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December 28, 2020
Weekly update: hiking, feasting, quilting, reading from With Strings Attached

 Thursday evening:   the first Christmas Eve service I've attended with my sewing machine.  That was so we could watch the Lessons and Carols on our church's YouTube channel.   We fervently hope that this was a one-and-only and that next year we can worship in person.  We dimmed the lights and lit candles for  Silent Night.  

Christmas dinner: roast beef, acorn squash, braised parsnips. Pear/spinach salad.  Cranberry-pumpkin upside down cake.  The vintage tablecloth just covered the table. (The table is mid-19th century and not a standard size.)   And when was the last time you used a pickle fork ...

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December 1, 2020
Rabbit, rabbit! Stash report and December goal from With Strings Attached

Rabbit, rabbit -- the good luck charm dressed for the season!

# # # # # #

Stash report, November:  
Fabric IN:   46-1/2, $354
Fabric OUT:  46-3/8
YTD Fabric IN: 838-3/8, $1303  (average $1.55/yd)
YTD Fabric OUT: 913-1/4
Net reduction: 74-7/8 yards 

I came out almost even this month! I didn't get bargains, but I patronized two local quilt shops.  

# # # # # #

I've made 22 out of the projected 30 CW pinwheels.

And now it's time to declare my December goals:

(a)   keep up with the weekly clues for the Grassy Creek mystery

(b)   piece the Welcome Home quilt ...

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November 25, 2020
Midweek: OMG finish and CW spices from With Strings Attached

 My November One Monthly Goal was to make a set of placemats.  Done! I'm reposting the photo for this week's OMG Finish link up.  

Last evening I finished piecing the sixth installment in the Civil War Reproduction Stash Reduction Project.  The pattern is Spice Pantry by Kim Diehl. This is spicy indeed compared to so many CW palettes of butternut, blue, and softened reds and greens.  (56 x 62, 4 yards).  

I can imagine this design as a Rainbow Scrap Challenge -- one row of each of the monthly colors. 

Linking up with OMG at Elm Street Quilts

and ...

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November 2, 2020
Weekly update: #hikelakecounty, stash report, CWRSRP Ohio Stars, OMG, and reading from With Strings Attached

 This week we checked three forest preserves off the Hike Lake County List.  (One more wild card -- a forest preserve of our choice -- and we will complete this season.)   Cuba Marsh and Buffalo Creek are in the southwestern part of the county, diagonally opposite where we live.   Van Patten Woods is close to home. (We've been to VPW often.) 

We are very fortunate to have a robust and extensive forest preserve district in our county.  (And the six-mile Lake Michigan shoreline  a mile east of us is nearly all a state park.) 

 # # # # # # # # # # # # #

And now it's time for the ...

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October 28, 2020
Midweek: OMG complete and CWRSRP stars from With Strings Attached

 Regular readers saw this quilt in progress. I'm reposting it now for the One Monthly Goal link up.  The stars and the Yankee/Dutchman's Puzzle blocks were in the Parts Department/Orphans box and demanded to play together.  

You will see the initialism* CWRSRP often in the coming months.   It stands for Civil War Reproduction Stash Reduction Project.  I weighed the CW stash this month and, at four yards to a pound, I have 239 yards.  Here are the first blocks:  50 red/neutral Ohio Stars, 9-1/2" unfinished.  I'm already playing with different settings.  

* An initialism ...

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October 12, 2020
Weekly update: taking a hike and a finished quilt from With Strings Attached

We took advantage of the beautiful fall weather this week to begin the Hike Lake County challenge. sponsored by the Lake County Forest Preserve District   Take a hike along the trails at the forest preserves on the list, fill out the log, and send it in to get a commemorative badge or a zipper pull.  The autumn 2020 challenge is August 15 to November 30 so we're pushing to get to the 12 listed locations (and a 13th wild card of our choice).  [Note: I do the hiking while Stevens sits in the car and enjoys the scenery. He ...

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October 2, 2020
Friday check in: OMG for October from With Strings Attached

 I'm not big on seasonal decor -- a pumpkin and mums on the front stoop in October and nutcrackers on the mantel at Christmas are about the extent of it. But I do have "summer" and "winter" dishes.  This week I swapped the Summer Chintz for Fair Winds

The dinnerware change over called for a new set of placemats.  In 2009 I coordinated a swap for apple blocks.  My share were consigned to the orphans box until last year when I offered most of them in the Orphan Adoption giveaway -- I kept four. They came to the top of the ...

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October 1, 2020
Midweek: a final finish, OMG achieved, and stash report from With Strings Attached

Another finish!  I made the flimsy in July.  

I rarely use batiks for quilt backs but I did this time.
It's the last day to post September OMG accomplishments.  My OMG was to finish two flimsies. I did that times two-and-a-half (including the quilt shown above).  Here are the other four.
And with that, the stash report.

September  fabric IN:  99 yards, $177.   (That includes a guild giveaway and three estate sales.)  September fabric OUT:  71-1/4.  (That includes a donation to the Joyful Quilter for her charity project.)

YTD fabric IN:  792-1/4 yards, $949 (average $1.20 ...

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September 7, 2020
Weekly update: summer's end?, estate sale finds, and goal finished from With Strings Attached

It's Labor Day weekend already? Where has the summer gone? 

 xx In the  ravine on Sunday afternoon:  lobelia.

xx I went to two estate sales on Friday.  It turned out that I know the families of both from church.  I remember Judy talking at coffee hour about cleaning out her mother's  house which had been the family home for more than 60 years.  Mom didn't throw anything out and bought (and bought) from the TV shopping sites.  

My first-grade primer was the same as Judy's. (Her mom saved the entire series but I just bought this ...

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September 2, 2020
Midweek: half of the goal from With Strings Attached


My OMG for September is to quilt two flimsies.  I took 'em all out of the box (see yesterday's post).  Since Bulleye Stars was underway I began with that.  I made the flimsy over a year ago .  It uses the South African shweshwe indigos that I'd been collecting one quilt show at a time.  I basted it and began quilting. I didn't like the way the quilting was turning out but by the time I realized that I'd quilted far too much to rip anything out.  Rather than torture myself I rolled up the quilt ...

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September 1, 2020
Hold on to your horses! the stash report and OMG September from With Strings Attached

 I can't believe it either.  I made the blocks on Friday and Saturday and here is a finished quilt. Another no-deadline, no-destination project that went together slick as a whistle.  The back shows the curlicue quilting in the center and my go-to "almost feathers" in the border. 

Stash report:  

August fabric IN 7 yards, $6.50   -- a cotton bedsheet and a turquoise plaid XXL shirt at Salvation Army

August fabric OUT  101-1/2   -- all my quilting projects plus 6 yards flung with the Teal Swap and 50 yards flung to The Joyful Quilter for her Lutheran World Relief project ...

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August 30, 2020
Friday report: OMGs for August from With Strings Attached

August has melted away!  (So did June and July, for that matter.)  I am pleased to report that  I completed the three wall hangings that comprised my August One Monthly Goal.  


I made these two for the immediate past co-presidents of the Zion Woman's Club. (I'm the new president.) The club will not resume in-person meetings until February (and that will all depend on the pandemic and guidelines that we don't know yet) so I don't know when these will be presented -- but I'm ready!


The third wall hanging is for the Teal ...

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August 16, 2020
Midweek: two finishes and a start from With Strings Attached

Tuesday afternoon:   This dragonfly stayed in place on the ornamental plum tree long enough for me to take a photo.  I love the way the leaves look bronze when the sunlight filters through them.   (I also got two feet from a hummingbird that was feasting on phlox nectar, but I didn't have my phone at hand.)   

 In the studio:  I finished the wall hangings which means that two-thirds of my August OMG are completed.   They used three yards in all. 

The new project:   when I reorganized the file of Quiltville patterns I came across Bonnie's ...

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August 4, 2020
Weekly update: the stash report, what a gift!, and OMG August from With Strings Attached

This little bunny scampered across the street during my early evening walk on Friday.   I was two blocks from home when this happened so I'm confident he was not going to plunder my garden.  The encounter was right in time for "Rabbit, rabbit!" on August 1.  (Here is the explanation of the superstition.)

Stash report for July:
 Fabric IN:  280-3/8 yards for $197, average 70 cents per yard
Fabric OUT:  101 yards

YTD fabric IN:  686-1/4, $865, $1.26/yard
YTD fabric OUT:  622-1/8
Net GAIN: 64-1/8

I was doing really well with stash reduction ...

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July 8, 2020
July Sewing Plan from Thread Head

Since it is Tour de Fleece this month I will be spending most of my free time spinning, but I hope to sew a skirt with this fabric that I dyed with indigo last summer.

Photos from around-

With all the hot weather there has been some thunder storms, this one was in the distance-
we couldn't hear anything but there was lots of lightning,
I managed to catch a few on camera-
We live in the corner of a farmer's field,
this year it is a canola ...

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July 1, 2020
Midweek / midyear: churn dashes, stash report, and OMG July from With Strings Attached

Rabbit, rabbit!  I snapped this photo during my afternoon walk one day last week.
I finished 60 9-1/2" churn dash blocks. They're my contribution to the Stashbusters' quilts in memory of our friend Marianne.  It was fun to choose a variety of prints and colors -- the only criterion was that there be a strong contrast.  I'll mail these today to Jean M. who's coordinating the project. 
Stash report for June:
Fabric IN:  31-3/8, $213  ($6.76 avg./yd.)
Fabric OUT: 49-5/8

YTD fabric IN:  405-7/8, $668 ($1.90/yd.) 
YTD fabric OUT: 522-1 ...

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Just Finished! from Thread Head

My One Monthly Goal for June was to make a pillow cover, and I waited until the last moment, but at least it is done.

My 85 year old father stitched the cross stitch pieces when he had to stay home because of COVID 19. The charts are from the book 'Répertoire des Motifs' by Valérie Lejeune. I have a few more stitched pieces, so some more projects in the future. This piece is going to his sister.

Thanks once again Patty (Elm Street Quilts) for the motivation!!

I did finish a couple of knitting projects this past month, but ...

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June 29, 2020
Weekly update: estate sale treasures, churn dashes, and OMG complete and upcoming from With Strings Attached

This was a week of virtual conventions.  I confess that I let most of the hours of programming pass me by -- Rotary, American Library Association -- just too much to keep track of.  I did manage to participate in two ALA committee meetings.  I tuned into the message from the outgoing and incoming presidents of the General Federation of Women's Clubs, as well as the AAUW-IL year-end wrap up.  Meanwhile, Facebook had an Alpha Gam Stay at Home Convention. It was great fun to connect with so many sisters. I haven't been to an Alpha Gamma Delta convention since ...

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June 7, 2020
June One Monthly Goal from Thread Head

My One Monthly Goal (OMG from Elm Street Quilts) project for June is to make a quilted pillow cover with these pieces of embroidery.

They are just a few of the pieces of cross stitch my Father has been making while having to stay home (the pillow cover will be for his sister).

Thanks for hosting the OMG Challenge Patty!

Photos from around-

An Orchard Oriole at the bird bath this week.
Molly playing with a rock.

All the best!♥︎

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June 1, 2020
May Round-Up from Thread Head

I am glad that I signed up for challenges at the beginning of the year - they are really motivating me.

For the May One Monthly Goal I wanted to finish two mini quilts, and I just got the second one finished today!

This is what I made with the Stay at Home Sampler blocks from the Temecula Quilt Company on Instagram. The quilt is 20"x30".

The other is this Thimble Quilt I talked about last time (14"x25").

Since we are still staying home because of COVID 19 I am choosing to do things that I really enjoy, so ...

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