, you will be making kaleidoscope quilts for many many years to come.

Design a stunning quilt with one of the 500 designs or mix and match them.  Whatever you choose it ...

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October 4, 2022
How to Make a Halloween Witchy Feet Quilt Block from Craft Gossip

Calling all paper piecers!  This free quilt block pattern from Trillium Design is whimsical and festive.  How fun this would be in your next Halloween quilt!

In this blog post you will find a downloadable pattern with all of the templates you will need.  This block is a little tricky to make so it probably is not best suited for beginners.  However, if you have had some experience then start sewing.

As you can see in the post, you can use this block in quilts, pillows or in any other sewn item.

Grab your festive fabrics from your fabric stash ...

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September 26, 2022
How to Make a Christmas Patchwork Pillow from Craft Gossip

For a fast and easy Christmas pillow look no further than this tutorial from A Bright Corner.  The simple design is so effective with the bright holiday colors used.  Patchwork like this pillow is always a favorite any time of the year.

This tutorial does not have extremely detailed instructions, but it has the basics and if you have some quilting and sewing experience it should not be too difficult to make one of these pillows.

I’m not sure if this beautiful pillow could be any more festive than it is.  That is thanks to the various reds and ...

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September 24, 2022
5 Christmas Bell Quilt Block Patterns from Craft Gossip

I love the sound of Christmas bells.  There is something so comforting about them.  In fact, I have quite a few bells in my decorations for the holidays.  That is why I have a Christmas Bells quilt on my bucket list of quilts I want to make.  I found these five charming and festive quilt block patterns that can be purchased over on Etsy that would be ideal for my quilt.  You may like them too.

When purchasing make sure that the pattern is what you are looking for and if you are looking for other Christmas quilt blocks, here ...

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September 17, 2022
12 Christmas Quilt Blocks from Craft Gossip

When the weather gets cooler and the snow starts falling it is time to bring out the Christmas quilts.  If you want to make your own for this Christmas, try using one of these festive blocks in your design.  These are all free and perfect for the holidays.

  1. Everyone loves presents under the tree and this Christmas Presents quilt block is easy to make.
  2. Here is a scrappy version of a Christmas present.
  3. This beautiful Christmas Star block would look lovely in a quilt.
  4. A quilt made of these Christmas tree blocks has a great scrappy look.
  5.  Immediately recognizable, this ...

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August 28, 2022
How to Make a Cheeseburger Quilt Block from Craft Gossip

Make this fun and quirky block from Kelli Fannin Quilts and you will probably get hungry.  What a cute cheeseburger!

Quilting doesn’t have to be all about stars and geometric angles.  Try something totally different and that is definitely what this block pattern is all about.

The tutorial has some diagrams and detailed step-by-step instructions.  There is even a video to help you out with some of the sections of the block.  That is helpful because there are a couple of slightly tricky spots.

If you have ever thought of making a quilt with all food blocks, then you ...

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August 20, 2022
10 Free Butterfly Quilt Block and Quilt Patterns from Craft Gossip

When the warmer weather rolls around butterflies are everywhere.  With all of their beautiful colors they are so much fun to watch.  In my garden they fly from flower to flower while showing off their beauty. To have butterflies around all of the time why not make a quilt.  I have gathered up 1 free tutorials for both quilts and quilt blocks, so you should be able to find one that you love.

  1. Perfect for your reproductions fabrics, this sweet quilt pattern from Robert Kaufman Designs will make anyone happy.
  2. Here’s a simple block pattern that would be great ...

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August 16, 2022
How to Make a Strip Pieced Lone Star Block from Craft Gossip

Here’s a unique idea for making a lone star quilt block.  It comes from Coriander Quilts.  It is also a great way to use up some scraps.

The tutorial has detailed step-by-step instructions plus plenty of photos to help you out.  I love that the background sections are pieced so that there are no Y seams.  I have to tell you now that I really don’t like Y seams.

This block can easily be done quickly and the results are stunning.  Look closely at this design and you can see the white strip running around the center.  That ...

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August 10, 2022
How to Make a Reading Pillow from Craft Gossip

Get your kids or grandkids excited about reading by making them an adorable reading pillow.  This tutorial is from Happiest Camper.  Perfect for using up your fun novelty prints, the pillows are not that hard to make.

In the article you will find a detailed supply list plus step-by-step instructions.  Not only that, but is a video tutorial to help you out too.  There are really no special supplies needed, just general sewing supplies that you probably already have on hand.

Wouldn’t this make a wonderful gift under the Christmas tree.  Even kids that don’t read much would ...

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June 18, 2022
6 Sensations Scrappy Quilt Block Patterns from Craft Gossip

We all love a scrappy quilt right?  Well I know I do and I am always looking for fun and uniques scrap fabric quilt block patterns.  Here are six sensational ones that you can purchase over on Etsy.

Before you purchase, make sure to read the complete descriptions to ensure that the block is right for you.

  1. Here’s a fun and whimsical wonky star that is foundation paper pieced and comes in four sizes.
  2. Blending traditional and unique, this easy block shows off the fabrics beautifully.
  3. This quirky block takes the traditional pinwheel to an entirely different level.
  4. These ...

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June 5, 2022
Easy Hexie Keyring Tutorial from Craft Gossip

Not sure what to do with all of your leftover hexies or really want to start making some?  Here’s a great idea from Molly and Mama.  Turn them into keyrings!  Talk about a great stocking stuffer or little bring along gift.

This detailed tutorial with gorgeous step by step photos and detailed instructions will have you making some in no time.  There is also a list of all of the supplies you are going to need.

Make a list of people you want to give one of these to, grab your favorite fabric scraps and start sewing.  As many ...

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June 4, 2022
9 Free Nine-Patch Quilt Patterns from Craft Gossip

The nine-patch quilt block is one of the easiest to make and most recognizable out there.  It’s a great block for beginners and experts alike.  If you are looking to patterns using this traditional block then you will want to check out these nine free patterns.  Each one is unique and gives its own special twist to the block.

  1. Fons and Porter gives some fun movement to their version of the quilt.
  2. Here’s a fun and scrappy version that puts the block on point.  It’s from Monday Morning Designs.
  3. Missouri Star Quilt Company has a jazzed up ...

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May 19, 2022
How to Make a Patriotic Fabric Banner from Craft Gossip

Perfect for your Fourth of July festivities, this red, white and blue banner made with quilting fabric is easy to put together.  You can find the tutorial over on the Cutesy Crafts blog.

All of the supplies you need are listed.  In addition, you will find cutting instructions.  If you look closely, you will notice that the shape mimics a Dresden quilt block.

I love the festive look of this banner and it would be perfect to decorate your holiday table with.

Gather up all of your patriotic fabrics and give this project a try.  You can find the free ...

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May 15, 2022
How to Make a Chicago Geese Quilt Block from Craft Gossip

Calling all scrap quilters!  This unique quilt block from fabric406 is a great one for all of those scraps you have around the house.

Complete with step-by-step photos and instructions, this is not a block that is ideal for absolute beginners, but the tutorial definitely makes it easy.  I love the triangular corners.  They really set this block apart from others.

I am always on the hunt for good scrap-busting blocks and this is definitely one of them.  Depending on how you place them, they almost look like a pineapple quilt block.  Maybe you could use them as a cheater ...

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May 13, 2022
How to Make No-Sew Hexies from Craft Gossip

Did someone say no-sew hexies?  Count me in!  Fairfield has this wonderful technique in a blog post by Polly Carlson.

The entire process is described in this tutorial and it is a fantastic idea.  I’m not going to lie, hexies are not my favorite thing to do, but I may just have to give them a try again with this no-sew method.  You do need a special product, but it’s worth it if you don’t have to do the tiny stitching that normally accompanies hexie making.

I’m inspired to give it a try again with this ...

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