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January 19, 2020
productivity . . . from Count it *all* JOY!

It's been a productive week and I've gotten in some quality time towards my crafts (and I use that word in the highest sense of its definition) almost every day, thanks to some lunch time stitching.  In the class I'm taking we started to put together our first block, which I was able to finish:
It's a small class this go around, which is nice ... everyone gets the one-on-one if they need it. I'm learning some new things, too, which is awesome!

I decided to go ahead and make a fabric spreadsheet, to help me ...

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December 30, 2019
Best Tips for Storing Christmas Quilts & Décor from A Quilting Life

Best Tips for Storing Christmas Quilts and Decor featured by Top US Quilting Blog, A Quilting Life: image of Christmas quilts

Now that the holidays are just about over, it’s time to start cleaning up and getting ready for a new year. As quilters, we not only have beautiful Christmas quilts to put away, but we most likely also have handmade ornaments, table and bed runners, pillows, wall hangings, and kitchen accessories like pot holders and […]

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December 12, 2019
Gift Ideas for Quilters from Amazon from A Quilting Life

Gift Ideas for Quilters from Amazon

It’s that time of year…gift giving time. And while your favorite local and on-line quilt shops have amazing gifts for Christmas, Amazon has some great selections as well. Enjoy this post with my twelve favorite Gift Ideas for Quilters from Amazon. (Note: I have used affiliate links for these suggestions which means that while you […]

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November 2, 2019
Ruler Hack from Dueling Threads

In my obsession with organizing my happy space, I recently organized my quilting rulers.

The large rulers hang on the wall near my cutting mat. Medium rulers now hang in the inside of a door on my tall cabinet. Command hooks work great. I like the ones with the narrow metal hooks best. They fit easily through the ruler hang holes.

And…. drumroll please. (I wish I had a before picture, but I don’t, and there is no use going backwards!)

All of my small rulers used to reside piled in a single drawer of a cabinet. Now, they ...

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Stash ‘n Store from Dueling Threads

PROBLEM:  How do you keep you marking tools, mini scissors, and stylus close without rolling round on your sewing table?

The “it’s sew emma”, Stash ‘n Store tool does the trick.  I had seen the longer ones in my local quilting shop, but recently came across the mini version and decided that would fit the bill.  It is stable enough to hold most of my tools upright.  However,  if you have a tendency to knock things off (or have a cat that help you!),  some Velcro attachment on the bottom might do the trick.

“Mischief Managed”
I hope you ...

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October 31, 2019
Prep & Progress from Heart Desire Creations

ItPBG02XSoCdvUpSSioEAw (Medium)

Lots of prep has been going on here.  Saturday I leave for the mountains for the Fall Quilt & Sew-In! Even though I’ve been doing retreats for thirteen years, I still get a little antsy and anxious a few days before it begins.

75U6n6L8RGCx5ZBCs0sYRQ (Medium)

Blocks have been prepped for the charity quilts from the bin of precut scraps above. There are a couple of layout possibilities for one:

And here is the layout for another quilt:


A bucket of blocks with instructions are available for anyone who chooses to complete one or more blocks. They then put their name in for ...

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October 15, 2019
Works in Progress | Fourth Quarter Quilting Goals from A Quilting Life

Works in Progress | Fourth Quarter Quilting Goals

Hello and happy Tuesday! I can hardly believe we are half-way into October…crazy how quickly this month has already flown by! I realized it was definitely time for me to think about my works in progress and setting my fourth quarter quilting goals. There are so many things I want to finish and start/finish by […]

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October 14, 2019
Coming Soon! – Curated Quilting Tricks from Dueling Threads

This year I am hosting my first ever, “Dueling Threads” retreat.  During this retreat I am sharing some lesser known (in my opinion) quilting and sewing tricks that I have “invented” and curated.  Join me to see what kinds of tricks I pull out of my hat, then let me know what your favorites are!



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October 8, 2019
10 Sewing Room Organization Hacks and Ideas from A Quilting Life

10 Sewing Room Organization Hacks and Ideas

Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by! Today I’m going to talk about sewing room organization hacks. While I’ve written about this general topic before, I’ve had some real-life experience with it lately. We moved late this summer, and of course the most important room for me to organize right away was the sewing room. […]

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July 3, 2015
Let's Get Organized! from Lilac Barries

(A mom I used to work for used to sing a little diddy Let's get organized to the tune of Olivia Newton John's Let's Get Physical, it always made me giggle)

Some goodies from around my apartment, things that are intentional, aesthetically pleasing and good reminders. I need more of this kind of  decorating in my home
About a year ago God prompted me to purge. I've tried to be obedient in that area but it's been a slow process to say the least. I'm a pack rat by nature and sentimental to boot ...

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June 24, 2015
Fabric Storage from Cottage Quilt Studio

I love to walk into my studio and see all of the beautiful fabrics on the shelves. However, I do not like to fold them and try to keep them neat and organized when they are folded.

I never seem to fold them the same size….so I decide to invest in some Polar Notions fabric boards. They are so easy to use and keep the fabric on display, neat and organized. I have gotten up to 10 yards on 1 board or as little as a yard. I have 100 of these boards and need to order 200-300 more ...

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