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December 22, 2020
Covid Christmas from Espritpatch

 Since Sunday night, we have been placed in Tier 4 (out of 3? until Saturday) and full lockdown (what is the difference, apart from the name?) is looming for us but I think for the whole country too. Christmas plans have been smashed last minute for lots of people sadly. We knew that it would be very difficult/virtually impossible to go back to France so we had abandoned any plans to go a while ago. Nothing worse than a roller-coaster of emotions the week before Christmas with 3 children in the house. It felt it would be too much ...

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December 21, 2020
Two in one pouches from Espritpatch

 Every year I plan to make Christmas presents, and every year I run out of time! Well, this year I have managed some. I finally finished some Two in one pouches last night. I had cut them about 2 weeks ago and was tried to make them all in batches. Well I split my batches in two and I have managed to finish pouches so far. I first saw them on Instagram on Charlotte's feed and well, let's face it, masks are the new accessories of the season really.

So I made mine with a tick for clean ...

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December 9, 2020
Hexie Bear Rug from Espritpatch

 One Christmas present ready! I have finished my bear rug for my little nephew. I used Ira Rott's pattern. The bear head is all made with 3 shirts that my husband was no longer wearing and I just used some fabric from my quilting stash for the eyes and nose.

If you have read my blog before, you will already know that I ran out of quilting thread half way through it... So when I got more thread, I finished the quilting quite quickly. The piece is not that big after all. 

After quilting, I trimmed the piece to ...

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November 28, 2020
Threadology from Espritpatch

 And finally my Threadology quilt is finished! I quilted it in the Spring when I had my frame out for the 5 tops that were ready to go and it had been waiting for its binding since. I was hoping to find enough of the black fabric I had used on the top but I couldn't find much left so I used some plain black with it. In the end I think it's not very obvious and works well.

The blocks were from a
quilt-along over the Fat Quarter Shop Blog in 2019. I started well but then ...

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November 5, 2020
Scrunchies from Espritpatch

A small finish, but one that has taken a looong time! I cut these scrunchies in August, while I cut some masks and a dress, all out of an old bedsheet. And really it should not have taken very long to make them. But it did!

 They are not difficult to make, but I hated the part when the turn needs to be turned out. It is just so awkward and fiddly to do that they have been sitting on my sewing table, waiting to be picked up again. Well I finally finished them last week, so strictly an October ...

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November 1, 2020
Fumeterre skirt from Espritpatch

 Finished! This one has been such a long coming... I saw this picture on IG during the summer of 2017 (!) and duly bought fabric and pattern to make the same. Well said fabric and pattern was stashed away until last summer, when I finally got it out and cut the skirt. Before stashing it away again... until this month.

Thankfully I had noted down the size and version I had cut last year so it wasn't too difficult to pick it up again. The skirt is not too difficult to make but it is very long and with 8 ...

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September 27, 2020
Mini maker case from Espritpatch

The mini maker sew-along started on Monday. I had all intention to join in and even cut my fabric ahead. 

I hate fusing interfacing (I know this doesn't take that long and is quite a stupid excuse), so I procrastinated about it all week. 

Equally I didn't want my project pieces to sit there for... ever, which is often the case once the sew-along is over. The motivation is much harder to find once the party is over

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September 18, 2020
Venice dress from Espritpatch

Last summer dress? I don't know really but I cut this dress late August while it was pouring down with rain, not very promising weather for a summer dress. 

I had bought the pattern from New Horizons Design last summer and the fabric is from Fabrics Galore London, I bought it last November. The fabric is a lovely floaty viscose, very soft and comfortable. I cut it straight from the packet with no alteration. The pattern is very versatile with a variety of sleeves, length (front and back) to play with. And a always, the instructions are really clear ...

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September 16, 2020
Sirroco from Espritpatch

Sometimes projects, particularly dressmaking ones, are done quickly, sometimes they take me ages, and for no real reasons... This last one definitely falls in the latter category. I made my first Sirroco by Deer and Doe Pattern in June last year and it was assembled from start to finish in about 3 hours. Happy with the pattern and enthused by the arrival of beautiful new Italian matte lycra at Fabworks online, I duly ordered some aubergine fabric and cut a new one last September (yes I know, that was a year ago). I am tall so learning from my first ...

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September 6, 2020
Ready for school? from Espritpatch

Monday is the big day here, and it will be odd. I know they are all feeling the stress and in some ways I think we are too.It will be nearly 6 months since they were last at school and although we have tried to keep up with school work during the home schooling time, it will be a very different setting that what they are used to. In order to be ready and not add extra stress, I have been asking them for a little while now if they had everything they need... and on Friday, my teenage ...

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September 4, 2020
Handy bags from Espritpatch

I was going down a rabbit hole on a Facebook group for bag makers last week and found lots of new-to-me designers, lovely bags and accessories. If you've read my adventures for a while, you might remember that I have bought a massively huge stash of faux vinyl that I should really be using more. Anyway, I came across this clever and very functional handy bag pattern by Christine of Bags of Bags of Style

Hand sanitiser are here to stay I think, and this is another new requirements from the back to school list. 

So I tried out ...

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Lunch bags from Espritpatch

School starts back next week for all 3, not sure what to expect really after so long off! The girl's school has informed parents that there will be no school dinners so the kids have to bring their own lunch. I hate making packed lunches and the idea of doing it 5 days a week and still have variety is not necessarily appealing, but we have to adapt to the new reality. I decided to make some lunch bags for the girls to carry their lunch to school in style. They were happy to pick their fabric in my ...

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August 31, 2020
#busyinthekitchen from Espritpatch

Vintage Kitchen has been quilted for a few months now and was only waiting for the binding.

There wasn't such a massive length to sew but for some reason, I have only picked it up this weekend to finish it up.

I also embroidered on the pots and finished this afternoon, just in time for August One monthly goal!

Now it is all finished I don't have space to hang it. I will have to rethink some deco to make room for it.

Quilt stats:

Size: 39.5' x40.5'
Fabric from my stash (top and backing)
Quilted ...

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August 29, 2020
Summer dress from Espritpatch

On the calendar it's still summer, through the window it looks like winter. It's the late summer Bank Holiday this Monday in the UK and it certainly doesn't feel like late summer, rather middle of autumn. Today was wet, grey and cold too, so what a better time to finish my next heatwave dress really?

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Bo bag from Espritpatch

Another request I had from my family was to make a bag to take their Bo to karate class. Bo are really long pieces of wood they occasionally use in their practice. And we have 3 of them at the moment, probably a 4th soon so it felt like a good idea to have them in a bag for transport. 

They're longer than the karateka so I needed a massively long piece of faux leather for it. 

Hubby requested a handle to carry the bag

as well as a strap

Of course, I met both requests! 

Bag finished and ...

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August 24, 2020
Pencil roll from Espritpatch

Continuing on the "back to school" theme, next in the list was a pencil roll for my youngest. She picked the fabric and used the one I made for her sister a few years back as a model. 

This one will hold 12 pencils

I had a ribbon in my stash that works and that I know she'll like so that was perfect. 

Ready for her next piece of artwork

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August 23, 2020
Geometry tools from Espritpatch

For once it's not the lack of time but rather the lack of energy. After our very short hop to France, we are now in force self isolation to comply with the rules. And since we're on holidays, there's plenty of free time. With the craziness of the last few months, I seriously lack energy and quite often motivation too but slowly I've been trying to make things again. 

I started with a little pouch for my daughter to store her geometry tools when she returns to school next month. 

I used some faux leather and ...

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August 18, 2020
Mass production - face masks from Espritpatch

After the trials on the face masks patterns, I moved to mass production. After all, I think masks are here to stay so we do need a stash for all the family. I had made a few for the kids to go on holidays with.

This weekend I made another batch of 19

10 adult size and 9 kids size. 

I modeled one recently and I find they are good with glasses, they don't steam too much. 

Another OPAM for August and this one was on my Q3 FAL list. 


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August 16, 2020
Bread bag from Espritpatch

With lockdown, I have discovered sourdough. I have made bread for years before but always with yeast. At the beginning of lockdown, I couldn't find yeast easily so I tried a starter sourdough following all the tips on The Perfect Loaf website. And i haven't looked back from my first loaf.

We've kept the bread in a tea towel to keep it fresh. My husband kept saying that it would be nice to have a bread bag. So finally, this weekend, I made one. I used a tea towel, cut the hems to avoid too much bulk ...

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August 14, 2020
Face masks trials from Espritpatch

There are so many masks patterns and tutorials available online that it is hard to know which one to use. I made a few masks at the beginning of the lockdown with Bijou Lovely's pattern. 

I then tried to make some shaped face covering with the pattern on the Big Community Sew website. I tried adults and kids size for these ones.

My next try was the 3D masks using this youtube tutorial by Bilikis Signatures.

And while I was watching this tutorial, I found another one by Add Crafts which is shaped on the nose and more comfortable ...

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