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October 2, 2021
OMG October from Urban Quilter

Quilting in progress, Sept. 2021
My #onemonthlygoal for October (which ties into my goal of finishing 7 in-progress quilts) is to finish my blue string quilt. I started quilting it at my guild retreat in September and finished about 2/3 of it. I need to finish quilting it, then get it bound.

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July 3, 2021
OMG July from Urban Quilter

My #onemonthlygoal for June was to finish the quilting on my house quilt. I did not accomplish that, but I did make progress. I am recycling last month's goal and setting my #onemonthlygoal for July to finish the quilting on this project. 

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May 28, 2021
OMG May Finish from Urban Quilter

Finished top
My #onemonthlygoal for this month was to finish the top of the blue string quilt I started back in February.  I completed the top and am pleased with how it came out. The next step is to find backing fabric for it.  

Linking up with One Monthly Goal and Oh Scrap!

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May 2, 2021
OMG May from Urban Quilter

String blocks begun
My #onemonthlygoal for this month is to finish the top of the blue string quilt I started back in February.  I haven't really sewed much since January, but I'm going to try to get back on track with it. 

This quilt will be a donation to my Guild's charity quilt project when it is finished. It will be 42 string-pieced blocks (set 6x7) in blues with some of the squares having a burgundy frame in the middle of the square to make it more interesting looking. The strings are all from my scraps and ...

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February 1, 2021
OMG February from Urban Quilter

Basted, some quilting begun
My #onemonthlygoal for this month is to finish machine quilting my Light/bright Stars Quilt. I have done swirls in all the light four-patches, with a pastel variegated thread, and began doing continuous curves in the pink/purple star blocks using a variegated purple. I have an orange variegated thread planned for the green/orange stars. After all the star blocks are quilted there will be another pass to fill in the white corner squares with white thread quilting. Then something in the border.  

This is an ambitious goal as it is a lot of quilting ...

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January 26, 2021
OMG January Finish from Urban Quilter

My finished top
 My #onemonthlygoal this month was to finish all 40 blocks for my Lavender Geese Quilt. I not only did that, I completed the top and got the backing pieced. 

I got much of this quilt done because I had an audiobook going that was really fun and I wanted to know what would happen next so I kept sewing because I wanted to keep listening. 

The geese in this quilt are made with a stitch and flip method and I didn't trim out the underneath bits so it is pretty heavy. The backing is a cute ...

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January 2, 2021
OMG January from Urban Quilter

Lavender Geese, 1/2/2021
 I am not setting any sewing goals or signing up for any year-long challenges in 2021, but I am going to try to set (and meet) a one-monthly-goal  along with Elm Street Quilts each month this year. 

My #onemonthlygoal for January is to finish all 40 blocks for my Lavender Geese quilt. This will be a lap quilt which I plan to use as a throw in my bedroom during the spring and summer. I have this exact same quilt pattern made up from a coffee-themed jelly roll which I like a lot and I ...

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December 27, 2020
OMG December Finish from Urban Quilter

My #onemonthlygoal for December was to finish quilting a quilt made by one of my bee-mates.  I finished the quilting and she picked it up before Christmas.

All That Glitters - quilting done

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December 8, 2020
OMG December from Urban Quilter

My #onemonthlygoal for December is to quilt this beautiful quilt made by a friend in my bee. It is the All-that-Glitters quilt from Nickle quilts and she did it in batiks. She asked me to quilt it for her and we decided on a basic stipple in a neutral thread. I started it over the weekend and hope to have the quilting finished before the end of the month.

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November 26, 2020
OMG November Finish from Urban Quilter

Pinwheel Quilt - Done!
My #onemonthlygoal for November was to finish this pinwheel quilt my sister is gifting to a friend. It is quilted and bound and went in the mail yesterday.
The basic pattern came from a recent issue of American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine. I didn't like the border on the quilt in the magazine though so I used squares of some of the same scraps I made the pinwheels from and the white background fabric and created a sort of woven ribbon border. I like how it turned out. 

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November 1, 2020
OMG November from Urban Quilter

My #onemonthlygoal for November is to finish piecing the top of the pinwheel baby quilt I am making for a friend of my sister's. All 61 pinwheels are pieced and the rows are assembled so I need to put the rows together and figure out a border. I also need to find backing. All the pinwheels are from my scrap baskets and there are only a handful of duplicates. Linking up with Oh Scrap! as well as OMG.

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October 26, 2020
OMG October Finish from Urban Quilter

 My #onemonthlygoal this month was to finish one of the scrappy baby quilts I had in progress. Mission accomplished! I used one of the machine quilting designs that I tried out earlier in the fall and was happy with how it came out. I should have made my lines farther apart though because this took way longer than it should have and didn't really need quite so much quilting. I will know better next time. This quilt was made totally from my stash, mostly scraps, so I am linking it up with Oh Scrap!

Baby quilt finished and ready ...

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October 4, 2020
OMG October from Urban Quilter

Quilting was begun
My #onemonthlygoal for October is to finish one of my scrappy baby quilts. I began quilting this one (full picture is here) last weekend but have a ways to go yet. I want to finish quilting it and get it bound. I have a cute green binding all made and ready to go.

The UFO challenge for last month (a red knit cardigan/jacket) is exactly where it was at the start of the month. This month's project is #6 which is my Light/Bright Stars Quilt. When I made my UFO list it was ready ...

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September 25, 2020
OMG September Finish from Urban Quilter

All quilted!
My #onemonthlygoal for September was to finish quilting my purple scrappy Irish chain quilt which I did. It did it in 3 sections which makes it easier to deal with on my sewing machine, but means there is extra binding to sew. I finished the quilting and the binding strips down the back. It is trimmed and ready to put the binding around the edges. 

Since this quilt was made entirely from scraps I am linking up with Oh Scrap! 

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September 3, 2020
OMG September 2020 from Urban Quilter

White squares need quilting
My #onemonthlygoal for September is to finish quilting my purple scrappy Irish chain quilt. It was the UFO I was supposed to work on in August for the APQ UFO challenge. I did work on it, but I didn't finish. 

The UFO challenge number for September is 10 which means I should be working on assembling a red knit cardigan/jacket I cut out ages ago but never put together. Not feeling to confident that it will get done, but we shall see what the month brings.

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August 29, 2020
OMG August Finish from Urban Quilter


My #onemonthlygoal for August was to complete my black and white cotton skirt. All done! I have made this same pattern many times and yet somehow I managed to sew the waistband front in upside down. I may have spent as much time un-sewing as I did sewing on this project. 

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August 3, 2020
OMG - August 2020 from Urban Quilter

Pattern cut & ready to assemble
My #onemonthlygoal for August is to complete the black and white cotton skirt that has been a PIG (project-in-a-grocery-bag) since at least last summer. Maybe I can get it put together so I can wear it before this summer is over.

This month I will also be working on quilting my scrappy Irish chain quilt as it is what came up for the UFO Challenge

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August 2, 2020
Sunday Stitching Post #15 from Urban Quilter

I spent this past week with my niece, much of it at the beach, so almost no sewing got done. (It was a great week though!) I managed to miss the deadline for posting my OMG finish for July. I did complete my goal several weeks ago which was to finish my bargello quilt. The UFO challenge project for July was my Guild Mystery Quilt which I got out, selected quilting thread for, and began quilting it. Not much progress, but some.
Bargello quilt finished and hung up

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July 5, 2020
OMG July 2020 from Urban Quilter

Quilting detail - Purple Bargello
My one-monthly-goal for this month is to finish my purple bargello. I finished quilting it last month and added the binding which now needs to be sewn to the back by hand. I plan to hang it in the front entry of my house so it will also need a hanging sleeve added. 

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January 29, 2020
OMG January 2020 Finish from Urban Quilter

72 log cabin blocks (some in a pile)
I completed my #onemonthlygoal for January. I finished the 72 blocks I wanted to make and got a good start on the final 72 I will need to make the quilt. I'm linking up with One Monthly Goal

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